"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Ade, King Sunny - "Dance, Dance, Dance" (E Dide - Get Up) mesa/bluemoon 1995
Ade, King Sunny - "Easy Motion Tourist" (Odu) at 1998
Ade, King Sunny - "Ire" (Aura) mango 1989
Ade, King Sunny - "Ja Funmi" (Juju Music) mango 1982 note-pronounced 'King Sunny Ah-day'
Ade, King Sunny - "Sweet Banana" (The Return Of The Ju Ju King) verve 1998
Ade, King Sunny - "Synchro Feelings" (Synchro System) mango 1998
Ade, King Sunny - (Go-Man-Go comp) mng
Ade, King Sunny - (Groove Yard comp) mng
Ade, King Sunny - (Live Live Juju) ryk
Ade, King Sunny - (Seven Degrees North) mesa blue moon/push 2000
Ade, King Sunny - (The Africans trk) mng
Ade Lun Sec - (Forcefeed comp) 409 2003
Ade Lun Sec---
Ade Lun Sec #1
Adegbalola, Gaye - "Images" (Bitter Sweet Blues) alligator 2000 Gaye Adegbalola o-Nina Simone?
Adegbalola, Gaye - "Nothing's Changed" (Bitter Sweet Blues/Blues Guitar Women comp) alligator//ruf 2000 Gaye Adegbalola
Adegbalola, Gaye - "You Don't Have To Take It (Like I Did)" (Bitter Sweet Blues) alligator 2000 Gaye Adegbalola
Adelante - "Morena" () Forward/Epic/Sony France 2002 w/Miguel El Flaco
Adelphi - "Attention" 2:44 (Drive-Thru Records & Rushmore Records comp) drivethru-rushmore 2005 ("I tried these lines"/"Any time")
Adelphis - "Darling It's You" (single) rim 1958
Adelphis - "Kathleen" (single) rim 1958
Adelphis - "Kiss-A-Kiss" (single) rim 1958
Adelphis - "Sun Will (Shine Again), The" (single) rim 1958
Adelyn #1
Adem - "Mojo Pin" (Dream Brother - The Songs Of Tim And Jeff Buckley comp) fulltimehobby 2005 o-Jeff Buckley
Adem - (Homesongs) domino 2004 Adem Ilham p-Fridge
Adem #1
Adema - "Blame Me" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Co-Dependent" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Do What You Want To Do" (Adema/Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2001 Mark Chavez
Adema - "Drowning" (Adema) ars 2001 Mark 'Marky' Chavez
Adema - "Everyone" (Adema/Resident Evil trk) ars//rdrnnr 2001
Adema - "Freaking Out" (Adema/Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2001 Mark Chavez
Adema - "Giving In" (Adema/Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2001 Mark 'Marky' Chavez p-Videodrone
Adema - "Immortal" (Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance video game trk/Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2002 Mark Chavez
Adema - "Let Go" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Nutshell" (Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2003 Mark Chavez o-Alice In Chains
Adema - "Pain Inside" (Adema) ars 2001 Mark 'Marky' Chavez
Adema - "Planets" (Cry_Wolf trk) lakeshore 2005 ("I won't cry wolf")
Adema - "Promises" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Rip The Heart Out Of Me" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Seventeen" Mark 'Marky' Chavez ("Take me"/"I'll die tonight")
Adema - "Shattered" (Insomniac's Dream ep) ars 2003 Mark Chavez
Adema - "So Fortunate" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Speculum" (Adema) ars 2001 Mark 'Marky' Chavez
