"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Porter, Cole - "Under The Dress"
Porter, Cole - "Understudies"
Porter, Cole - "Up To His Old Tricks Again"
Porter, Cole - "Upper Park Avenue, The"
Porter, Cole - "Use Your Imagination"
Porter, Cole - "Venice"
Porter, Cole - "Venus Of Milo"
Porter, Cole - "Villain, The"
Porter, Cole - "Visit Panam"
Porter, Cole - "Vite, Vite, Vite"
Porter, Cole - "Vivienne"
Porter, Cole - "Voodoo"
Porter, Cole - "Wait For The Moon"
Porter, Cole - "Wait Until It's Bedtime"
Porter, Cole - "Waiters V. Waitresses"
Porter, Cole - "Wake, Love, Wake"
Porter, Cole - "Wake Up And Dream"
Porter, Cole - "Waltz Down The Aisle"
Porter, Cole - "Wants To Be A Millionaire?"
Porter, Cole - "Washington, D.c."
Porter, Cole - "Washington Square"
Porter, Cole - "Watching The World Go By"
Porter, Cole - "We Are Prom Girls"
Porter, Cole - "We Are So Aesthetic"
Porter, Cole - "We Are The Chorus Of The Show"
Porter, Cole - "We Detest A Fiesta"
Porter, Cole - "We Drink To You, J.J.Brody"
Porter, Cole - "We Shall Never Be Younger"
Porter, Cole - "We're A Group Of Non-Entities"
Porter, Cole - "We're About To Start Big Rehearsin'"
Porter, Cole - "We're Off For A Hayride In Mexico"
Porter, Cole - "We're Off To Feathermore"
Porter, Cole - "We're Off"
Porter, Cole - "We're On The Road To Athens"
Porter, Cole - "We've Been Spending The Summer With Our Families"
Porter, Cole - "Wedding Cake-Walk, The"
Porter, Cole - "Weekend Affair, A"
Porter, Cole - "Welcome To Jerry"
Porter, Cole - "Well, Did You Evah!"
Porter, Cole - "Well, I Just Wouldn't Know"
Porter, Cole - "Were Thine That Special Face"
Porter, Cole - "Weren't We Fools"
Porter, Cole - "What A Ball"
Porter, Cole - "What A Charming Afternoon"
Porter, Cole - "What A Crazy Way To Spend Sunday"
Porter, Cole - "What A Fair Thing Is A Woman"
Porter, Cole - "What A Great Pair We'll Be"
Porter, Cole - "What A Joy To Be Young"
Porter, Cole - "What A Nice Municipal Park"
Porter, Cole - "What A Priceless Pleasure"
Porter, Cole - "What Am I To Do"
Porter, Cole - "What Are Little Husbands Made Of"
Porter, Cole - "What Do You Think About Men?"
Porter, Cole - "What Does Your Servant Dream About?"
Porter, Cole - "What Fun"
Porter, Cole - "What Have I?"
Porter, Cole - "What Is That Tune?"
Porter, Cole - "What Is This Thing Called Love" r-K.T. Oslin
Porter, Cole - "What Is This Thing Called Love"
Porter, Cole - "What Love Is"
Porter, Cole - "What Shall I Do?"
Porter, Cole - "What Will Become Of Our England?"
Porter, Cole - "What's My Man Gonna Be Like"
Porter, Cole - "When A Body's In Love"
Porter, Cole - "When A Woman's In Love"
Porter, Cole - "When All's Said And Done"
Porter, Cole - "When Black Sallie Sings Pagliacci"
Porter, Cole - "When I Had A Uniform On"
Porter, Cole - "When I Used To Lead The Ballet"
Porter, Cole - "When I Was A Little Cuckoo"
Porter, Cole - "When I'm Eating Around With You"
Porter, Cole - "When Love Beckoned"
Porter, Cole - "When Love Comes To Call"
Porter, Cole - "When Love Comes Your Way"
Porter, Cole - "When McKinley Marches On"
Porter, Cole - "When Me, Mowgli, Love"
Porter, Cole - "When My Baby Goes To Town"
Porter, Cole - "When My Caravan Comes Home"
Porter, Cole - "When The Hen Stops Laying"
Porter, Cole - "When The Summer Moon Comes 'Long"
Porter, Cole - "When We're Home On The Range"
Porter, Cole - "When You And I Were Strangers"
Porter, Cole - "When Your Troubles Have Started"
Porter, Cole - "Where Are The Men?"
