"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Past 2 Present - "Sexuality" ()
Past Descent---
Past Descent #1
Past Mistakes - (Redwinterdying ++++++ split) newbeat 2003
Past Mistakes---
Past Mistakes #1
Past Seven (7) Days, The - "Raindance" (single) 4ad 05-May-96??
Past Seven (7) Days, The---
The Past 7 Days #1
Pasta La Vista, Baby - (Arnold Will Be Back) wgsm 2004
Pasta Rocket---
Pasta Rocket #1
Pasta Rocket #2
Paste Junkies - "Bent Out Of Shape"
Paste Junkies - "Big Spill" 4:54 (Good Times' The Best Of Long Island Music Festival 1998-99 comp) gtm 1999 ("Nothing left for me no I'm not real")
Paste Junkies - "Chalk Dust" (Paste Junkies) uns 1998 Darrin Tarulli
Paste Junkies - "Paper Cut" (Paste Junkies) uns 1998 Darrin Tarulli
Paste Junkies - "Second Chance" (L.I. Censored comp) mecadem 1999
Paste Junkies - "Simple Little Part Of Me"
Paste Junkies - "Slob" (Paste Junkies) uns 1998 Darrin Tarulli
Paste Junkies---
Paste Junkies #1
Paste Trio, The---
The Paste Trio #1
Pastel Six, The - "Cinnamon Cinder (It's a Very Nice Dance), The" 1962
Pastels - "Been So Long" (single) 1957
Pastels - "If You Put Your Arms Around Me" (single) 1955
Pastels - "So Far Away" (single) 1958
Pastels - "You're Just An Angel" (single) Dome 1962 a-Five Pastels
Pastels, The - "Been So Long" 2:40 (Doo Wop Box/101 Vocal Group Gems comp) argo/chess//rhn 1957
Pastels, The - "Boom De De Boom" 1956
Pastels, The - "I Picked A Flower" (The Last Great Wilderness trk) geographic/domino 2003 w/Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)
Pastels, The - "So Far Away" 2:37 chess
Pastels, The - "You Don't Leave Me Anymore"
Pastels, The - (I Wouldn't Piss On It If It Was On Fire comp) fire//atomic pop 2000
Pastels, The - (Illuminati: Pastels Music Remixed) up 1999
Pastels, The - (The Last Wilderness) Geographic/Domino 2003
Pastels, The - (The United Records Story comp) delmark 2004 or-
Pasties, The - (Platonica) soapstar 2001
Pastilla - "Bi" (Vox Electra) bmg us latin 1998
Pastilla - (Price Of Glory trk) new line 2000
Pastime #1
Pastor, Tony - "Slip Of The Lip Might Sink A Ship, A" 1943 w/His Orchestra o-Duke Ellington
Pastor Troy - "Are We Cutting" () 2002 Pastor Troy w/Ms. Jade & Timbaland ("Ooo"/"How we cut in")
Pastor Troy - "Can You Stand The Game" (Face Off) univ 2001 Pastor Troy w/Co-Ed
Pastor Troy - "I'm Made" (Face Off) univ 2001 Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy - "Just To Fight" (Jermaine Dupri Presents... Young, Fly & Flashy Vol. 1 comp) vrg 2005
Pastor Troy - "Move To Mars" (Face Off) univ 2001 Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy - "No Mo Play In GA" (Face Off) univ 2001 Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy - "This Tha City" (Face Off) univ 2001 Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy - (By Any Means Necessary) Universal 2004
Pastor Troy - (Universal Soldier) Universal 2002
Pastorius, Jaco - "Birdland" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 w/Weather Report or-
Pastorius, Jaco - "Blackbird" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 or-
Pastorius, Jaco - "Chicken, The" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 or-1960's
Pastorius, Jaco - "Continuum" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 or-
Pastorius, Jaco - "Dania" r-The Manhattan Project
Pastorius, Jaco - "Good Morning Anya" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 or-
Pastorius, Jaco - "Three (3) Views Of A Secret" (The Jaco Pastorius Anthology) wbr-rhn 2003 or-
Pastorius, Jaco - "Wiggle Waggle" (Word Of Mouth Revisited) headsup 2003 a-Jaco Pastorius Big Band or-1970's
Pastorius, Jaco - (Jaco Pastorius) col/leg 1976
Pastorius, Jaco - (Portrait of Jaco - The Early Years) holidaypark 2003 or-1968-1978
Pastorius, Jaco---
Jaco Pastorius #1
Pat & Clint---
Pat & Clint #1
Pat & Lolly Vegas - "Don't You Remember"
Pat And Mick - "Use It Up And Wear It Out" 7:18 (Central Club Classics, Volume 1 comp) central station import
Cupp, Pat - p-The Variables
Cupp, Pat---
Pat Cupp #1
Pat LaBarbera - "Christmas Waltz" (Justin Time for Christmas: Three comp) justintime 2001
Patenbrigade: Wolff - "" (Annihilation & Seduction comp) dsbp 2003
Patenbrigade: Wolff---
Patenbrigade: Wolff #1
Patent Pending - "Cheer Up Emo Kid" (Drive By ep/Don't Quit Your Day Job) 2002 ("It's a brand new day I'm gonna cry I'm gonna scream")
Patent Pending - "Fatty Magees Saxophone Adventures" (Drive By demo) uns 2003