Adema - "Unstable" (Unstable) ars 2003
Adema - "Way You Like It, The" (Adema) ars 2001 Mark 'Marky' Chavez ("When they were young and stupid")
Adema - (Planets) Earache 2005
Adema #1
Adema #2
Aden - "New Fast" (Black Cow) teenbeat//tvt? 1999
Aden - (Aden) 1999
Aden - (Hey 19) teenbeat 2000 Jeff Gramm
Aden - (Topsiders) teenbeat 2002
Adequate Ammunition---
Adequate Ammunition #1
Adeva - "In And Out Of My Life"
Adeva - "It Should Have Been Me"
Adhan Shaikh - (Ekkocentric: The Ekko Remixes comp) interchill 2001
Adhan Shaikh---
Adhan Shaikh #1
Adharma - "Black And Blue" (demo) uns 2001 Tom Capone ("So long go on"/"With your black and blues on") p-Bold, Youth Of Today
Adharma - "Going Down" Tom Capone p-Handsome, Into Another, Quicksand
Adharma - "White Flags" uns 2002 ("No one will tell you why you're here")
Adharma #1
Adhesive - "Pressure Point" 1:37 (Punk Chunks 2 comp) lameassrecordz 2002 ("Crush me again")
Adhesive #1
Adicts, The - "Give Me More" (27) 1993
Adicts, The - "I Want To Marry A Light House Keeper" (Rise And Shine) sos 2005 wr-Erika Eigen o-A Clockwork Orange trk
Adicts, The - "Joker In The Pack" (UK-DK trk/Live And Loud/Made In England) ana//cleo//sos 1983
Adicts, The - "Straight Jacket" (Punk & Disorderly comp/Live And Loud) phb//cleo 1993 OI music movement in England
Adicts, The - "Viva La Revolution" (Songs Of Praise/BURNING AMBITIONS - VARIOUS comp/UK-DK trk/Made In England) cleo/ana//sos 1981
Adicts, The - (Punk And Disorderly III - The Final Solution comp) ana
Adicts, The - (Razor Records Singles Collection comp) razor//ana 1983
Adicts, The - (Ultimate Adiction--the Best Of) cleopatra 97
Adicts, The---
The Adicts #1
Adicts #1
Adiemus - "Adiemus" (Der Song aus der Deltawerbung) emi electrola 1995
Adiemus - "Cantus - 'Song Of Tears'" (Cantata Mundi) vrg 1996
Adiemus - "Fuck Dead Can Dance" (Someone ripped off ENIGMA!)
Adiemus - (Songs Of Sanctuary) vrg 1995 Mary Carewe
Adiemus #1
Adiemus #2
Adjusted, The---
The Adjusted #1
Adjusters ---
Adjusters #1
Adjusters, The - "Armstrong" (Before The Revolution) moon 1998 Daraka Kenric
Adjusters, The - "Loose Roots" (Before The Revolution) moon 1998 Daraka Kenric
Adjusters, The - "None But Heaven" (Before The Revolution) moon 1998 Daraka Kenric
Adjusters, The - "Pressure 24" (Before The Revolution) moon 1998 Daraka Kenric
Adjusters, The---
The Adjusters #1
Adjustments, The - tomato records 1998
Adjustments, The---
The Adjustments #1
Adkins Band---
Adkins Band #1
Adkins, Hasil - "Ugly Woman" (The Best of Hootenanny) hootenanny/foil 1988 or 1998??
Adkins, Trace - "Big Time" (Big Time) cap 1997 p-New Commitments
Adkins, Trace - "Break Down Here" (Comin' On Strong) wr-Jess Brown/Patrick Jason Matthews r-Julie Roberts
Adkins, Trace - "Can I Want Your Love" (More...) cap nash 1999 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Chrome"
Adkins, Trace - "Come Home" cap
Adkins, Trace - "Don't Lie" 1999
Adkins, Trace - "Eleven Roses" (The Songs Of Hank Williams Jr.: A Bocephus Celebration comp) wbr/curb 2003 o-Hank Williams Jr.
