"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Pokerface - (Alien demo) uns 1996
Pokerface #1
Polak - "Not Listening" (CMJ New Music Monthly - December 1996 comp) Casual Tonalities//cmj 1996
Polak - "Two (2) Minutes 45" (ep/3X3) generic 1998 Pete Fijalkowski import p-Adorable
Poland, Chris - (Return To Metropolis) fuel2000 1998 p-Megadeth
Poland, Chris - (Warmth In The Wilderness - The Jason Becker Tribute CD comp) lion 2001
Poland, Chris---
Chris Poland #1
Polar ---
Polar #1
Polar Goldie Cats - "Ten Inch Swell" (KXLU Presents: Demolisten Volume 2 comp) no life 1996
Polar, Kelley - (Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens) Environ 2005
Polar Man - "Polarman" (Lal Mirchi: Red Pepper Album comp) 2005
Polar Optix - (Gods & Pedestrians) suite16 2001
Polar Optix---
Polar Optix #1
Polara - "I Can Believe" (Formless ??Meterals??) isc 98
Polara - "Source Of Light" 2:50 (Polara/Minnesota Modern Rock - Volume I comp) clean-twin\tone//edge 1994
Polara - "Transformation" (C'est La Vie/CMJ New Music Monthly - June 1997 comp) isc//cmj 1997
Polara - (Jetpack Blues) Susstones 2002
Polarbear - (Why Something Instead Of Nothing) longlivecrime 2003 p-Jane's Addiction
Polaris ---
Polaris #1
Polaris Mine - (Lists Of Things) beatville 2000
Polaris Mine---
Polaris Mine #1
Polarni Fazani---
Polarni Fazani #1
Pole - "Fremd" (LPI) kiff sm 1998
Pole - "Raum 1" (R) -scape 2001 p-Stefan Betke or-
Pole - "Raum 2" (R) -scape 2001 p-Stefan Betke or-
Pole - (3) mtd 2000 a-Stefan Betke
Pole - (45/45) Mute 2003
Pole - (90/90 ep) Mute 2003
Pole - (Pole V Four Tet split ep) leaf 2000
Pole - (The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need Vol. 1 comp) luaka bop 2002
Pole #1
Pole #2
Pole #3
Pole #4
Poleburn - "Clich‚" 2:52 (Good Times' Best Of The Long Island Festival 2001 comp) goodtimesmag 2001 ("There's nowhere to hide")
Polecats, The - "Desire" (We Will Follow: A Tribute To U2 comp) cleo 1999 o-U2
Polecats, The - "Make A Circuit With Me" 2:43 (Make A Circuit With Me) mrc 1983
Poledo VS. WWW---
Poledo VS. WWW #1
Polenzani, Rose - (Rose Polenzani) daemon-nail 2000 Rose Polenzani
Polenzani, Rose & Sharon Lewis - "Ellen West" (Hot Hands: A Tribute To Throwing Muses And Kristin Hersh comp) kuma-chan 2003 o-Throwing Muses
Polenzani, Rose---
Rose Polenzani #1
Rose Polenzani #2
Rose Polenzani #3
Polesmoker #1
Poli Styrene Jass Band - "Draino In Your Veins" (Trouser Press Presents The Best Of America Underground comp) ror
Police Line---
Police Line #1
Police, The - "Be My Girl Sally" (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting (a-Gordon Sumner) p-Oysterhead
Police, The - "Bed's Too Big Without You, The" (Regatta De Blanc) a&m 1978 r-Plastalina Mosh
Police, The - "Behind My Camel" r-Primus
Police, The - "Bombs Away" (Zenyatta Mondatta)
Police, The - "Born In The 50's" (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 78
Police, The - "Can't Stand Losing You" 2:59 (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 r-Feeder, Curtis Stigers
Police, The - "Canary In Coalmine" (Zenyatta Mondatta) a&m 1980
Police, The - "Darkness" (Ghost In The Machine)
Police, The - "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" 4:07 (Zenyatta Mondatta/Last American Virgin trk) a&m 1980 Sting r-Third World
Police, The - "Demolition Man" 5:54 (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting rrb-Sting
