"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Rivers, Jimmy - "Hold It" 1960? Jimmy Rivers w/The Cherokees
Rivers, Jimmy, Little - "Puppy Love" Little Jimmy Rivers a-Little Jimmy Rivers & The Tops
Rivers, Jimmy, Little - "Say You Love Me" Little Jimmy Rivers a-Little Jimmy Rivers & The Tops
Rivers, Johnny - "Ashes & Sand" slcty 1977
Rivers, Johnny - "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" 3:07 imp 1967
Rivers, Johnny - "Baby What You Want Me to Do" 1965
Rivers, Johnny - "Blue Suede Shoes" 2:43 (same) ua 73/o-Perkins
Rivers, Johnny - "Can I Change My Mind" : (Back At The Whisky) soul city 2001 Johnny Rivers o-Tyrone Davis
Rivers, Johnny - "Carpet Man" 3:02 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "Cinnamon Cinder"
Rivers, Johnny - "Cupid" imp 65
Rivers, Johnny - "Curious Mind" bgtree 77
Rivers, Johnny - "Darlin' Talk To Me"
Rivers, Johnny - "Do What You Gotta' Do" 2:19 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "Elventh Song, The" 2:19 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "Everyday"
Rivers, Johnny - "Fire & Rain" imp 70
Rivers, Johnny - "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her" 2:47 (Rewind) imp/lib 1967 o-Simon & Garfunkel
Rivers, Johnny - "Going Back To Big Sur" 3:25 (A Touch Of Gold) imp 1966
Rivers, Johnny - "Got My Mojo Working" 5:20 (Blue Suede Shoes) ua 1973
Rivers, Johnny - "Hang On Sloopy" 4:26 (BSS) ua 1973 o-Vibrations/McCoys 1964-5
Rivers, Johnny - "He'll Have To Go" : (Back At The Whisky) soul city 2001 Johnny Rivers o-Jim Reeves
Rivers, Johnny - "Help Me Rhonda" ua 75
Rivers, Johnny - "I'll Feel A Whole LotBetter"2:51(BSdShs)ua73oByrds65
Rivers, Johnny - "Into The Mystic" imp 70
Rivers, Johnny - "It'll Never Happen Again" 3:25 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "It's All Right" 3:14(BSS)ua73o-Mayfield/Impressions
Rivers, Johnny - "Letter, The" : (Back At The Whisky) soul city 2001 Johnny Rivers o-The Box Tops
Rivers, Johnny - "Look To Your Soul" imp 68
Rivers, Johnny - "Maybelline" imp 1964 o-Chuck Berry
Rivers, Johnny - "Memphis" 2:35 (Johnny Rivers Live At The Whiskey-A-Go Go) imp 1964 o-Chuck Berry
Rivers, Johnny - "Midnight Special" imp 65
Rivers, Johnny - "Mountain Of Love" imp 1964
Rivers, Johnny - "Muddy Water" imp 66/rr69
Rivers, Johnny - "One Woman" imp 69
Rivers, Johnny - "Over The Line" 4:21 (Blue Suede Shoes) ua 1973
Rivers, Johnny - "Poor Side Of Town, The" 3:35 (A Touch Of Gold/Back At The Whisky) imp//soul city 1966 Johnny Rivers r-Nick Lowe, Eels
Rivers, Johnny - "Rights Relations" imp 1968
Rivers, Johnny - "Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu" 3:23 ua 1972
Rivers, Johnny - "Rosecrans Boulevard" 2:31 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "Sea Cruise" ua 71
Rivers, Johnny - "Sea Of Heartbreak" : (Back At The Whisky) soul city 2001 Johnny Rivers a-John Ramistella o-Hank Williams
Rivers, Johnny - "Secret Agent Man" 3:06 imp 1966 Johnny Rivers a-'Danger Man' wr-P.F. Sloan
Rivers, Johnny - "Seventh Son, The" 2:51 imp 1965