Porter, Cole - "Where Do We Go From Here?"
Porter, Cole - "Where Have You Been?"
Porter, Cole - "Where Is The Life That Late I Led?"
Porter, Cole - "Where, Oh Where?"
Porter, Cole - "Where Would You Get Your Coat?"
Porter, Cole - "Where?"
Porter, Cole - "Where's Louie?"
Porter, Cole - "Wherever They Fly The Flag Of Old England"
Porter, Cole - "Which"
Porter, Cole - "Which"
Porter, Cole - "Whip Dance, The"
Porter, Cole - "Who, But You"
Porter, Cole - "Who Knows?"
Porter, Cole - "Who Said Gay Paree?"
Porter, Cole - "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" r-Thompson Twins
Porter, Cole - "Who Would Have Dreamed?"
Porter, Cole - "Who'll Bid"
Porter, Cole - "Why Am I So Gone About That Gal"
Porter, Cole - "Why Can't You Behave?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Didn't We Meet Before"
Porter, Cole - "Why Do You Want To Hurt Me So?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Don't We Try Staying Home?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Marry Them?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Should I Care?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Should I Trust You?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Shouldn't I Have You?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Shouldn't I?"
Porter, Cole - "Why Talk About Sex?"
Porter, Cole - "Widow's Cruise"
Porter, Cole - "Wild Wedding Bells"
Porter, Cole - "Will You Love Me When My Flivver Is A Wreck?"
Porter, Cole - "Within The Quota (Jazz Ballet)"
Porter, Cole - "Without Love"
Porter, Cole - "Woman's Career, A"
Porter, Cole - "Women" r-Dukes Of Hamburg
Porter, Cole - "Won't You Come Crusading With Me"
Porter, Cole - "Wond'ring Night And Day"
Porter, Cole - "Woodland Dance"
Porter, Cole - "Wouldn't It Be Crazy"
Porter, Cole - "Wouldn't It Be Fun!"
Porter, Cole - "Wow-Ooh-Wolf"
Porter, Cole - "Wunderbar"
Porter, Cole - "Yankee Doodle"
Porter, Cole - "Yellow Melodrama"
Porter, Cole - "Yes, Yes, Yes"
Porter, Cole - "You And Me"
Porter, Cole - "You Can Do No Wrong"
Porter, Cole - "You Can't Beat My Bill"
Porter, Cole - "You Do Something To Me"
Porter, Cole - "You Do Something To Me" () r-Sinead O'Connor (Red Hot & Blue)
Porter, Cole - "You Don't Know Paree"
Porter, Cole - "You Don't Remind Me"
Porter, Cole - "You Irritate Me So"
Porter, Cole - "You Make Up"
Porter, Cole - "You Never Know"
Porter, Cole - "You Said It"
Porter, Cole - "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"
Porter, Cole - "You're A Bad Influence On Me"
Porter, Cole - "You're In Love"
Porter, Cole - "You're Just Too, Too!"
