"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Soviet - (We Are Eyes, We Are Builders) plastiqmusiq 2001
Soviet ---
Soviet #1
Soviet Decay - "Black Dawn" 0:33 (Girls Like It Short: Short Music For Long Island comp) runaway studios 2001
Soviet Decay---EMAIL
Soviet France - (A Flock Of Rotations) redrhino
Soviet France - (Elstre) red rhino
Soviet France - (Gesture Signal Threat) redrhino
Soviet France - (Mohnomische) red rhino
Soviet France - (Norsche) red rhino
Soviet France - (Popular Soviet Songs) redrhino
Soviet France - (Ritual) redrhino
Soviet France - (Shouting At The Ground) redrhino
Soviettes, The - "Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha" (Rock Against Bush Vol 1 comp) fatwreck 2004
Soviettes, The - (LP II) Adeline 2004
Soviettes, The - (The Soviettes) Adeline 2003
Soviettes, The---
The Soviettes #1
Sovine, Red - "Teddy Bear" 1976 r-Hank Hill
Sovines, The---
Sovines, The #1
Sovolka, Karen - (Sunday In Andua) 1999
Sovory - "May Not Be" (CMJ New Music Monthly - July 1996 comp) pdr//cmj 1996
Sow, Kevin - (Along The Way) uns 2001
Sowash, Bradley---
Bradley Sowash #1
Sowell, Bobby---
Bobby Sowell #1
Soylent Green---
Soylent Green #1
Sozzi - "" (Dawson's Creek Soundtrack tv comp) col 1999
Sozzi, Kim - "Feelin' Me" 2001
Space - "Ballad Of Tom Jones, The" (Tin Planet) gut uk 1998 Tommy Scott & Paris Matthews (Catetonia)
Space - "Female Of The Species" 3:18 (Spiders/The Matchmaker trk) gut/unv//pgm 1996 ("How can heaven hold")
Space - "Lost In Space" (Lost in Space trk)
Space - "Magic Fly" ua 1977
Space - "Me & You Vs The World" 3:35 (Shooting Fish trk) cap 1998 ("Me and you against the world now")
Space - "Me and You vs The World" (Volume comp) volume 1996
Space - "Neighbourhood" (CMJ New Music Monthly - April 1997 comp) univ//cmj 1997
Space - "Neighbourhood" 3:27 (Shooting Fish trk) cap 1998 ("Stay awhile in my big type of neighborhood")
Space - "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" Gut 1998 o-The Animals
Space ---
Space #1
Space #2
Space Age Palmer---
Space Age Palmer #1
Space Age Playboys---
Space Age Playboys #1
Space Boy - "Stoner Fort"
Space Boy. - "Singularity"
Space Boy.---
Space Boy. #1
Space Boy---
Space Boy #1
Space Brothers, The - "Heaven Will Come" 1999
Space Brothers, The - "Shine 2000" (Matt Darey - 'Euphoria Level 4' comp) telstar import
Space Cadet - (Greatest Hits) Satellite/Trauma 2003
Space Cadets - "Musica" (Shut The Fuck Up And Dance comp) tommy boy 2000
Space Cakes, The---
Space Cakes, The #1
Space Cossacks, The - (Monster Party 2000 comp) musick 2000
Space Cossacks, The - (Tsar Wars) musick-nail 2000 instrumental
Space Cossacks, The---
The Space Cossacks #1
Space Cowboy, The - "I Would Die For U" (30 Dance Hits! comp) vrg o-Prince a-Nick Dresti
Space Cowboy, The---
The Space Cowboy #1
Space Cowboys, The - "Alright Now Get Ready" (Alright Now Get Ready 7" single) glazed 2001
Space Cowboys, The - "American Dream" (Total Rock N' Roll Injection ep) purevinyl import 1999
Space Cowboys, The - "Fire Your Gun" (Blattered comp) tsb uk 2000
Space Cowboys, The - "Kick Her Loose" (Kick Her Loose 7" single) nomad 2000
Space Cowboys, The - "Rollin' Sixes" (Riot On The Rocks Vol. 1 comp) safetypin import 2000
Space Cowboys, The - "Sonic Soul" (Back To Rockaway 2 comp) amp import 1999
Space Cowboys, The - "Straight To Hell" (Straight To Hell 7" single) pitshark import 2001
Space Cowboys, The - (A Fistful Of Rock N' Roll Vol. 8 comp)
Space Cowboys, The---
The Space Cowboys #1
Space Cowboys, The-->The Space Cowboys #1
Space Dentists---
Space Dentists #1
Space Drama - "Freaky People!" 3:40 (Not Just Another Pretty Voice comp) 2001 Jill Morrison ("Just pretty freaky")
Space Drama---EMAIL
Space Drama---
Space Drama #1
Space Frog - "Lost In Space '98" 3:09 (Tranzworld2 comp) webster hall 2000
Space Funk - (Spectrum) MTA/V2 2002
Space Ghost - (Musical Bar-B-Que)
Space Giants - (A Plea For Peace comp) asian man 2000
Space Hog - "Right In The Back Of Your Mind" (Election trk) 1999 Royston & Antony Langdon?