Rivers, Johnny - "Sidewalk Song/27th Street" 2:25 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "Six Days On The Road"
Rivers, Johnny - "Slow Dancing" IUMA
Rivers, Johnny - "Solitary Man" 2:44 (Blue Suede Shoes) ua 1973 o-Neil Diamond
Rivers, Johnny - "Summer Rain" (Realization) soulcity//imp 1967
Rivers, Johnny - "Swayin' To The Music (Slow Dancin')" bgtree 77
Rivers, Johnny - "Sweet Smiling Children" 2:10 imp/lib
Rivers, Johnny - "These Are Not My People" imp 69
Rivers, Johnny - "Think His Name" ua 71
Rivers, Johnny - "Tracks Of My Tears, The" 2:53 imp 1967
Rivers, Johnny - "Tunesmith" 3:10
Rivers, Johnny - "Turn On Your Love Light"5:15(BlueSuedeShoes)ua73
Rivers, Johnny - "Under Your Spell Again" imp 65
Rivers, Johnny - "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" imp 65
Rivers, Johnny - "Willie And The Hand Jive" 4:57 (Blue Suede Shoes) ua 1973
Rivers, Johnny - "You're The One"
Rivers, Johnny - (Last Train To Memphis) soulcity 1998
Rivers, Johnny - (Memphis Sun Recordings) soulcity 1998 live
Rivers, Johnny---
Johnny Rivers #1
Rivers, Red---
Red Rivers #1
Rivers, Sam - (Inspiration) rca 1999
Rivers, Shaliek - "Get 2 Know Ya (Pt.1 )" Universal 2005 w/Juvenile
Rivers, Tommy And The Raw Ramps - (Fountain Of Youth) notlame 2004
Rivers, Tommy And The Raw Ramps---
Tommy Rivers And The Raw Ramps #1
Riverside - "Cinnamon Eyes"
Riverside - "Waterfall" 1992
Riviera Paradise---
Riviera Paradise #1
Rivieras, The - "Blessing Of Love" (single) coed 196
Rivieras, The - "California Sun" 2:22 1964 ("They're out there having fun in the warm")
Rivieras, The - "Count Every Star" (single) coed 1958 Homer Dunn p-Four Arts
Rivieras, The - "Easy To Remember" (single) coed 1960
Rivieras, The - "Eleventh (11th) Hour Melody" (single) coed 1959
Rivieras, The - "Great Big Eyes" (single) coed 1960
Rivieras, The - "Midnight Flyer" (single) coed 1959
Rivieras, The - "Moonlight Cocktails" (single) coed 1960
Rivieras, The - "Moonlight Serenade" (single) coed 1958 o-Glenn Miller 1939
Rivieras, The - "My Friend" (single) coed 1960
Rivieras, The - "Neither Rain Nor Snow" (single) coed 1958
Rivieras, The - "Our Love" (single) coed 1959
Rivieras, The - "Rosie Lee" (Let's Stomp)
Rivieras, The - "Since I Made You Cry" (single) coed 1959
Rivieras, The - "Stay In My Heart" (single) coed 1960
Rivieras, The - "True Love Is Hard To Find" (single) coed 1958 p-El Rivieras
Rivieras, The---
Rivieras #1
Rivileers, The - "Don't Ever Leave Me" (single) 1955
Rivileers, The - "Eternal Love" (single) 1954
Rivileers, The - "For Sentimental Reasons" (single) 1954
Rivileers, The - "Forever" (single) 1954
Rivileers, The - "Hey Chiquita" (single) 1953
Rivileers, The - "Thousand Stars, A" (single/The Doo Wop Box II comp) rhn 1953
Rivileers, The - "Who Is The Girl" (single) 1957
Rivingtons, The - "Bird's The Word, The" lib 1963 Carl White
Rivingtons, The - "Cherry" 1963
Rivingtons, The - "Little Sally Walker" 1963
Rivingtons, The - "Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow" lib 1962