Adkins, Trace - "Every Light In The House Is On" (Dreamin' Out Loud) cap 1996 Trace Adkins ("One by one"/"You wanna")
Adkins, Trace - "Hold You Now" (Big Time) cap 1997
Adkins, Trace - "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" cap nash 2006
Adkins, Trace - "Hot Mama" (Comin' On Strong) capnash 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "I Ain't Ever Satisfied" never released o-Steve Earle
Adkins, Trace - "I Know A Little" (King Of The Hill tv trk) elk 1999 o-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Adkins, Trace - "I Wish It Was You" cap
Adkins, Trace - "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway" 2000 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "I'm Tryin'" wr-Anthony Smith
Adkins, Trace - "Legs" (Sharp Dressed Man: A Tribute To ZZ Top comp) rca 2002 o-ZZ Top
Adkins, Trace - "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" (Big Time) cap 1997
Adkins, Trace - "Missing You" (Comin' On Strong) capnash 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "One Of Those Nights" (Comin' On Strong) cap nash 2003
Adkins, Trace - "Rough & Ready" (Comin' On Strong) capnash 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Swing" cap 2006
Adkins, Trace - "That's A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye" (Dreamin' Out Loud) cap 1996
Adkins, Trace - "Then Came The Night" (Comin' On Strong) capnash 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Then They Do" (Greatest Hits Vol. 1) cap 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Took Her To The Moon" (Big Time) cap 1997
Adkins, Trace - "Untamed" (Comin' On Strong) capnash 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Welcome To Hell" (Greatest Hits Vol. 1) cap 2003 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - "Working Man's Wage" (More...) cap nash 1999 Trace Adkins
Adkins, Trace - (Chrome) cap 2001
Adkins, Trace - (Songs About me) capnash 2005
Adler, Chris - (Drum Nation Volume 3 comp) magnacarta 2006 p-Lamb Of God
Adler, Steven---
Adler, Steven #1
Admiral Bailey - "What Time Is It?" (Ragga Ragga Ragga comp) 1999
Admiral Tibet - "Couldn't Believe It" ball a fire 2002 import
Admiral Twin - "Better Than Nothing At All" (Mock Heroic) mojo 2000
Admirals - "Close Your Eyes" (single) king 1955
Admirals - "Give Me Your Love" (single) king 1955
Admirals - "It's A Sad Sad Feeling" (single) king 1955
Admirals - "Left With A Broken Heart" (single) king 1955
Admirals, The - "Got You On My Mind" stax 1960's
Admiraltones, The - "Hey Hey Pretty Baby"
Admirations, The - "Bells Of Rosa Rita, The" (single/The Doo Wop Box II comp) mrc//rhn 1959
Admirations, The - "Closer To The Aisle" 1961 o-5 Satins
Admirations, The - "Coo Coo Coodle Coo" (single) timessquare 1963
Admirations, The - "Gonna Find My Pretty Baby" (single) xtra/candlelite 1960
Admirations, The - "Mixture Of Love" (single) timessquare 1963
Admirations, The - "Moonlight" (single) hull 1964
Admirations, The - "My Baby" 1:49 apollo 1961
Admirations, The - "To The Aisle" (single) mrc 1961 Joe 'Cookie' Lorello
Admirations, The---
The Admirations #1
Admission #1
Admonish #1
Adolescent Minds ---
The Adolescent Minds #1
Adolescents - "Amoeba" (Adolescents/Punk University, Vol. 1 comp/The Best Of Rodney On The Roq comp/SLC Punk! trk) frontier//ogl//phb 1981 p-Punk Rock Karaoke (PRK)
Adolescents - "Balboa Fun Zone (Riot On The Beach)" (Balboa Fun Zone) trx
Adolescents - "Brats in Battalions" (Brats In Battalions) trx//s.o.s. 1987
Adolescents - "Creatures" 2:01 (Punk Rock Is Your Friend 5 comp/The Show Must Go Off: Episode 10 dvd) kungfu 2005 ("I hate them all")
