"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Peta Naesan---
Peta Naesan #1
Pete - "Sweet Days" (Pete.) summah souls//wbr 1999 ("You're more than I need"/"Not my enemy"/"Could I make")
Pete ---EMAIL
Pete & The Lovers - "Lonely Island" 1960
Pete And Maura - "Wall Of Death" : (River Of Fallen Stars) p-The Kennedys o-Richard Thompson
Pete Best - (Live At The Adelphi Plus Interview) cherryred
Pete Best - (The Pete Best Combo) cherryred
Pete Lies Here---
Pete Lies Here #1
Pete. - "Burn" (Pete.) wbr 2001 David Terrana ("I don't wanna be like you")
Pete. - "Sweet Daze" (Pete.) wbr 2001 David Terrana
Pete. #1
Pete-Less - "Breakdown" (Pete-Less) 2000 instrumental
Pete-Less - "Sense" (Pete-Less) 2000 John Ulmer
Pete-Less - "Squeezed Out" (Pete-Less) 1998 John Ulmer SEE aural-island comp
Pete-Less - "Time Warp" (Pete-Less) 2000 John Ulmer
Pete-Less - "When Illumination Comes" (Pete-Less) 2000 John Ulmer
Pete-Less #1
Peter & Gordon - "Broken Promises" a-Peter Asher & Gordan Walker
Peter & Gordon - "Don't Pity Me" cap 1965
Peter & Gordon - "I Don't Want To See You Again" 1:58 (1964: Shakin' All Over comp) cap//time-life 1964
Peter & Gordon - "I Go To Pieces" 2:20 cap 1965 o-Del Shannon
Peter & Gordon - "I Still Love You"
Peter & Gordon - "Jokers, The" cap 1967
Peter & Gordon - "Knight In Rusty Armor, A" cap 1966
Peter & Gordon - "Lady Godiva" 2:24 cap 1966
Peter & Gordon - "Love Me, Baby"
Peter & Gordon - "My First Day Alone"
Peter & Gordon - "Nobody I Know" cap 1964 wr-Lennon/McCartney r-Kate Pierson
Peter & Gordon - "Sunday For Tea" cap 1967
Peter & Gordon - "There's No Living Without Your Loving" cap 1966
Peter & Gordon - "To Know You Is To Love You" cap 1965
Peter & Gordon - "To Show I Love You" cap 1966
Peter & Gordon - "Town I Live In, The"
Peter & Gordon - "True Love Ways" cap 1965
Peter & Gordon - "Woman" cap 1966 wr-Lennon/McCartney r-Bill Janovitz
Peter & Gordon - "World Without Love, A" cap 1964 wr-Lennon-McCartney r-Bill Janovitz
Peter & Gordon - "You've Had Better Times"
Peter & Gordon---
Peter & Gordon #1
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Up Yer Bum"
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Transvestite" (BURNING AMBITIONS - VARIOUS comp) ana
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - (Burning Ambitions Volume 2 comp) ana 1996
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - (Pissed And Proud) nofuture//century media 1982
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - (Punk And Disorderly II comp) ana
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - (Punch Drunk comp) tko 2000
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Run Like Hell" (NO FUTURE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION - LIM.ED.PIC.DISC comp)
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Banned From The Pubs" (NO FUTURE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION - LIMITED ED. PICTURE DISC comp/Punk & Disorderly comp) phb
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Elvis Is Dead" (THE ATTRIX LABEL - VARIOUS comp) attrix//ana or-70's
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Jinx, The" r-Ignite
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Peacehaven Wild Kids"
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - "Moped Lads"
Peter And The Test Tube Babies---
Peter & The Test Tube Babies #1
Peter And The Test Tube Babies #2
Peter Dolving - "Dirty Words"
Peter Head And The Pitchfork Militia - (Pope Kevorkian Presents: Got A Match??? comp) exploitation 2000
Peter Pan ---
Peter Pan #1
Peter Pan Complex---
Peter Pan Complex #1
Peter, Paul & Mary - "500 Miles" (self) wb 1962 p-Peter Yarrow
Peter, Paul & Mary - "All My Trials" (The Folk Years comp) timelife 2003 or-
Peter, Paul & Mary - "And When I Die"
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Blowin' In The Wind" 1963 o-Dylan
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Canaan Land" (Carry It On box) rhn 2004 or-
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Day Is Done" 1969