Space Hopper - a-Acme Rocket
Space Hopper---
Space Hopper #1
Space Is Dead - Malcolm Kerec
Space Is Dead---EMAIL
Space Is Dead---
Space Is Dead #1
Space Lorax - p-Ubi Sabubi
Space Lorax---EMAIL
Space Lorax---EMAIL
Space Lorax---EMAIL
Space Monkeys - "Acid House Killed Rock" 1998
Space Monkeys - "Drug Soup" (Sliding Doors trk) mca 1998
Space Monkeys - "Inside My Soul" (The Daddy Of Them All) isc
Space Monkeys - "Sugar Cane" (The Daddy Of Them All/D.J. Mix 99 comp) fctry/isc//beast 1997 ("I feel likesugarcane/I don'twannagoinsane")
Space Monkeyz - "Clint Eastwood" (Laika Come Home) 2002 o-Gorillaz
Space Monkeyz - "Lil' Dub Chefin'" (Laika Come Home) Astralwerks 2002 ("One thousand miles an hour") w/Gorillaz
Space Needle - "Love Left Us Strangers" (CMJ New Music Monthly - January 1997 comp) Zero Hour//cmj 1997
Space Nelson---
Space Nelson #1
Space Opera - (Space Opera) 2002
Space Opera - epc 1973
Space Opera---
Space Opera #1
Space Pocket---
Space Pocket #1
Space Pro - "Popcorn"?? 2000
Space Probe Taurus - "Taurus Rising"
Space Probe Taurus - "Dirt Cult '72"
Space Raiders - "Disko Doktor, (I Need The)" (Don't Be Daft) tangerine/medicine/skint 1999 ("I need my")
Space Raiders---
Space Raiders #1
Space Remains---
Space Remains #1
Space Robot Scientists - "Colin Ferguson" (At Home With Machines/We've Got A Time Machine) eiffel trousers//rok lok 1999
Space Robot Scientists - "Day The World Turned Dayglo, The" (At Home With Machines) eiffel trousers 1999 o-X-Ray Spex p-Freaks From The Apocalypse, Microwave Orphans
Space Robot Scientists - "I'm Straight" (If I Were A Richman: A Tribute To The Music Of Jonathan Richman comp) wampus 2001 o-Jonathan Richman
Space Robot Scientists - "Itinerary" (Punked Up Love comp) vms 2001
Space Robot Scientists - "White Trash Town" (At Home With Machines) eiffel trousers 1999 Andre Bermudez & Matt Dallow orw-The Loiterers
Space Robot Scientists - (9-11-01: A Tribute For The Families comp) limc 2001
Space Robot Scientists - (DIY-Fest comp) 2002
Space Robot Scientists - (The Hope Machine comp) rok lok 2001
Space Robot Scientists - (We've Got A Time Machine) rok lok 2001 p-The Percussions
Space Robot Scientists---EMAIL Matt Dallow at
Space Robot Scientists---EMAIL
Space Robot Scientists---
Space Robot Scientists #1
Space Robot Scientists #2
Space Robot Scientists #3
Space Robot Scientists #4
Space Robot Scientists #5
Space Surfers - "Heart Of Glass" (How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute comp) sftri 2001 o-Blondie
Space Time Continuum - "Dance Royale" (Ars Antiqua Remixed comp) atomcandy 2001
Space Time Continuum---
Space Time Continuum #1
Space Twins - (The End Of Imagining) ragadrop 2003 Brian Bell p-Weezer
Space Vipers [1] - "Three (3) And 90 Million Miles" (Semiphone) 1990's
Space Vipers [1]---EMAIL
Space Vipers [1]---
Space Vipers #1
Space Vipers [1]-->Space Vipers #2
Spaceboy [1] - (The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces ep) howling bull 2001 Clifford p-Blast
Spaceboy [2] - "Moonlight Blues"
Spaceboy [2]---
Spaceboy [2] #1
Spacebreadmom - (Vent The Spew Vol. 1 comp) redhour 2000
Spacedockers - "Dockin' In Outer Space" white 2000
Spacefish #1
Spacefish #2
Spacegirl - (Alone) Topaz 2003
Spacegirl - (Mission 0001) hardbeat-intergroove 1999
Spacegirl - (Unknown Planet) hardbeat-intergroove 2001
Spaceheads - "Angel Station" (Old Enough To Know Better comp) mrg 2004 or-