Adolescents - "I Hate Children" (Adolescents) frontier 1981
Adolescents - "Kids Of The Black Hole"
Adolescents - "L.A. Girl" (Adolescents/Empire Records trk) frontier//a&m 1981
Adolescents - "Richard Hung Himself" (The Complete Demos 1980-1986) frontier 2005 or-1981
Adolescents - "Who Is Who" (Someone Got Their Head Kicked In comp) byo 1982 r-Dropkick Murphys
Adolescents - "Wrecking Crew" (Someone Got Their Head Kicked In comp) byo 1982
Adolescents - (Adolescents) 1980 a-(blue album)
Adolescents - (All By Myself) fnt
Adolescents - (Brats In Battalions) 1987 p-D.I., Christian Death, The Abandoned, Legal Weapon, Germs, Nirvana
Adolescents - (Welcome To Reality) fnt
Adolescents - (Adolescents [The Blue Album]) frontier 1981
Adolescents #1
Adolescents #2
Adolf & The Piss Artists - (Hate Generator) TKO 2003
Adolf & The Piss Artists - (Zero Hour) gmm 2000
Adolf & The Piss Artists---
Adolf & The Piss Artists #1
Adolf & The Piss Artists #2
Adolph's Dog - "Ordinary Bummer" (We Will Fall: Iggy Pop Tribute comp) 1998 o-Iggy Pop p-Blondie
Adolphson-Falk #1
Adonis - "Do It Properly"
Adonis - "No Way Back"
Adopted, The---
Adopted, The #1
Adorable - "Sunshine Smile" (Against Perfection) creation/sbk 1993 Pete Fijalkowski p-Polak
Adorables, The - 1960's
Adored, The - (A New Language) v2 2006 Ryan George
Adored, The - "Chemistry" (The Adored EP) v2 2005
Adored, The - (TV Riot ep) v2 2005
Adored, The---
The Adored #1
The Adored #2
Adoryan, Viktoria---
Adoryan, Viktoria #1
Adotta, Kip - "Wet Dreams" (Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time - Vol. V: The 1980's comp) rhn 1985
Adotta, Kip---
Kip Adotta #1
Adramlech [1] - repulse records
Adramlech [1]---
Adramelech [1] #1
Adramelech [1] #2
Adramlech [2] - (Irae Melanox) 1988
Adramlech [2]---
Adramlech [2] #1
Adrenalin - "Faraway Eyes" (American Heart) rcshre/mca 1984
Adrenalin - (Iron Eagle trk)
Adrenalin Kick---
Adrenalin Kick #1
Adrenalin O.D. - "A.O.D. Vs. Son Of Godzilla" (Humungousfungusamongus) buyourrecords 1986 Paul Richard
Adrenalin O.D. - "AOD vs Godzilla" (The Wacky Hi Jinks Of Adrenalin O.D.) buy our 1985
Adrenalin O.D. - "AOD vs Son Of Godzilla" (Humungousfungusamongus) buy our records 1986
Adrenalin O.D. - "If This Is Tuesday (It Must Be Wallah Wallah)" (Cruisin' With Elvis In Bigfoots UFO) buy our 1988
Adrenalin O.D. - "New Year's Eve" (New York Thrash comp) ror
Adrenalin O.D. - "Paul's Not Home" (New York Thrash comp) ror
Adrenalin O.D. - "Sheer Heart Attack" (Ishtar) rsl
Adrenalin O.D. - "Your Kung-Fu Is Old... And Now You Must Die!!!" 0:30 (Short Music For Short People comp) fat 2000 ("Now you must die")
Adrenalin O.D. - (Let's Bar-B-Que ep) 1984
Adrenalin O.D.---
Adrenalin O.D. #1
Adrenaline - "Shut The Fuck Up And Dance" (Shut The Fuck Up And Dance comp) tommy boy 2000
Adrenaline ---
Adrenaline #1
AdrenoKrome - "Second (2nd) Class Citizen" 3:51 (Broken Line Records comp) brokenline 2003
AdrenoKrome #1
AdrenoKrome #2
Adriangale - z 2002 Jamio
Adrien75 - (Adrien75 12" ep) carpet bomb 1999
Adrienne - "Don't Want Another Man" 3:17 (Dance Factory Vol 7 comp) ktu-italia 2000
Adrift #1
Aduck - (Wild Planet - Subconscious Communications comp) nettwerk 2000
Aduck #1
Adult - "" (Comin From Tha D: Blueprint comp) intuit-solar 2001
Adult ---
Adult #1
Adult #2
Adult Net - "Waking Up The Sun" 3:50 (The Honey Tangle/CMJ: Certain Damage Volume 22 comp) fontana-mrc//cmj 1989
Adult - Resuscitate) ersatz audio 2001
Adult Rodeo - (Long-Range, Rapid-Fire) four states fair 2001
Adult Rodeo - (The Kissyface) shimmy disc 1999
Adult Rodeo---
Adult Rodeo #1