Police, The - "Don't Stand So Close To Me" (Zenyatta Mondatta) a&m 1980 Sting
Police, The - "Driven To Tears" (Zenyatta Mondatta) a&m 1980 Sting
Police, The - "Every Breath You Take" 4:14 (Synchronicity/The Sopranos, Vol. II - Peppers & Eggs tv trk) a&m//col 1983 Sting bj-Puff Daddy r-Copeland, Robert Downey
Police, The - "Every Breath You Take" Sting r-Millencolin, Puff Daddy & Faith Evans, Rockapella, Grzegorz Markowski, Juliana Hatfield, Strung Out, Perfect, Sergio Blass
Police, The - "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" 4:20 (Ghost In The Machine/Bewitched trk) a&m//sny 1981 Sting r-Shawn Colvin, Anadivine
Police, The - "Fall Out" 2:01 (i.r.s.Greatest Hits Vol. 2 & 3/WBCN Naked Disc comp) illegal/irs//wicked disc 1977 Sting
Police, The - "Hole In My Life" 4:52 (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting
Police, The - "I Burn For You" (Brimstone & Treacle trk) a&m 82 Sting rrb-Sting
Police, The - "Invisible Sun" ("There has to be an invisible sun"/"It gives us hope when the day is done"/"Looking like something that the cat brought in")
Police, The - "Invisible Sun" 3:43 (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting rrb-Sting/Aswad
Police, The - "It's Alright For You" (Regatta De Blanc) a&m 1978
Police, The - "King Of Pain" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting r-Alanis Morissette, Brandtson
Police, The - "Magic" r-Black Eyed Peas
Police, The - "Man In A Suitcase" r-Goldfinger
Police, The - "Mask Tang" (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting
Police, The - "Message In A Bottle" (Reggatta De Blanc) a&m 1979 ("Sending out an S.O.S.")
Police, The - "Message In A Bottle" (Reggatta De Blanc) a&m 1979 r-CoEd, Machine Head, 22 Jacks, Jon Butler Trio, Watashi Wa, John Mayer, Gatecrasher, Excel
Police, The - "Mother" (Synchronicity)
Police, The - "Murder By Numbers" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting r-Maxeen
Police, The - "Next To You" 2:50 (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 78 ("All I want to do is") r-Big Collapse
Police, The - "One World (Not Three)" 4:45 (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting
Police, The - "Peanuts" (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting
Police, The - "Rehumanize Yourself" (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting
Police, The - "Roxanne" 3:12 (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting rrb-Sting r-Fall Out Boy
Police, The - "Secret Journey" 3:32 (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting ("When you make your") rrb-Sting
Police, The - "So Lonely" 4:49 (Outlandos D'Amour) a&m 1978 Sting r-Limbeck, The Hippos
Police, The - "Spirits In The Material World" 2:58 (Ghost In The Machine) a&m 1981 Sting ("We are spirits")
Police, The - "Synchronicity II" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting ("Many miles away") r-Rosetta Stone, No Motiv, The Casket Lottery
Police, The - "Synchronicity" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting
Police, The - "Tea In The Sahara" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting rrb-Sting
Police, The - "Too Much Information" (Ghost In The Machine) a&m Sting (a-Gordon Sumner)
Police, The - "Truth Hits Everybody" r-Motion City Soundtrack
Police, The - "Voices Inside My Head" (Zenyatta Mondatta) a&m 1980 Sting