Spaceheads - "Trance Figure 8" (Angel Station) merge 1999
Spaceheads - (Low Pressure) mrg 2002
Spaceheads And Max Eastley - (The Time Of The Ancient Astronaut) bip-hop/dutch east 2001
Spaceheads And Max Eastley---
Spaceheads And Max Eastley #1
Spaceheads #1
Spacehog - "Beautiful Girl" (The Chinese Album) sir
Spacehog - "Cruel To Be Kind" (Resident Alien) elk an original piece
Spacehog - "Horror, The" (The Craft trk) col/sny 1996
Spacehog - "I Want To Live" : (2001: A Space Hoggessy) artemis 2001 Antony Langdon ("Live just a little bit"/"Lonely")
Spacehog - "In The Meantime" (Resident Alien) sire 95 Antony Langdon ("Lands are grew & skies are blue")
Spacehog - "Isle Of Manhattan" (Mungo City single) 98
Spacehog - "Kerry Onyx"? (The Chinese Album) sir 98 ("Best thing I'll ever have")
Spacehog - "Lucy's Shoe" (The Chinese Album) sir 1998 Antony Langdon
Spacehog - "Mungo City" (The Chinese Album/CMJ: New Music Monthly - April 1998 comp) sir-wbr//cmj 1998 Antony Langdon
Spacehog - "One Of These Days" (The Chinese Album) sir 1998
Spacehog - "Senses Working Overtime" (Testimonial Dinner comp)thear/o-XTC
Spacehog - "Space Is The Place" (Resident Alien) sire 95 Antony Langdon
Spacehog - "Starside" (Resident Alien) sir 1995 Antony Langdon
Spacehog - "Zeroes" (Resident Alien) sir 1995 Antony Langdon
Spacehog #1
Spacek - (Vintage Hi-Tech) K7 2003
Spacemen 3 - "Call The Doctor" (The Perfect Perscription) 1987 Sonic Boom (a-Pete Kember)
Spacemen 3 - "Come Together" (Performance) 1988 Sonic Boom live p-Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.)
Spacemen 3 - "Ecstasy Symphony" (The Perfect Perscription) 1987 a-'Ecstasy In Slow Motion'
Spacemen 3 - "Feel So Good" (The Perfect Perscription) 1987
Spacemen 3 - "Hey Man" (Sound Of Confusion) 1986
Spacemen 3 - "Hypnotized" (Recurring) 1989 rrw-Spiritualized
Spacemen 3 - "I Love You" (Recurring) 1991
Spacemen 3 - "It's Alright" o-Bo Diddley
Spacemen 3 - "Just To See You Smile" (Recurring) 1991
Spacemen 3 - "Little Doll" (Sound Of Confusion) fire 1986 o-Iggy Pop
Spacemen 3 - "Lord Can You Hear Me?" (Playing With Fire) fire 1989
Spacemen 3 - "Mary Anne" (Sound Of Confusion) fire 1986 o-Glen Campbell
Spacemen 3 - "O.D. Catastrophe" (Performance) 1988 live
Spacemen 3 - "Ode To Street Hassle" (The Perfect Perscription) 1987
Spacemen 3 - "Recurring" (Recurring) 1991
Spacemen 3 - "Revolution" (Playing With Fire) fire 1989 r-Mudhoney
Spacemen 3 - "Rollercoaster" (Sound Of Confusion) fire 1986 o-13th Floor Elevators
Spacemen 3 - "Sometimes" (Recurring) 1991
Spacemen 3 - "Sound Of Confusion" (Sound Of Confusion/The Perfect Prescription) 1986
Spacemen 3 - "Spacemen Jam" 15:00? (Dreamweapon: An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music) 1990 p-Spectrum, E.A.R., The Darkside
Spacemen 3 - "Suicide" 10:00? (Playing With Fire) fire 1989 p-E.A.R.,Spectrum
Spacemen 3 - "Take Me To The Other Side" (The Perfect Prescription) fire 1987
Spacemen 3 - "Transparent Radiation" (The Perfect Prescription) fire 1987
Spacemen 3 - "Walkin' With Jesus" (The Perfect Prescription) fire 1987
Spacemen 3 - "When Tomorrow Hits" (Recurring) 1991 o-Mudhoney p-Spiritualized
Spacemen 3 - (I Wouldn't Piss On It If It Was On Fire comp) fire//atomic pop 2000
Spacemen 3 - (Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To) 1986
Spacer - "Jeffrey Poindexters Maximum Load" (???? comp) 1999