Adult. - (D.U.M.E. ep) thrilljockey/ersatzaudio 2005 Nicola Kuperus
Adult. - (Gimmie Trouble) thrilljockey 2005 p-Adam Lee Miller, Nicola Juperus, Sam Consiglio
Adult. #1
Adults #1
Advanced Art - "No Answers No Solutions" (Time) poko 1991
Advanced Art---
Advanced Art #1
Advancement, The - (The Advancement) philips 1969
Advantage, The - "Bionic Commando-P.O.W. Camp" (The Advantage) 5ruechristine 2004 Spencer Heim p-Hella
Advantage, The - (Elf-Titled) 5rc 2006 Spencer Seim
Advantage, The - (The Advantage) 5rc 2004
Advantage, The---
The Advantage #1
Advanties - "Done It Again" (single/I Can Hear Raindrops comp) tripper 1966
Advanties - "Feel A Whole Lot Better" (single) tripper 1966 o-Byrds
Advent ---
Advent #1
Advent Sleep---
Advent Sleep #1
Adventurers - "Baby Baby My Heart" (single) reading 1966
Adventurers - "Cheryl's Theme" (single) reading 1966
Adventurers - "Jane Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (single) reading 1966
Adventurers - "Lover Doll" (single) reading 1966
Adventures In Stereo - (Monomania) bobsled 2000 Judith Boyle p-Primal Scream, Spirea X
Adventures In Stereo---
Adventures In Stereo #1
Adventures Of Chester Copperpot, The---
The Adventures of Chester Copperpot #1
Adventures Of Jet - "Emily Mazurinsky" (Playing For Square 3 comp) suburban home 2002
Adventures Of Jet - (Muscle) suburbanhome 2003
Adventures Of Jet - (No Fi Trash comp) floppy cow//suburban home 2001
Adventures Of Jet - (Playing 4 Square 3 comp) suburbanhome 2003
Adventures Of Jet---
Adventures Of Jet #1
Adventures Of Jet #2
Adventures Of Jet #3
Adventures Of Stevie V, The - "Jealousy"
Adventures, The - "Always" (The Adventures)
Adventures, The - "Another Silent Day" 3:58 1984
Adventures, The - "Broken Land" (The Sea Of Love) elk 1988
Adventures, The - "Don't Tell Me" (The Adventures)
Adventures, The - "Feel The Raindrops" 3:43 1985
Adventures, The - "Hold Me Now" (The Sea Of Love)
Adventures, The - "Two Rivers" (The Adventures)
Adversaries, The---
The Adversaries #1
Adverse Side-FX---
Adverse Side-FX #1
Adverts, The - "Bored Teenagers" (single/Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts) stiff//cbs 1977 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "Cast Of Thousands" (Cast Of Thousands) 1979 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" (Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts/D.I.Y., Vol. 1: UK Punk I - Anarchy In The UK 1976-1977 comp) stiff//cbs//rhn 77 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "My Place" (Cast Of Thousands) 1979 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "No Time To Be 21" (Punk Singles Collection) T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "One Chord Wonders" (Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts/D.I.Y., Vol. 1: UK Punk I - Anarchy In The UK 1976-1977 comp) stiff//cbs//rhn 1977 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "Safety In Numbers" (single) anchor 77 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "Television's Over" (Cast Of Thousands) 1979 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - "We Who Wait" (single) anchor 77 T.V. Smith
Adverts, The - (No Thanks!: The 70s Punk Rebellion comp) rhn 2003 or-
Adverts, The---
The Adverts #1
Advocate - "World Without End" (World Without End) revolution 1995 Dan Stanley
Advocate - (Unprecedented Discovery Beyond The Pale At Peace Recollect Me) uns 2002
Advocate #1
Advocate #2
Advocate #3
Adz - (American Steel) steel cage 2002
ADZ - (The Five Fingers of Dr. X comp) triple-x 2000
ADZ #1
ADZ #2

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