"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Randolph, Boots - "Yakety Sax" (Benny Hill... The Best Of) monumnt 1963 instrumental note-Benny Hill's theme song
Randolph, Luther & Johnny Stiles - "Cross Roads" 1963
Randolph, Robert - "At The Cross" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars traditional
Randolph, Robert - "Blood On That Rock" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars traditional
Randolph, Robert - "Going In The Right Direction" (Unclassified) dare/rep 2003 Robert Randolph w/The Family Band
Randolph, Robert - "Good Times (3 Stroke)" (Unclassified) dare/rep 2003 Robert Randolph w/The Family Band
Randolph, Robert - "I Need More Love" (270 Miles From Graceland: Bonnaroo 2003 comp) sanctuary 2004 w/The Family Band
Randolph, Robert - "I Want To Take You Higher" (Sly Stone - 'Different Strokes By Different Folks' comp) epc/leg 2005 w/Steven Tyler o-Sly Stone
Randolph, Robert - "Joyful Sounds" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars traditional
Randolph, Robert - "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars traditional
Randolph, Robert - "March, The" (Live At The Wetlands) dare/SCI Fidelity 2002 instrumental w/The Family Band
Randolph, Robert - "Mind Jam, A" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars
Randolph, Robert - "Purple Haze" (Power Of Soul comp) exphendrix-image 2004 w/The Family Band o-Jimi Hendrix
Randolph, Robert - "Shake Your Hips" (Live At The Wetlands) dare 2002 w/The Family Band o-Slim Harpo
Randolph, Robert - "Soul Refreshing" wbr 2003
Randolph, Robert - "Squeeze" (Unclassified/City Folk 5 comp) dare/rep 2003 instrumental w/The Family Band
Randolph, Robert - "Waiting For My Wings" (The Word) atl 2001 instrumental w/John Medeski & North Mississippi Al Stars
Randolph, Robert - "When You Shake Your Hips" 2002 Robert Randolph w/The Family Band live
Randolph, Robert - (Sacred Steel Instrumentals comp) arhoolie 2005
Randolph, Robert---
Robert Randolph & The Family Band #1
Random ---
Random #1
Random #2
Random Beatings---
Random Beatings #1
Random Brothers, The---
The Random Brothers #1
The Random Brothers #2
Random Brothers---
Random Brothers #1
Random Conflict---
Random Conflict #1
Random Hand---
Random Hand #1
Random Hero---
Random Hero #1
Random Hold - (Overview) gailforce//voiceprint-navarre 2004 p-David Ferguson & David Rhodes or-
Random Hold---
Random Hold #1
Random I Am---
Random I Am #1
Random Inc. - (Jerusalem: Tales Outside The Framework Of Orthodoxy) ritornell 2001 a-Sebastian Meissner p-Autopoieses
Random Inc.---
Random Inc. #1
Random Killing---
Random Killing #1
Random Killing #2
Random Killing #3
Random Logic - (Numrebs) tehnika 2002
Random Logic---
Random Logic #1
Random Road Mother - (Mother, Jugs & Speed ep) pigpile 2003
Random Road Mother---
Random Road Mother #1
Random Road Mother #2
Random Task---
Random Task #1
Random Thoughts---
Random Thoughts #1
Randumbs, The - "Weekly World News" : (Punch Drunk 2 40mk comp) tko
Randumbs, The - (In Search Of The Abominable Sonoman) tko 1999
Randumbs, The - (Punch Drunk comp) tko 2000
Randumbs, The - (Scene Killer comp) outsider 1998
Randumbs, The - (Things Are Tough All Over) tko-mordam 2000 a-The Randümbs
Randumbs, The---
The Randumbs #1
Randy - "Addicts of Communication" (Punk-O-Rama 7 comp) ept 2002
Randy - "Cheater" (Cheater) g7welcomingcommittee 2002
Randy - "Evil" (Randy The Band) fatwreck/burningheart 2006 Stefan Granberg
Randy - "Exorcist, The"
Randy - "Guide To Judicios Thinking, The"
Randy - "If We Unite"
Randy - "Karl Marx And History"
Randy - "Keeping Us Out Of Money"
Randy - "Losing My Mind" (Randy The Band) fatwreck/burningheart 2006 Stefan Granberg