Porter, Cole - "You're Sensational"
Porter, Cole - "You're The Prize Guy Of Guys"
Porter, Cole - "You're The Top"
Porter, Cole - "You're Too Far Away"
Porter, Cole - "You've Got Something"
Porter, Cole - "You've Got That Thing"
Porter, Cole - "You've Got To Be Hard-Boiled"
Porter, Cole - "Yours For A Song"
Porter, Cole - "Yours"
Porter, Cole - "Zombie Dance"
Porter, Cole---
Cole Porter #1
Porter, David - "Can't See You When I Want To" stax 1960's
Porter Hall, TN - (Welcome To) slewfoot 2002
Porter Hall---
Porter Hall #1
Porter, Jake And The Laurels - "Fine Fine baby" 1955
Porter, JL - "Nothing But Magic" 1995 IUMA
Porter, Nolan - "If I Could Only Be Sure" r-Paul Weller
Porter Ricks: Techno Animal - (Symbiotics) force inc-caroline 1999
Porter, Willie - "And The Mystery Of You Keeps Me Holding On" (City Folk Live Volume 3 comp)
Porter, Willie - "If Love Were An Airplane" (If Love Were An Airplane) 2002 ("I'm just a dreamer")
Porter, Willie - "My Story"
Porter, Willie - "Mystery, A" : (Facing Forward) 1999 Willie Porter
Porter, Willie - (Dog Ear Dream)? 1999
Porter, Willy---
Willy Porter #1
Porterhouse - (Thumbs Up Little Buddy) Lauan 2001
Porters, The---
The porters #1
Porterville - "I'd Really Like To Pick You Up" (Fever Pitch film trk) unreleased 2005
Portishead - "All Mine" 3:59 (Portishead/CMJ New Music Monthly - November 1997 comp) go! disc-london//is//cmj 1997 Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Cowboys" (Portishead) Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Glory Box" (Dummy) go! discs/lnd 1994 Beth Gibbons ("Give me a reason") live
Portishead - "Half Day Closing" (Portishead) ffrr 1994 Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Numb" (Dummy)
Portishead - "Only You" (Portishead) Go!beat/isc 97 Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Over" (Portishead) ffrr 1998 Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Pedestal" (Dummy)
Portishead - "Roads" (Tank Girl trk) Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Scorn" (The Craft trk) co 96 Beth Gibbons
Portishead - "Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me)" (Dummy) go! 95 Beth Gibbons ("Cause nobody loves me it's true not like you")
Portishead - "Strangers" (Dummy)
Portishead #1
Portishead #2
Portishead #3
Portishead #4
Portishead #5
Portishead #6
Portman, Rachel - "Carla & Danny's Theme" (Other Sister trk) 1999
Portman, Rachel - (Nicholas Nickleby trk) Varese Sarabande 2003
Portman, Rachel - (The Human Stain - Coleman's Collection trk) Lakeshore 2003 instrumental
Portmans, The---
The Portmans #1
Portnoy, Gary And Judy Hart-Angelo - "According to Our New Arrivals" (Mr. Belvedere tv theme song) ("We just might live the good life yet"/"Streaks on the china")
Portnoy, Gary And Judy Hart Angelo - "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" (Cheers tv theme song) ("You wanna go where people know"/"Making your way in the world today")
Portnoy, Jerry - "Doodlin'" (Down In The Mood Room) tiny town 2002 wr-Horace Silver
Portnoy, Jerry - "Jug Band Waltz" 1:55 (Down In The Mood Room) tiny town 2002 traditional 1920's
Portnoy, Jerry - "Lullaby Of Birdland" (Down In The Mood Room) tiny town 2002 wr-George Shearing
Portnoy, Jerry - "Money" (Down In The Mood Room) tiny town 2002 w/Duke Robillard
Portnoy, Jerry - "You Rascal You" (Down In The Mood Room) tiny town 2002 w/Duke Robillard
Portnoy, Jerry - (Down in the Mood Room) TinyTown 2002
Portnoy, Jerry - (Now This Is What We Call Blues, Vol. 420 comp) telarc 2002 or-
Portnoy, Jerry---
Jerry Portnoy #1
Portnoy Wilson - "Fetish" (Is A Band ep) prime directive 1999 Vin Beckerman
Portnoy Wilson - "Hey" unreleased
Portnoy Wilson - "Invitation" (Portnoy Wilson 'is a band') uns 1999
Portnoy Wilson - "Question" (Portnoy Wilson Is A Band ep) prime directive 1999 Vinny Beckerman ("And I can't help but wonderin'")
Portnoy Wilson - "Reach Out" (Portnoy Wilson) uns 1999 Kevin Torres
Portnoy Wilson - (5 song ep) uns 1999 Vin Buckermann
Porto, Billy - "Ruby Ruby"
Portobello Bones---
Portobello Bones #1
Portrait - "Be Thankful For What You Got" (Addams Family Values trk) cap
Portrait - "Here We Go Again" cap
Portrait - "Honey Dip" cap
Portrait Of Anger---
Portrait Of Anger #1
Portrait Of Poverty---
Portrait Of Poverty #1
Ports, George---
George Ports #1
Portugal. The Man - (Waiter: 'You Vultures!') fearless 2006 John Gourley p-Anatomy Of A Ghost
Portugal. The Man---
Portugal. The Man #1
Portugal. The Man #2
Portuondo, Omara - "Dnde Estabus T" : (Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo) nonesuch 2000
