"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Aciteen #1
Ack #1
Acker, Kathy - (Redoing Childhood) krs 2000
Acker, Kathy---
Kathy Acker #1
Ackerman, William - "Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter, The" (A Windham Hill Retrospective) wdh 1993 William Ackerman
Ackerman, William - "Child's Song, A" (Summer Solstice 2 comp) wdh w/Samite
Ackerman, William - "Climbing In Geometry" (Clear And Present Danger trk) milan 1994
Ackerman, William - "Driving" (Conversations With God, Disc 2 comp) wdh 1999
Ackerman, William - "Hawk Circle" (Sound Of Wind Driven Rain) wdh instrumental a-Bill
Ackerman, William - "Illumina" (Hearing Voices) wdh 2001 a-Will Ackerman
Ackerman, William - "Impending Death Of The Virgin Sport, The" (Touch - Windham Hill 25 Years Of Guitar comp) wdh 2001
Ackerman, William - "Opening Of Doors, The" (The Opening Of Doors) wdh 1993 instrumental
Ackerman, William - "Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen, The" (In Search Of The Turtle's Navel) wdh 1976 William Ackerman
Ackerman, William - "Remedios" (Passage) wdh 1987 William Ackerman
Ackerman, William - "Shella's Pictures" (Sound Of Wind Driven Rain) wdh 1998 William Ackerman
Ackerman, William - "Visiting" (Past Light) wdh 1987 William Ackerman
Ackerman, William - (A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years Of Windham Hill comp) wdh/leg 2005 or-
Ackerman, William---
William Ackerman #1
Ackermann, Kurt---
Ackermann, Kurt #1
Ackles, David - "Blue Ribbons"
Ackles, David - (American Gothic) //collector's choice
Ackles, David - (David Ackles) //collector's choice
Ackles, David - (Subway To The Country) //collector's choice
Ackley Kid---
Ackley Kid #1
Acklin, Barbara - "Am I The Same Girl" bwk 1968 Barbara Acklin r-Swing Out Sister bj-Young-Holt Unlimited
Acklin, Barbara - "From The Teacher To The Preacher" bwk 1968 w/Gene Chandler
Acklin, Barbara - "I Did It" bwk 1970
Acklin, Barbara - "Just Ain't No Love" bwk 1968
Acklin, Barbara - "Love Makes A Woman" brnswk 1968
Acme - "Decision" WMW (CMJ New Music Monthly - May 1996 comp) cmj 1996
Acme Rocket ---
Acme Rocket #1
Acme Rocket #2
Acme Rocket Quartet - lather records
Acme Rocket Quartet---
Acme Rocket Quartet #1
Acorns - "Angel" (single) unart 1958
Acorns - "I'm Gonna Stick To You" (single) Unart 1958
Acorns - "Please Come Back" (Your Name And Mine single) unart 1959
Acorns - "Run There Honey"
Acorns - "Your Name And Mine" (single) unart 1959
Acosta, Dan - "B.d.B." uns 2003
Acosta, Dan - "Devil's Creek" uns 2003
Acosta, Dan - "Miles Away" uns 2003
Acosta, Dan - "South Of Baghdad" uns 2003
Acosta, Dan - (A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero) p-Axis Unknown
Acosta, George - (Mellodrama) water 2006
Acousti, Tom - "Can I Believe" (Only, Welcome To Reality cass) uns 1991 Tom Acousti
Acousti, Tom - "Crossing Wires" 3:58 uns 1996 Tom Acousti
Acousti, Tom - "Man Again" 5:05 uns 1996 Tom Acousti
Acousti, Tom - "On The Radio" (Only, Welcome To Reality cass) uns 1991 Tom Acousti
Acousti, Tom - "What You Said" 4:52 uns 1996 Tom Acousti
Acousti, Tom - (Process Of Elimination) harbor 1989
Acousti, Tom---EMAIL
Acoustic Alchemy - "Beautiful Game, The" 2000
Acoustic Alchemy - "London Skyline"
Acoustic Alchemy - (Ar can' um) grp
Acoustic Alchemy - (Blue Chip)
Acoustic Alchemy - (Early Alchemy)
Acoustic Alchemy - (Natural Elements)
Acoustic Alchemy - (Positive Thinking) grp 1998 instrum Greg Carmichael, Miles Gilderdale, John Parsons
Acoustic Alchemy - (Radio Contact) Higher Octave 2003
Acoustic Alchemy - (Red Dust And Spanish Lace)
Acoustic Alchemy - (Reference Point)
Acoustic Alchemy - (The Beautiful Game)
Acoustic Con Queso---
Acoustic Con Queso #1
Acoustic Junction---
Acoustic Junction #1
Acousticats, The - "California Republic" (Down At Evangelina's)
Acousticats, The - "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" (The Cat's Meow) instrumental o-Allman Brothers
Acoustics, The - "I Want Your Love" (single) canaltown 1960's
Acoustics, The - "My Rights" (single/Pebbles, Vol 16 comp) canaltown 1960's
Acoustics, The---
Acoustics, The #1
Acquaviva, John - (Mainhatten Sound) shadow 2001