Randy - "Proletarian Hop"
Randy - "Rockin' Pneumonia And The Punk Rock Flu"
Randy - "Summer Of Bros"
Randy - "Welfare Problems" (Punk-O-Rama 8 comp) ept 2003
Randy - "Win Or Lose" 2:01 (Revolution Rock comp) ept 2002 ("May I please be excused")
Randy - (Randy The Band) Fat Wreck Chords 2006
Randy - (The Human Atom Bombs) burning heart/ept 2001
Randy - (The Rest Is Silence) burning heart 2000 or-
Randy - (There's no Way we're Gonna Fit in)
Randy - (Welfare Problems) burningheart/ept 2003
Randy - (You Can't Keep A Good Band Down) g-7 welcoming committee 1999
Randy ---
Randy #1
Randy #2
Randy #3
Randy #4
Randy #5
Randy & The Radiants - (Pebbles Presents: You Gotta Have... Moxie Volume 2 comp) aip 2000
Randy & The Rainbows - "Come Back"
Randy & The Rainbows - "Denise" (Doo Wop Box/101 Vocal Group Gems comp) rust//rhn 1963 Randy Safuto
Randy & The Rainbows - "Sharing"
Randy & The Rainbows - "She's My Angel"
Randy & The Rainbows - "Why Do Kids Grow Up"
Randy & The Rainbows---
Randy & The Rainbows #1
Randy Pie - "Back to Universe" (Sightseeing Tour)
Randy Pie - "Stand Up" (Fast Forward)
Randy Rich & The Poor Boys---
Randy Rich & The Poor Boys #1
Randy The Rockets - "Let s Do The Cajun Twist" 2:16 (Blast From The Past)
Rane - (Camelopardalis) 2000
Rane #1
Ranee Lee/Richard Ring - "Santa Baby" (Justin Time for Christmas: Three comp) justintime 2001 traditional
Ranelin, Phil - (Remixes) hefty 2002
Ranelin, Phil - (The Time Is Now!) hefty 1974 Phil Ranelin
Ranelin, Phil - (Vibes From The Tribe) hefty 2001 Phil Ranelin or-
Ranelin, Phil---
Phil Ranelin #1
Raney, Sue - "My Prayer" (When Your Love Has Gone/Songs For...)
Raney, Sue - (In Good Company) 1990
Rangell, Nelson - "Then I Knew" (Far Away Day/Smooth Jazz: Fever comp) shanachie 2002 instrumental
Rangell, Nelson - (Look Again) A440 2003
Rangell, Nelson---
Nelson Rangell #1
Ranger, Jack - "T.P. Window Blues"
Rangers - "Do The Shake" (Cadillac)
Ranglin, Ernest - (Below The Bassline) 1996
Ranglin, Ernest - (Gotcha!) telarc jazz 2001
Rangorax #1
Rank & File - "Amanda Ruth" 3:10 (Sundown) slash/wb 82
Rank & File - (Long Gone Dead) collectorschoice 1984 Alejandro Escovedo
Rank & File - (Rank & File) collectorschoice 1987 Alejandro Escovedo
Rank & File - (Sundown) collectorschoice 1982 Alejandro Escovedo
Rank 1 - "Airwave" (Now! Volume Forty Six comp/Wayne G - 'Free Volume 8 - One Night In Heaven' comp/Junior Vasquez - 'Twilo' comp) central station 2000
Rank 1 - (Groove Radio Presents Trancemission comp) sunrise/shr group 2000
Rank And File - "Conductor Wore Black, The" (Sundown) slash 1982 Tony & Chip Kinman p-Dils
Rank And File - "I Went Walking" (Sundown) slash 1982 Tony & Chip Kinman p-Dils
Rank Miasm---
Rank Miasm #1
Rank Review---
Rank Review #1
Rank, Shabba - "More Pon More" free willy 2002 import
Rank Strangers, The---
The Rank Strangers #1
Rank1 - "Beats At"
Rank1 #1
Rank1 #2
Rankarna #1
Rankin, Billy - "Baby Come Back" (Growin' Up Too Fast) 1984
Rankin, David G.---
Rankin, David G. #1
Rankin, Kenny - "At Last" Private Music
Rankin, Kenny - "Four Days Gone" 3:35 (Family) mrc 1969
Rankin, Kenny - "Groovin'" o-The Rascals
Rankin, Kenny - "Lost Up In Loving You" r-Carmen McRae
Rankin, Kenny - "More Than You Know" Private Music
Rankin, Kenny - "Next To You" wrw-Dan Siegel
Rankin, Kenny - "Penny Lane" o-The Beatles
Rankin, Kenny---
Kenny Rankin #1
Rankine, Alan - (She Loves Me Not) p-Associates
Rankine, Lesley - (Salt Peter) p-Ruby
Ranking Joe - (Round The World/Zion High) //blood&fire 1980 Ranking Joe
Ranking Roger - "So Excited" 4:12 (Confessions Of An I.R.S. Groupie: New Music Seminar 1988 comp) irs 1988 p-General Public, The Beat
Ranking Roger---
Ranking Roger #1