Rivingtons, The - "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" lib 1962
Rivulet/Marc Gartman - (Rivulet/Marc Gartman split) Tract 2003
Rivulets - "Barreling Towards Nowhere Like There's No Tomorrow" (Rivulets) chairkickersunion 2002 Nathan Amundson
Rivulets - "Sung" (Down In A Mirror: A Second Tribute To Jandek comp) summersteps 2005 o-Jandek
Rivulets - (Debridement) Chairkickers' 2003
Rivulets - (Thank You Reykjavik ep) BlueSanct 2002
Rivulets #1
Riyu Konaka - uns 1999
Rizlaz, The - "Be My Girl" (Be My Girl) thousands 2002
Rizlaz, The - "Boogie Woogie Feeling" (Viva Las Vegas comp) nohit 2001
Rizlaz, The - "Bop Little Children" 2:37 (The London Sessions/Viva Las Vegas 6 comp) //nohit 2003
Rizlaz, The - "Domino" (Tojo Bop: Rock Men Rock. Vol.2 comp) thousands 2003
Rizlaz, The - "Flying Saucer R&R" (Pub Rocket'1 Gabigabi comp) universal 2004
Rizlaz, The - "Itty Bitty Betty" (Tojo Bop: Rock Men Rock. Vol.2 comp) thousands 2003
Rizlaz, The - "Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes" (Blue Jean Boppers Vol.1 comp) slick 2002
Rizlaz, The - "Leroy" (Rough House R&R Vol.2 comp) roughhouse 2003
Rizlaz, The - "Maybelline" (Voodoonews: International Rockabilly 2 comp) nv 2001
Rizlaz, The - "Records Hop" (Viva Las Vegas comp) nohit 2001
Rizlaz, The - "Rizlaz Delated, The" (Rough House R&R Vol.1 comp) roughhouse 2002
Rizlaz, The - "Rock And Roll Spoiled Child" (Real Deal)
Rizlaz, The - "Rockin' Ace Of Spade" (Friday Nite Rumble Vol. 11 comp) runwild 2003
Rizlaz, The - "Sally Joe" 2:20
Rizlaz, The - "She's On Speed" (International Rockaphobia comp) vinyljapan 2004
Rizlaz, The - "Tell Me Why" 2:28 (Viva Las Vegas 6 comp) nohit 2003
Rizlaz, The - "What A Dolly" (Be My Girl) thousands 2002
Rizlaz, The - "Willa Moe" (Tribute To Imperial: Rock Men Rock.Vol.4 comp) thousands 2005
Rizlaz, The---
The Rizlaz #1
Rizzi, Jerry---
Jerry Rizzi #1
Rizzo ---
Rizzo #1
Rizzo, Carmen - "Travel In Time" (The Lost Art Of The Idle Moment) fuel2000 2005
Rizzo, Carmen - (The Lost Art of the Idle Moment) The LAB 2005 w/Esthero, Grant Lee Phillips and Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets)
Rizzo Machine---
Rizzo Machine #1
Rizzo, Rick/Tara Key - "As It Comes" (Dark Edson Tiger) thrill jockey 2000 p-Antietam, Eleventh Dream Day
Rizzo, Rick/Tara Key - "Farfisa Wail" (Dark Edson Tiger) thrill jockey 2000
Rizzo, Rick/Tara Key - "Good Evening Mr. Peckinpah" (Dark Edson Tiger) thrill jockey 2000
Rizzo, Rick/Tara Key - "Low Post Movement In D" (Dark Edson Tiger) thrill jockey 2000
Rizzudo - (Rizzudo) moodswing 2003 instrumental
Rizzudo #1
RJD2 - "Clean Living" (Def Jux Presents 3 comp) defjux 2004
RJD2 - "Ghostwriter" (Prime trk) varese 2005
RJD2 - "I Like Your Def Jux Baby T" (Definitive Jux Presents II comp) def jux 2002 instrumental
RJD2 - "Let The Good Times Roll" (Deadringer) defjux 2002
RJD2 - "True Confessions" (Urban Renewal Program comp) chocolateindustries 2002 instrumental
RJD2 - (Since We Last Spoke) defjux 2004
RJD2 #1
RKL - "Break The Camel's Back"
RKL - "We're Back We're Pissed" punk band aka-Rich Kids on L.S.D.