Acquaviva, John---
John Acquaviva #1
Acquiesce - "Light In Your Eyes" (Acquiesce) uns 2003 Kohart
Acquiesce - "Starting Today" (Acquiesce) uns 2003 Kohart
Acquiesce - (If You Say So... ep)
Acquiesce #1
Acreddine - (Acreddine) vacation house 1999 import
Acrid - (Eighty-Sixed) no idea 1999
Acrid - (S.O.S.) no idea
Acrimony - "Leaves Of Mellow Grace" (Hymns To The Stone) godhead-flying 1994 Dorian Walters
Acrimony - "Million Year Summer" (TUMULI SHROOMAROOM) godhead 1996 Dorian Walters
Acrimony - (The Acid Elephant ep) godhead-flying 1995
Acrimony #1
Acrimony #2
Acrimony #3
Acro-Bats, The - "No Action" (Kicking & Screaming) susspool 2003 Christian Wissmuller o-Elvis Costello
Acrobat Down---
Acrobat Down #1
Acroholia - (Acroholia/Yacĝpsĉ/Entrails Massacre 3 way split tape)
Acroma - "Big Karma Now" (Orbitals) listenup 2003
Acroma - "Motive" (Orbitals) listenup 2003
Acroma - "Orbitals" (Orbitals) listenup 2003
Acroma - "Sun Rises Down" (Orbitals) listenup 2003
Acroma - "Take The Pain" (Orbitals) listenup 2003
Acroma - "Wash Away (Some Desert Night)" (Orbitals) listenup//univ 2003
Acrophet - (Corrupt Minds) triple x 1988
Acrophet - (Faded Glory) triple x 1990 p-Stalker
Acrophet - (The Answer Within - demo) 1986
Acrophet #1
Across Five Aprils - (A Tragedy In Progress) lumberjack
Across Five Aprils - (Collapse) indianola 2006
Across Five Aprils - (Living In The Moment) indianola-lumberjack 2004
Across Five Aprils---
Across Five Aprils #1
Across The Way---
Across the Way #1
Act - "Absolutely Immune" (Laughter, Tears and Rage ztt 1988 Claudia Brücken p-Propaganda, Thomas Leer
Act ---
Act #1
Act #2
Act #3
Act Natural - "Meow Mix" 0:27 (Girls Like It Short: Short Music For Long Island comp) runaway studios 2001 ("I want chicken I want liver") o-tv commercial
Act Natural---EMAIL
Act Natural---
Act Natural #1
Act Of Creation - "I've Just Seen You" (single) cap 1967 p-The Buzzards
Act Of Creation - "Yesterday Noontime" (single) cap 1967
Act Of Creation---
Act Of Creation #1
Act Of Faith---
Act Of Faith #1
Act Of Gods - (Stench Of Centuries) osmose/theend 2005
Act, The - "Wormhole 61" (Armageddon Hop) Mike Shine
Act, The---EMAIL
Act, The---
The Act #1
Act Three---
Act Three #1
Actifed - "Crucifixion" 4:21 (Undead: A Gothic Masterpiece Vol 2 comp/Gothic Erotica import comp box) dressedtokill 1999
Acting Out---
Acting Out #1
Action - (Movin' And Rockin') 1987
Action - (Warning In The Night) 1986
Action ---
Action #1
Action Action - "Let's Never Go To Sleep" 3:10 (Victory Records Spring Sampler comp) vct 2005 Mark Thomas Kluepfel
Action Action - "One Hundred Twenty (120) Ways To Kill You: An Illustrated Children's Book" (An Army Of Shapes Between Wars) vct 2006
Action Action - "Paper Cliché" (An Army Of Shapes Between Wars) vct 2006
Action Action - "Tonight She Comes" (Substitution Mass Confusion: A Tribute To The Cars comp) notlame 2004 o-The Cars
Action Action - (An Army Of Shapes Between Wars) Victory 2006
Action Action - (Don't Cut Your Fabric To This Year's Fashion) vct 2004 Mark Thomas Kluepfel p-Reunion Show
Action Action---
Action Action #1
Action Action #2
Action Adventure Systems---
Action Adventure Systems #1
Action Directe---
Action Directe #1
Action Driver - (aLUnARED SLMZK!//) lumberjack 2002
Action Driver - (Toledo OH USA) lumberjack 2003
Action Driver---
Action Driver #1
Action Driver #2
Action Figure Party - "Action Figure Party" (Action Figure Party) blue thumb/verve 2001 Greg Kurstin
Action Figure Party - "Clock Radio" (Action Figure Party) blue thumb/verve 2001 Greg Kurstin
Action Figure Party - "Green" (Action Figure Party) blue thumb/verve 2001 instrumental
Action Figure Party---
Action Figure Party #1
Action Figures - "American Crawl" 4:21 (little citizens) eggbert 1994 Chris Piller & Jim Waters
Action Figures - "Big Wonderful Blue" (Big Wonderful) eggBERT 1992 o-Nine O'clock
Action Figures - "Birdhouse" (Big Wonderful) eggBERT 1992
Action Figures - "Dandelion" (little citizens) eggbert 1994 Chris Piller & Jim Waters o-Rolling Stones
Action Figures - "Lauraville" 4:28 (little citizens) eggbert 1994 Chris Piller & Jim Waters