Ranks, Cutty - "DJ Riding West" (Dancehall Dynamite comp) repeat series
Ranks, Cutty - (Back With A Vengeance) ao! 2001
Ranks, Delly & Rik Rock - "What Ah Gal" (Reggae Gold comp) v.p. 2000
Ranks, Kali - "Kill Dem All" (CMJ New Music Monthly - September 1995 comp) Def Jam//cmj 1995
Ranks, Shabba - "Housecall (Your Body Can't Lie To Me)" (As Raw As Ever) epc Shabba Ranks w/Maxi Priest
Ranks, Shabba - "Jam, The" (Your Body Can't Lie To Me)" (As Raw As Ever) epc Shabba Ranks w/KRS-ONE
Ranks, Shabba - "Mister (Mr.) Loverman" 3:36 (Greatest Summer Hits Of The 70's-80's-90's comp) erscheinungstermin 1993
Ranks, Shabba - "Mister (Mr.) Loverman" 5:24 (Shabba And Friends/MTV Party To Go Vol 3 comp) epc//tommy boy 1993 Shabba Ranks ("Shabba")
Ranks, Shabba - "Pirates Anthem"
Ranks, Shabba - "Slow And Sexy" (Shabba And Friends) epc 1999 Shabba Ranks
Ranks, Shabba - "Wicked In Bed"
Ranks, Shabba - "Woodtop"
Ranks, Shabba - (24 Karat Gold: 80's Reggae Dancehall Classics comp) shanachie 2000 or-
Ranks, Shabba - (RAGGA Originators comp) Jammin/Lightyear 2003
Ranks, Shabba---
Shabba Ranks #1
Ransak #1
Ransom #1
Ransum #1
Ranters, The - "American Desert, The" 1996 IUMA
Rantipole #1
Raooul #1
Raphael, Joel, Band - "Last Train To Nuremberg" (Songs Of Pete Seeger comp) appleseed 2001 o-Pete Seeger
Rapid Eye Movement---
Rapid Eye Movement #1
Rapider Than Horsepower - "Little Trouble Girl" (Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute To Sonic Youth comp) narnack 2004 o-Sonic Youth
Rapider Than Horsepower - (Stage Fright Stage Fright) Essay 2003 p-Racebannon
Rapider Than Horsepower - (This Is My Big Night) Essay 2004
Rapologists - "Hip Hop Beat, The" (single) Billy Boy 1983 w/Whiz Kid
Rapoon - "Blue Hemisphere" (Navigating By Colour) soleilmoon 2000
Rapoon - (Cold War: Drum 'N' Bass) caciocavallo 2001
Rapoon - (D-Lem: [a day of visual geography]) gracia territori sonor-soleilmoon 2000
Rapoon - (Fallen Gods - Cidar) staalplaat
Rapoon - (What Do You Suppose? - The Alien Question) staalplaat 2000 a-Robin Storey p-Zoviet France
Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom - (Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom) klanggalerie-soleilmoon 2000
Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom---EMAIL
Rapoon #1
Raposo, Greg - "Take Me Back Home" (Stuck In The Suburbs trk) disney 2004 Greg Raposo
Rapp, Anthony - (Look Around) Paigow 2001
Rapp, Tom - (A Journal Of The Plague Year) rubric 2000
Rappermatical 5 - "Party People" (single/The Third Unheard Connecticut Hop Hop 1979-1983 comp) stonesthrow 1979-1983
Rappin' 4 Tay - (Gangsta Gumbo) Black Rocket 2002
Rapport - "To Love You More" (Mega Hits Dance Party Vol. 3 comp) interhit 1999 o-Celine Dion
Rapport #1
Rapscallions #1
Raptile - "Da Unbeatables" (import single) 2004 w/Valezka
Raptile - "Fight Back" (import single) 2005
Rapture - (DFA Compilation #2 comp) 2004
Rapture - (Echoes) Universal 2003
Rapture - (Songs For The Withering) centmedia 2003
Rapture ---
Rapture #1
Rapture, The - "Dumb Waiters" (single) gold standard labs o-Psychedelic Furs
Rapture, The - "House Of Jealous Lovers" (Echoes) dfa/strummer/univ 2003 Luke Jenner
Rapture, The - "Olio" (Echoes) strummer/dfa/univ 2003
Rapture, The - "Sister Saviour" dfa/univ 2004
Rapture, The - (Compilation #1 comp) dfa 2003
Rapture, The - (Insound Tour Support) 2001
Rapture, The - (Mirror) gravity 1999
Rapture, The - (Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks ep) sub pop 2001 Luke Jenner
Rapture, The - (Yes New York comp) wolfgang morden 2003 Luke Jenner
Rapture, The---
The Rapture #1
The Rapture #2
The Rapture #3
Raptures, The - "House Of Jealous Lovers" (Echoes) 2003

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