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" 1963
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Early Morning Rain"
Peter, Paul & Mary - "For Lovin' Me" wb 65
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Go Tell It on the Mountain" 1964
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Going To The Zoo" (Record Show comp) wbr/rep
Peter, Paul & Mary - "I Dig Rock And Roll Music" (Album 1700) 1967
Peter, Paul & Mary - "I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog" (Album 1700)
Peter, Paul & Mary - "If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)" (Peter, Paul & Mary) wbr 1962 o-Pete Seeger r-The Weavers
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Kumbayah" (Around The Campfire) wbr 1998
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Leaving On A Jet Plane" (Album 1700) 1967 o-Denver
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Lemon Tree" (Peter, Paul & Mary) wb 1962
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Light One Candle" (A Holiday Celebration) wbr
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" 1963 r-John Storms-Rohm
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Right Field" Shout! Factory
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Rollin' Home" (Album 1700) o-Eric Andersen
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Song Is Love, The" (Schlagers! comp) wbr/rep
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Stewball" 1963
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Tell It On The Mountain" 1964
Peter, Paul & Mary - "This Land Is Your Land" (Movin') o-Woody Guthrie r-Pete Seeger, Weavers, Flatt & Scruggs
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Too Much Of Nothing" 1967
Peter, Paul & Mary - "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" (A Holiday Celebration) wbr
Peter, Paul & Mary - "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"(self)wb62
Peter, Paul & Mary - (American Roots Music box comp) palm 2001 or-
Peter, Paul & Mary - (In These Times) rhn 2004 Peter Yarrow & Noel Paul Stookey
Peter, Paul & Mary---
Peter, Paul & Mary #1
Peter, Paul & Mary #2
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - "Bolero On The Moon Rocks" (CMJ: New Music Monthly - June 1998 comp) scamp//cmj 1998
Peters And Lee
Peters, Bernadette - "Gee Whiz" 2:36 (Bernadette) mca 1980 Bernadette Peters o-Carla Thomas
Peters, Caleigh - "Reach" (Ice Princess film trk) disney 2005 Caleigh Peters
Peters, Chris - (Long Island Music Coalition: The Compilation CD - Volume 3 comp) limc 2003
Peters, Debbie - 1960's
Peters, Duane - (Old Skars & Upstarts 2002 comp) Disaster 2002
Peters, Duane - (The L.A. Shakedown comp) acetate 2003
Peters, Duane And The Hunns - (Duane Peters And The Hunns) disaster 2000
Peters, Duane And The Hunns - (Long Legs Die Hunns) disaster-mordam 2004
Peters, Duane And The Hunns---
Duane Peters And The Hunns #1
Peters, Duane---
Duane Peters #1
Peters, Eric - uns 1999
Peters, Eric---
Eric Peters #1
Peters, Gregg - "Be Still My Heart" (Magical Girl single) priscilla marie 1999 Gregg Peters
Peters, Gregg - "Magical Girl" (Magical Girl single) priscilla marie 1999 Gregg Peters
Peters, Gretchen - "I Ain't Ever Satisfied" (The Secret Of Life) imprint 1996 Gretchen Peters o-Steve Earle
Peters, Gretchen - "On A Bus To St. Cloud" r-Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy LaFave
Peters, Gretchen - (Gretchen Peters) valley ent 2001
Peters, Jonathan, Presents Luminaire - "Flower Duet" (Gold: Delicious comp) logic/bmg 1999
Peters, Mike - "Firing Line" 2002
Peters, Mike - "I Am What I Am" 2002
Peters, Mike - "Rockin' In The Free World (acoustic)" 1995 o-Young
Peters, Mike - "Save Your Cryin'" 2002
Peters, Mike - "Shine On" (Feel Free) 96 ("planet earth")
Peters, Mike - "Sixty-Eight (68) Guns" 2002
Peters, Mike - "Transcendental" Velvel 1998
Peters, Mike - (A Punk Tribute to the Clash comp) Cleopatra 2002 p-Alarm
Peters, Mike - (Rise) eaglerock/velvel 1998 p-Alarm
Peters, Mike---
Mike Peters #1
Peters, Red - "Holy Shit, It's Christmas!" uns 2000?