Police, The - "Walking On The Moon" (Reggatta De Blanc) a&m 1979 r-Doug Wamble, The Pale
Police, The - "When The World Was Running Down" (Zenyatta Mondatta) a&m 1980 Sting ("You make the best of") r-Different Gear
Police, The - "Wrapped Around Your Finger" (Synchronicity) a&m 1983 Sting r-Tori Amos, Underoath
Police, The---
The Police #1
The Police #2
Police #3
The Police #4
Police, The-->Police #5
Poling, Chan - (Calling All Stars) manifesto 2002 Chan Poling p-The Suburbs
Poling, Chan---
Chan Poling #1
Polish ---
Polish #1
Polish Mafia---
Polish Mafia #1
Polish Mafia #2
Polite Force, The---
The Polite Force #1
The Polite Force #2
Political Pushover---
Political Pushover #1
Political Science - (P.A.W.N.S. split) bad monkey 1997
Political Suicide---
Political Suicide #1
Political Suicide #2
Political Unrest---
Political Unrest #1
Polito, John - "Euphoria" (Crossing The Line) green note 2001 John Polito
Polito, John - "Home" (Crossing The Line) green note 2001 John Polito
Polk #1
Polka Dots, The - "Ting A Ling, A" 1954
Polka Kings, The - "Oira Oira Polka" (I'll Be Home For Christmas trk) rca 1999
Polka Warriors---
Polka Warriors #1
Polkaholics, The - "We Drink Cause We Must Polka"
Polkaholics, The---
The Polkaholics #1
Polkas, The - "Loaded" 98
Pollack, Ben - "On With The Dance" 1929 Ben Pollack w/His Orchestra
Pollack, Neal & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - (Anthology of American Literature) Bloodshot 2002
Pollack, Neal, Invasion, The - (Never Mind the Pollacks) The Telegraph Company 2003
Pollard, Ray - "Drifter, The" 1965
Pollard, Robert - "And My Unit Moves" (Speak Kindly Of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department) rockathon 1999
Pollard, Robert - "Pop Zeus" (Speak Kindly Of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department) rockathon 1999
Pollard, Robert - "Port Authority" (Speak Kindly Of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department) rockathon 1999
Pollard, Robert - "Submarine Teams" (Kid Marine/CMJ: New Music Monthly - May 1999 comp) //cmj 1999 p-Guided by Voices
Pollard, Robert - "Teenage FBI" 1999 a-Bob
Pollard, Robert - (Choreographed Man Of War) fading captain series 2001 w/His Soft Rock Renegades
Pollard, Robert - (From A Compound Eye) mrg 2006
Pollard, Robert - (Music For Bubble ep) Fading Captain 2005
Pollard, Robert - (Normal Happiness) 2006
Pollard, Robert---
Robert Pollard #1
Pollard, Robert #2
Pollen - "Caramel" 3:00 (Audio Catalog - Fueled By Ramen vol. 2 comp) fueled by ramen 2000
Pollen - "Chip" 2:51 (Chip/You Can Taste That Something Special) fbr//noidea 2001
Pollen - "Fifty (50) Mph" (Chip) fueled by ramen 2000
Pollen - "Jesse's Girl" (Co-Ed split) cool guy 2000 o-Rick Springfield
Pollen - "Tiny Shoes" (CMJ New Music Monthly - June 1997 comp) Wind-Up//cmj 1997
Pollen - (Bluette) grass 1994
Pollen - (Peace Tree) wind up/bmg 1997
Pollen #1
Pollen #2
Pollen #3
Pollen #4
Pollinators, The---
Pollinators, The #1
Polline - (Parallel Canvas) boxcar 2001
Pollo Del Mar---
Pollo Del Mar #1
Polluted Inheritance---
Polluted Inheritance #1
Pollution - "Do You Really Have A Heart" prophesy 1971 Dobie Gray
Polly Phonik - "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft" o-Wedding Present
Polly Phonik - "My Green Leg Wicket Machine" r-Frank & Walters
Polonksy, Jonny - "Truly Ugly & Dead Too" (Hi My Name Is Jonny) amr 1996 Jonny Polonsky