RKL - (Still Flailing After All These Beers) 2002
RL - "Good Love" (The Brothers trk) wbr 2001 RL p-Next
RL - "Got Me A Model" (RL:Ements) j 2002 RL w/Erick Sermon p-Next
RM Project - "Get It Up" 3:19 (Chili HiFly - 'Clubbers Guide To Australia' comp) ministry of sound import
RMXCRW - "Fresh"
Roa, Carl - "Mr. Destructo" (Lick This comp) guitar 2001 mag 1999 instrumental p-The Magic Elf
Roa, Carl---
Carl Roa #1
Carl Roa #2
Roach - "I Don't Wanna Go Back" (All The Right Moves trk) csb
Roach - "Public Mushroom" p-Reset, Simple Plan
Roach, Frank - (Asie Peyton split) fat possum 1998 or-at age of 80's
Roach, Freddie - "Night Time Is The Right Time" (Blue Note Plays Ray Charles comp) bluenote 2005 o-Ray Charles
Roach, Max - "Drum Also Waltzes" (Drums Unlimited)
Roach, Max - "Smoke That Thunders, The"
Roach Motel - (Barricaded Suspects comp) drstrange 2003
Roach, Steve - "Big Medicine" : (The Serpent's Lair) projekt 2001 w/Byron Metcalf
Roach, Steve - "Breathing The Pulse" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - "Luminous Return, The" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - "Quiet Friend" (Structures From Silence) projekt 1984
Roach, Steve - "Realm Of Refraction" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - "Reflecting Chamber, The" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - "Reflections In Suspension" (Structures From Silence) projekt 1984
Roach, Steve - "Structures From Silence" (Structures From Silence) projekt 1984
Roach, Steve - "Touch The Pearl" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - "Trip The Light" (Light Fantastic) fathom 1999
Roach, Steve - (Darkwave: Music Of The Shadows V. 2 comp) k-tel 2000
Roach, Steve - (Early Man) projekt 2001
Roach, Steve - (InnerZone) Projekt 2002 w/Vidna Obmana
Roach, Steve - (Midnight Moon) projekt 2000
Roach, Steve - (Mystic Chords And Sacred Spaces) projekt 2003
Roach, Steve - (Solitaire: Ritual Ground) silent//projekt 1993 w/& Elmar Schulte
Roach, Steve - (Streams & Currents) projekt 2002
Roach, Steve - (Spirit Dome) Projekt 2004 w/Vidna Obmana
Roach, Steve - (Trancespirit) Projekt 2002 w/Jeffrey Fayman w/Robert Fripp
Roach, Steve---
Steve Roach #1
Roachford - "Cuddly Toy" (No. 1 Drive Album comp)
Roachpowder - "All Hail And Kneel Before Me" (Atomic Church) tmc 2001
Roachpowder - "Balls To The Sun" (Atomic Church) tmc 2001 a-'Balls Of The Sun'??
Roachpowder - "House Of The Wicked"
Roachpowder - "No Reasons"
Roachpowder - "Oceans Red" (Atomic Church) tmc 2001
Roachpowder #1
Road Crew Band, The---
The Road Crew Band #1
Road Kings, The - "Hurdy Gurdy Monkey Shine" (Happy, Texas trk) ars nash 1999
Road Kings, The - (Road Kings) surfdog 2000
Road Of Major - "Beneath The Blue Sky" Avex 2005
Road Rage - (Boycott Radical Records comp) radical 2000
Road Rage - (Greetings From The Welfare State comp) byo 2000
Road Rage - (Never Mind The Sex Pistols: Here's The Tribute comp) radical 2000 o-The Sex Pistols
Road Rage - (Nothin' To Declare) radical 1999
Road Rage---
Road Rage #1
Road Rockets---
Road Rockets #1
Road Runners, The - "Rains"
Road Trip---
Road Trip #1
Roadapple #1
Roadapple #2
Roadhouse ---
Roadhouse #1
Roadhouse Band, The---
The Roadhouse Band #1
Roadkill Eggplant---
Roadkill Eggplant #1
RoadMusic - "Driving Beverly Hills" (Driving Beverly Hills) hands on music Mark Portmann p-Rippingtons
RoadMusic #1
Roadrunner United - (The All Star Sessions) roadrunner 2005 p-Slipknot, King Diamond, Fear Factory, Deicide, Machine Head, Trivium
Roads To Space Travel - (Road To Space Travel 7") desoto 2000
Roadsaw - "Keep On Sailing" (Nationwide) mia 1999
Roadsaw - "Not Today" (Nationwide) mia 1999
Roadsaw - "Rotted Out" (Nationwide) mia 1999
Roadsaw - "Toys In The Attic" (Right In The Nuts - Aerosmith Tribute comp) small stone 2000 o-Aerosmith
Roadsaw - (Blackrock) underdogma 2002
Roadsaw - (Rawk N' Roll) lunasound 2002 Craig
Roadsaw #1
Roadsaw #2
Roadsaw #3
Roadsaw #4
Roadsaw #5
Roadside Attraction---
Roadside Attraction #1
Roadside Monument
Roadsters - "Mag Rims" (Del-Fi Rarities)
Roaring 20's, The---
the Roaring 20's #1
Roark - "Mr. Tambourine Man" (Listen To Bob Dylan: A Tribute Complete comp) drivethru 2005 o-Bob Dylan
Roasbel - "Don't You Want My Love" w/Debbie Jacobs

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