Peters, Red---
Red Peters #1
Petersen, David Marshall - "Walk A Fine Line" 1996 IUMA
Petersen, David Marshall - "Will You Come Over Now?" 1996 IUMA
Petersen, Gilles---
Gilles Petersen #1
Petersen, Jim And Elastic Engine - "Dear Osama" uns 2001 Jim Petersen
Petersen, Jim And Elastic Engine - "Owed To Don" uns 2001 Jim Petersen
Petersen, Jim And Elastic Engine - "Take My Hand" uns 2001 Jim Petersen
Petersen, Milo And The Jazz Disciples - "Some Other Blues" (Visiting Dignitaries) Passage 1997 o-John Coltrane
Petersen, Milo And The Jazz Disciples---
Milo Petersen And The Jazz Disciples #1
Petersen, Paul - "My Dad" colpix 1962
Petersen, Paul - "She Can't Find Her Keys" 1962
Petersen, Paul - "She Rides With Me" (single) 1964 r-Cameron Michael Parkes
Petersen, Paul---
Paul Petersen #1
Peterson, Bobby - "Been Savin' All My Love"
Peterson, Bobby - "Irresistible You" a-Bobby Peterson Quintet
Peterson, David & 1946 - (David Peterson & 1946) David Peterson 2001
Peterson, Jim - (Vol. 2 - 9-11-01: Fear, Hope And Love comp) limc 2002
Peterson, Lucky - "Don't Try To Explain" : (Double Dealin') blue thumb 2001 o-Keb' Mo'
Peterson, Lucky - "Double Dealin'" : (Double Dealin') blue thumb 2001 wr-Jimmy McCracklin
Peterson, Lucky - "Herbert Harper's Free Press News" (Black Midnight Sun) dreyfus 2003 o-Muddy Waters
Peterson, Lucky - "Lucky In Love" (Black Midnight Sun) dreyfus 2003 o-Mick Jagger
Peterson, Lucky - "Revolution" (The Blues White Album) telarc 2002 w/Kenny Neal & Tab Benoit o-The Beatles
Peterson, Lucky - "Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa" (Black Midnight Sun) dreyfus 2003 o-Sly & The Family Stone
Peterson, Lucky - "Ventilator Blues" (Exile On Blues Street comp) telarc 2003 o-Rolling Stones
Peterson, Lucky - "When My Blood Runs Cold" : (Double Dealin') blue thumb 2001
Peterson, Lucky - "Yer Blues" (The Blues White Album) telarc 2002 o-The Beatles
Peterson, Lucky - (Beyond Cool) verve
Peterson, Lucky - (Black Midnight Sun) Dreyfus 2003
Peterson, Lucky - (Hellbound On My Trail comp) telarc 2001 o-Robert Johnson
Peterson, Lucky - (Lifetime) verve/gitanes
Peterson, Michael
Peterson, Oscar - "Birth Of The Blues, The" Verve Records
Peterson, Oscar - "Come Rain Or Come Shine" Verve Group
Peterson, Oscar - "Every Time We Say Goodbye" Verve Group
Peterson, Oscar - "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" Telarc International Records
Peterson, Oscar - "I Surrender Dear" RCA
Peterson, Oscar - "In A Mellow Tone" Verve Group
Peterson, Oscar - "Night Train"
Peterson, Oscar - "What Child Is This" Telarc International Records
Peterson, Oscar - "Wheatland" r-Gary Burton
Peterson, Oscar - (Complete Young Oscar Peterson) bluebird 1995 or-1945-1949
Peterson, Oscar - (This Is Oscar Peterson) rca canada//bluebird 2002 or-1945-1949
Peterson, Ray - "Corinna, Corinna" dunes 1960 Ray Peterson r-The Backdoor Men see TURNER, JOE
Peterson, Ray - "Fever"
Peterson, Ray - "Goodnight My Love"
Peterson, Ray - "I Could Have Loved You So Well" dunes 1961
Peterson, Ray - "Missing You" 1961
Peterson, Ray - "Suddenly"
Peterson, Ray - "Tell Laura I Love Her" 2:50 (/The Best Of Tragedy comp) rca/dcc 1960 Ray Peterson
Peterson, Ray - "Wonder Of You, The" 1959
Peterson, Ray---
Ray Peterson #1
Ray Peterson #2
Peterson Road---
Peterson Road #1
Peterzell, Lezlee---
Lezlee Peterzell #1
Petey Gets Around---
Petey Gets Around #1
Petit Mal & C-Side - (Moanin' Parade: The Gatmo Sesssions Vol. 1) jackalope 2000 w/Tom Waits
Petites, The - 1960's
Petland - (Miss Roboto) music manic us 2001
Petland #1
Petlja Nesterova---
Petlja Nesterova #1

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