Polonsky, Jonny - "Love Lovely Love" (CMJ New Music Monthly - April 1996 comp) amr//cmj 1996
Polonsky, Jonny - (There Is Something Wrong With You) eggbert 2001 p-Josh Freese, The Vandals
Polonsky, Jonny---
Polonsky Jonny #1
Poltz, Steve - "Chinese Checkers" (Sounds Of Wood & Steel III comp) wdh//taylorguitars 2003 p-Rugburn
Poltz, Steve - "Impala" (Left One Shoe) ("Baby of my love do wop do wop"/"In the impala of my love")
Poltz, Steve - "Leavin' Again" (Jack Frost trk) mrc 1998
Poltz, Steve - "Silver Lining" (One Left Shoe) Steve Poltz ("Where you go") p-The Rug Burners
Poltz, Steve - "Waterfalls" (Chinese Vacation) 98pounder 2003 Steve Poltz o-TLC
Poltz, Steve---
Steve Poltz #1
Polvo - "Can I Ride" (single/Half-Cocked trk) kitchenpuff/jettison//mtd 1991
Polvo - "Colonial Arms" (Why Do You THink They Call It Pop? comp) popnarcotic 1994
Polvo - "Mexican Radio" (Freedom Of Choice comp) caroline 1992
Polvo - "Peyote" (Demolisten 3 cass comp) wxyc 1993
Polvo - "Tragic Carpet Ride" (Old Enough To Know Better comp) mrg 2004 or-
Polvo - "Vibracobra" (single) rockville/jettison/kitchenpuff 1991
Polvo - "Watch The Nail" (Rows Of Teeth comp) mrg 1994
Polvo - "Wild Turkey" (Pyloric Waves comp) detox 1993
Polvo - (Celebrate the New Dark Age cass) Merge 1994
Polvo - (Exploded Drawing) Merge 1996
Polvo - (Reach The Rock trk) 1999 p-The Idyll Swords
Polvo - (Shapes) t&g 1997
Polvo - (Today's Active Lifestyles) Merge 1993
Polvo #1
Polvo #2
Polvo #3
Polvo #4
Polvo #5
Polvo #6
Polymorphous Perverse - "Crabs"
Polymorphous Perverse - "Filthy Fuck"
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" (Maybe This Christmas Tree comp/Two Thousand Places import single) nettwerk 2004 o-John Lennon
Polyphonic Spree, The - "It's The Sun" (270 Miles From Graceland: Bonnaroo 2003 comp) sanctuary 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Light And Day" (Beginning Stages Of ...) 2003
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Section 12 (Hold Me Now)" (Together We're Heavy) hwd 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Section 14 (Two Thousand Places)" (Together We're Heavy) hwd 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Section 9" (Beginning Stages Of) 2002
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Two Thousand Places" (Together We're Heavy)
Polyphonic Spree, The - "Wig In A Box" (Wig In A Box - Songs From Hedwig & The Angry Inch) 2003 o-musical cast
Polyphonic Spree, The - (Decade: Ten Years Of Fierce Panda comp) fiercepanda/brash 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The - (The Beginning Stages Of...) good//hwd 2002 Tim DeLaughter p-Tripping Daisy
Polyphonic Spree, The - (Together We're Heavy) dts 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The---
The Polyphonic Spree #1
The Polyphonic Spree #2
Polyphonic Spree #3
Polyplush Cats---
Polyplush Cats #1
Polyrock - "Romantic Me" (CMJ: The Year In Music 1981 comp) pgm 1998 or-1981
Polysics - "Black Out Fall Out" 3:51 (Japan For Sale, Volume 3 comp) sny 2003
Polysics - "XCT" 3:16 (Japan For Sale comp) sny 2001
Polysics - (A Plea For Peace comp) asian man 2000
Polysics - (Japan for Sale, Vol. 3 comp) Sony International/Musicrama 2003
Polysics - (Neu) asianman 2003
Polysics - (Polysics Or Die!!!!) tofu 2005
Polysics #1
Polysics #2
Polysics #3

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