Spacer - (The Beamer) palm pix 2001
Spaceship Eyes - (Trancespotting III comp) hypnotic 2000
Spacestation Integration---
Spacestation Integration #1
Spacestation Integration #2
Spacetime Continuum - "Kairo" remixed by-Carl Craig 2000
Spacetime Continuum - (Double Fine Zone)
Spaceways Inc. - (Version Soul) atavistic 2002
Spacewürm, The - (See You Later Oscillator) gravity 2001
Spacey, Kevin - "Mind Games" (John Lennon Tribute comp) 2001 o-John Lennon
Spackle #1
Spades, The - "Hit And Run" (Go-Kart MP300 Raceway comp) gokart 2003
Spades, The - "Who's The Man?" (Go-Kart MP300 Raceway comp) gokart 2003
Spades, The - (The Spades) rrr 2002
Spads, The - "Kind Of A Drag" (25 Hit Tunes comp) saturday o-The Buckinghams 1967
Spagetty #1
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Best Of All Possible Worlds, The" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Kris Kristofferson p-Supersuckers
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Bottom Dollar" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Jerry Lee Lewis
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Cocaine Blues" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Hank Thompson
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Gotta Get Drunk" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Willie Nelson
Spaghetti, Eddie - "I Don't Want To Lose You Yet" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Steve Earle
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Killer Weed" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti p-Supersuckers
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Lefty Frizzell
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Misery & Gin" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Merle Haggard
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Sea Of Heartbreak" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti o-Don Gibson
Spaghetti, Eddie - "Sleepy Vampire" (The Sauce) midfi 2004 Eddie Spaghetti
Spahn Ranch - "Conversation, The" Cleopatra 1998
Spahn Ranch - "Shot Down In Flames" (Covered In Black comp) o-AC/DC
Spahn Ranch - (Beat Noir) cleo 1999
Spahn Ranch - (Closure) cleo 2001
Spahn Ranch - (Darkwave: Music Of The Shadows V. 2 comp) k-tel 2000
Spahn Ranch - (The Taste Of Sin comp) cleo 2001
Spahn Ranch---
Spahn Ranch #1
Spain - "Bad Woman Blues" (She Haunts My Dreams)
Spain - "Funny How Time Slips Away" (Spirituals... The Best Of Spain) restless/ryk 2003 live o-Willie Nelson or-
Spain - "Her-Used-To-Been" (7"/Spirituals... The Best Of Spain) nathanus//restless/ryk 1994
Spain - "I Lied" (7"/Spirituals... The Best Of Spain) nathanus//restless/ryk 1994
Spain - "It's All Over" (She Haunts My Dreams) 1999
Spain - "Make Your Body Move" (I Believe) restless 2001 Josh Haden
Spain - "September Song" (Spirituals... The Best Of Spain) restless/ryk 2003 traditional live or-
Spain - "Spiritual" (The Blue Moods Of Spain) ("Jesus oh jesus")
Spain - "Ten Nights" (Spirituals... The Best Of Spain) restless/ryk 2003 live or-
Spain - "Untitled #1" (The Blue Moods Of Spain) restlss 1996 ("Watch & wait")
Spain - (Spirituals: The Best Of Spain) Restless/Rykodisc 2003
Spain #1
Spain #2
Spakrs, Tim - (Schemers And Dreamers comp)
Spaldeens, The - (5-song demo) uns 1998
Spalding Gray---
Spalding Gray #1

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