Action Figures - "She's Got A Right" (little citizens) eggbert 1994 Chris Piller & Jim Waters o-Dramarama
Action Figures ---
Action Figures #1
Action Figures #2
Action Figures #3
Action Figures, The - "Pina Colada" 1:22 (Action Figures) John Bliss
Action Fleet---
Action Fleet #1
Action League - "Lion's Den" (Lion's Den/Fragile 7") feeble/solid 1996
Action League - "Son Of A Gun" (Action League) solid 1996
Action League - "We Are So Fragile" (Lion's Den/Fragile 7") feeble/solid 1996 o-Gary Numan
Action League - (I'm A Member 7") vegas 1998
Action League---
Action League #1
Action League #2
Action Now - "Try" (Rodney On The Roq, Vol III comp/All Your Dreams... And More cd bonus) avebury/vibrophonic 1984
Action Now - (All Your Dreams... And More) avebury/vibrophonic 1984 p-Mad Parade, Clawhammer, Midget Handjob, Chainsaw Pop
Action Now---
Action Now #1
Action Pact - "Gothic Party Time" 3:06 (Undead: A Gothic Masterpiece Vol 3 comp) dressedtokill
Action Pact - "London Bouncers" (Punk And Disorderly - Further Charges comp) sny 1982
Action Pact---
Action Pact #1
Action Pacts - "Things That Need" (UK/DK trk) ana 1983
Action Reaction - "Sinner's Algebra"
Action Reaction - (3 Is The Magic Number) hopedivision 2006 Jason Gleason p-Further Seems Forever
Action Reaction - (Action Reaction ep) hopedivision/equalvision 2006 Jason Gleason
Action Reaction---
Action Reaction #1
Action Reaction #2
Action Reaction #3
Action, The - "I'll Keep On Holding On" o-
Action, The - "Icarus" (Rolled Gold) parasol 1968 w/Matthew Sweet
Action, The - "Land Of A Thousand Dances" Reg King a-Mighty Baby o-
Action, The - "Never Ever"
Action, The - "Shadows And Reflections" p-Stone's Masonry
Action, The - "She's Got My Heart"
Action, The - (Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond, 1964-1969 comp) rhn 2001 or-1964-1969
Action, The - (The Lost Recordings 1967/68) brain 1995 or-1968
Action, The---
The Action #1
Action Time - (Versus The World) southern 2000
Action Time, The - (Comedown Blues ep) southern 2000
Action Time, The - (Versus The World) southern 2001 Miss C.C. Rider
Action Time, The---
The Action Time #1
Action Time---
Action Time #1
Action Toolbelt - (Action Toolbelt) suburbanhome 2004
Action Toolbelt---
Action Toolbelt #1
Action Unlimited - "My Heart Cries Out" (single/No No No - 28 Moody Somber and Tragic '60s Garage Rock Sagas comp) parkway//arf arf 1966
Action Unlimited - "Thinking To Myself" (single) parkway 1966 C.Trisko??
Actioneers, The - "It's You" (single/Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 2 comp) shane 1966
Actioneers, The - "No One Wants Me" (single/Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 2 comp) shane 1966
Actionfigure #1
Actionmen, The - "I'm Too Fucking Crazy To Surf Today" (Boston And Beyond: A Compilation From The DIY Halls comp) nebulon community 2000
Actionmen, The---
The Actionmen #1
Actionslacks - "I Hope This Makes It Easier" : (The Scene's Out Of Sight) self-starter-nail 2000 Tim Scanlin
Actionslacks - "Perfect G" : (The Scene's Out Of Sight) self-starter-nail 2000 Tim Scanlin
Actionslacks - "Shining Jewels" : (The Scene's Out Of Sight) self-starter-nail 2000 Tim Scanlin
Actionslacks #1
Active Culture - "Bully Pulpit" 3:33 (Skarmageddon) moonska 1994
Active Ingredients - (Everything Sucks) beer city 1997
Active Ingredients - (Titration) Delmark 2003
Active Ingredients---
Active Ingredients #1
Active Media Disease (a-Neuroactive)
Active Media Disease---
Active Media Disease #1
Active Sac---
Active Sac #1
Activity Of Tomorrow---
Activity Of Tomorrow #1
Activity Pals---EMAIL
Acts Magdalena - (Acts Magdalena) self-released 1995 Christian Merry
Acts Magdalena---EMAIL
Acts Magdalena---
Acts Magdalena #1
Acts Magdalena #2
Acts Of God - uns 1998
Actual Size---
Actual Size #1
Actual, The - "Dancing On The Perimeter" (Bewitched trk) sny 2005
Actual, The - (Songs On Radio Idaho) eyeball 2003
Actual, The - (Songs On The Radio By The Actual) eyeball 2004
Actual, The---
The Actual #1
Actual Tigers, The - "Testimony" (Gravelled And Green) nettwerk 2001
Actual Tigers, The---
Actual Tigers #1
The Actual Tigers #2
Actualitys - uns 2003

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