Portuondo, Omara - "Ella Y Yo" : (Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo) nonesuch 2000
Portuondo, Omara - "La Sitiera" : (Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo) nonesuch 2000
Portuondo, Omara - "Veinte Aos" : (Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo) nonesuch 2000
Portuondo, Omara - (Flor de Amor) Nonesuch 2004
Poser #1
Posers, The - (Anti-Christian Animosity) grilled cheese/cargo 2000
Posers, The---
The Posers #1
The Posers #2
The Posers #3
The Posers #4
Posessions - "No More Love" 1964
Posey, Sandy - "Are You Never Coming Home" (Are You Never Coming Home 7") mgm 1967 Sandy Posey
Posey, Sandy - "Born A Woman" (Born A Woman) mgm 1966 Sandy Posey
Posey, Sandy - "Born To Be With You" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "Boy I Love" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "Bring Him Safely Home To Me" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "Chapel Of Love" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "Don't" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "I Believe In Love" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "I Can Show You How To Live" (single)
Posey, Sandy - "I Take It Back" mgm 1967 Sandy Posey
Posey, Sandy - "Single Girl, A" (Born A Woman 7" single) mgm 1966 Sandy Posey r-Nancy Martin
Posey, Sandy - "What A Woman In Love Won't Do" mgm 1967 Sandy Posey
Posey, Sandy - (All American Country Girl)
Posey, Sandy - (Because Of You)
Posey, Sandy - (Here's Looking At You)
Posh #1
Posies, The - "Alive" (Alive Before The Iceberg) badman 2000 live or-1998 p-Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow
Posies, The - "Any Other Way" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-
Posies, The - "Apology" 5:12 (Dear 23/At Least, At Last box/Children Of Nuggets box comp) dgc/geffen//not//rhn lame 1990 Ken Stringfellow
Posies, The - "Beck's Bolero" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-
Posies, The - "Better Things" (internet single) 2005 o-Kinks
Posies, The - "Christmas" (Just Say Noel comp) gef 1996
Posies, The - "Coming Right Along" (The Basketball Diaries) isl 1995
Posies, The - "Dream All Day" 3:03 (Frosting On The Beater/At Least, At Last box) dgc//not lame 1993 Ken Stringfellow ("I can dream")
Posies, The - "Dreaming" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-1994
Posies, The - "Everybody Is A Fucking Liar" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-
Posies, The - "Everyone Moves Away" 4:12 (Dear 23) dgc/geff 90
Posies, The - "Flavor Of The Month" 2:34 (Flavor Of The Month/At Least, At Last box) dgc/geffen//not lame 1993 Ken Stringfellow
Posies, The - "Golden Blunders" 4:25 (Dear 23) gef/dgc 90 r-Starr92prvtemsc
Posies, The - "Grant Hart" (Swagalicious! comp/At Least, At Last box/Alive Before The Iceberg) gef//not lame//badman 1996 Ken Stringfellow o-Husker Du
Posies, The - "I Am The Cosmos" (Dream All Day) gef 2000 o-Chris Bell or-
Posies, The - "I Don't Believe You" (demo/At Least, At Last box) notlame 2002 o-Ringo Starr or-
Posies, The - "I May Hate You Sometimes" (Children Of Nuggets box comp) rhn 2005 or-
Posies, The - "King Midas In Reverse" (Dream All Day) gef 2000 o-The Hollies or-
Posies, The - "Lady Friend" : (Nice Cheekbones And A PhD ep) badman/houston party 2001 o-The Byrds
Posies, The - "Open Every Window" 3:14 (DGC Rarities Vol 1 comp) dgc 1994
Posies, The - "Paint Me" 4:05 (Failure)popllama1988
Posies, The - "Solar Sister" 3:20 (Frosting On The Beater) dgc 93 Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow r-Bad Astronaut
Posies, The - "Somehow Everything" (Popllama//Alive Before The Iceberg) badman 1999
Posies, The - "Star-Spangled Banner, The" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow trad. live or-1995
Posies, The - "Start A Life" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-1998
Posies, The - "Suddenly Mary" (At Least, At Last box) not lame 2000 Ken Stringfellow or-
Posies, The - "Surrender" (Alive Before The Iceberg) badman 2000 live or-1998 o-Cheap Trick
Posies, The - "Throwaway" Geffen (CMJ New Music Monthly - July 1996 comp) cmj 1996
Posies, The - "Twenty (20) Questions" 3:54 (Frosting On The Beater) dgc 1993
Posies, The - "You're The Beautiful One" (Alive Before The Iceberg) badman/platinum 2000 live or-1998
Posies, The - (Every Kind Of Light) ryk 2005
Posies, The - (In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In) casa 2000 Ken Stringfellow live
Posies, The---
The Posies #1
The Posies #2
The Posies #3
The Posies #4
Position ---
Position #1
Position Impossible---
Position Impossible #1
Positive Force - "People Get On Up" (single) 1980's?
Positive Funk - "Gratitude Of Sole" w/T.E.L.L.Y.
Positive K - "I Got A Man" 6:23 (MTV Party To Go Vol 3 comp) tommy boy 1993 ("What's your man got to do with me")
Positive K - "I Got A Man" 3:52 (The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills/Major Flavas Rap Classics comp) isl//rebound/pgm 1996
Positive K - "Step Up Front" (Ego Trips: The Big Playback comp) rawkus 2000
Positive Logic---
Positive Logic #1
Positive Negative---
Positive Negative #1
Positive People - "This Feelin'" 1981
Positively Negative---
Positively Negative #1
Possessed - "Burning In Hell" (HitPrdrPre'ThWildBnch'-18MtlMstrs)roir
Possessed - "Seven Churches" (Seven Churches) combat 85 Jeff Becerra
Possessed - "Swing Of The Axe" r-Absu
Possessed - "Twisted Minds" r-Head Hunter
Possessed #1
Possessed #2
Possession - "Have No Fear" (The Unnameable Suffering) uns 1994 Nyk Edinger
Possession - (Eternally Haunt) uns 1996
Possession #1
Possibilities, The - (Foot In Mouth) uns 2002 w/Mariner 9 or-
Possibilities, The - (Get Your Sea Legs) uns 2002 or-1995-1998
Possibilities, The - (Meltdown Sessions) uns 2002 or-
Possibilities, The - (Scattered Smothered) or-1995
Possibilities, The - (Way Out!) parasol 2002
Possibilities, The---
The Possibilities #1
Possum - "Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati, The" (Dr. Demento's Delights comp)
Possum Dixon - "Crashing Your Planet" (Warped Tour Promo) vans 1996
Possum Dixon - "Emergency's About To End" (Star Maps/CMJ New Music Monthly - March 1996 comp) surf detective/isc/mca//cmj 1996
Possum Dixon - "Firecracker" (CMJ: New Music Monthly - September 1998 comp) isc//cmj 1998
Possum Dixon - "Heavenly" 4:03 (New Sheets) isc 1998 Rob Zabrecky
Possum Dixon - "Holding (Lenny's Song)" 3:09 (New Sheets) isc 1998 Rob Zabrecky
Possum Dixon - "Lenny's Song" 1998 ("Holding on to what you just said"/"It won't be long")
Possum Dixon - "Nerves" (Possum Dixon) isc 1992
Possum Dixon - "Only In The Summertime" 3:15 (Jensen Car Audio - See What You Want To See Hear What You Want To Hear comp) recoton 1998 ("Die to see me")
Possum Dixon - "Stop Breaking Me" 3:43 (New Sheets) isc 1998 Rob Zabrecky
Possum Dixon - "Watch The Girl Destroy Me" (Possum Dixon) isc 1993 or-1988???
Possum Dixon - (A Tropic Of Celso ep/single)
Possum Dixon - (Brave New World, Live @ KRCW ep/single)
Possum Dixon - (Extra Tracks ep/single) (1993
Possum Dixon - (New Sheets) isc 1998
Possum Dixon - (Showgirls trk)
Possum Dixon - (Sunshine Or Noir ep/single)
Possum Dixon---
Possum Dixon #1

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