Patent Pending - "Saved By The Bell" 0:45 (Girls Like It Short: Short Music For Long Island comp) runaway studios 2001 Joe ("It's all right") note-tv reference
Patent Pending---EMAIL
Patent Pending---
Patent Pending #1
Patent Pending #2
Patent Pending #3
Paterson, D. Alex - (Journey Into Paradise) Topaz 2003
Path Of Resistance - "Counter" (Path Of Resistance) vct 1997 p-Earth Crisis
Path Of Resistance---
Path Of Resistance #1
Path to Reality - "Dig" (Dig) j-b 97? Rock
Pathetics, The---
The Pathetics #1
Pathogen #1
Pathos #1
Pathos #2
Pati, Chris And Blufire - "Talking In My Ear" (Black Chair) modern voices 1998 Chris Pati
Pati, Chris And Blufire - "Time At Hand" (Black Chair) modern voices 1998 Chris Pati ("Your time was at")
Pati, Chris And Blufire - (Blufire) modernvoices 1995
Patience And Prudence - "Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now" 1956
Patience And Prudence - "Tonight You Belong To Me" 1956
Patient Zero - uns 1998
Patient Zero---
Patient Zero #1
Patinkin, Mandy - "High Flying, Adored" (The Very Vest Of Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Broadway Collection comp) pdr 1996 w/Patti Lupone wr-Andrew Lloyd Webber or-1979
Patinkin, Mandy - (Kidults) nonesuch/atl 2001
Patinkin, Mandy - (Oscar And Steve) nonesuch 1995 Mandy Patinkin traditional
Patino, Deborah - (Nocturnal) New Alliance 1995 p-Raszebrae, The Ringling Sisters, Holy Water
Patino, Deborah---
Deborah Patino #1
Patitucci, John - "Another World" GRP
Patitucci, John - (Communion) concord jazz 2001
Patitucci, John - (Songs, Stories and Spirituals) Concord Jazz 2003
Patrice - "Sunshine" (How Do You Call It?) Yo Mama's Recordings Germany-Sony Europe
Patrick - "Under My Rock" (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie trk) nick/sire/wbr 2004
Patrick, Dan & Chris Berman ESPN - "Welcome To The Big Show" 0:07 (Jock Jams Vol. 2 comp) tommy boy 1996
Patrick Zimmerli Ensemble - (Explosion) Songlines 2002
Patrik Fitzgerald - (Burning Ambitions Volume 2 comp) ana 1996
Patrol #1
Patron Test, The---
The Patron Test #1
The Patron Test #2
Patron ur---
Patron ur #1
Pattern Is Movement - (Stowaway) noreasterfailed//nfi 2005
Pattern Is Movement---
Pattern Is Movement #1
Pattern, The - "Fragile Awareness" (Turn-On, Tune-In, Lookout! comp dvd) lookout 2003 or-
Pattern, The - "Happy Sarong" (Every Dog Will Have Its Day comp) adeline 2002 Christopher Applegren
Pattern, The - "Ladies Speaking Out" (Lookout! Freakout: Episode 3 comp) lookout 2003
Pattern, The - "Mary's Sister" (Real Feelness) lookout 2002 p-PeeChees
Pattern, The - "Nothing Of Value" (Playing For Square 3 comp/Turn-On, Tune-In, Lookout! comp dvd) suburban home//lookout 2002
Pattern, The - "She's A Libra" (Real Feelness) lookout 2002
Pattern, The - (Immediately ep) lookout 2001 Christopher
Pattern, The - (Immediately) lookout 2002
Pattern, The - (Real Feelness) lookout! 2002 Christopher Applegren p-PeeChees
Pattern, The---
The Pattern #1
The Pattern #2
Pattern #3
The Pattern #4
Patterns In Static - (The Faces We Fake) uns 2006 Steve Sampson & Sam Fowles
Patterns In Static---
Patterns In Static #1
Patterson, Billy - "What Makes You Happy" (Almost Live) uns 1998 Billy Patterson
Patterson, Bobby - "How Do You Spell Love" (The Soul Of The Man) paula//fuel 2005 Bobby Patterson or-1970's r-Fabulous Thunderbirds
Patterson, Bobby - "She Don't Have To See You (So See Through You)" (The Soul Of The Man) paula//fuel 2005 Bobby Patterson or-1970's r-Golden Smog
Patterson, Ed - "Somewhere South Of Here" (Something South Of Here) uns 1997??
Patterson Hood - "Assassin, The" (Killers And Stars) newwest 2004
Patterson Hood---
Patterson Hood #1
Patterson, Kellee - "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby" (Kellee) shadybrook 1976 Kellee Patterson o-Barry White
Patterson, Kellee - "If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It" 1977
Patterson, Kellee - (All The Things You Are) 1979
Patterson, Kellee - (Kellee) 1976
Patterson, Kellee - (Maiden Voyage) blackjazz 1974
Patterson, Kellee - (Turn On the Lights - Be Happy) 1977
Patterson, Rahsaan - "You Make Life So Good" (Brown Sugar trk) mca 2002
Patterson, Rahsaan - (Love In Stereo) mca/univ 1999
Patterson, Rahsaan - (My Christmas Album comp) mca 1999
Patterson, Rahsaan---
Rahsaan Patterson #1
Patterson Singers - (The Lord's Prayer/The Soul Of The Patterson Singers) vee jay/collectables
Patti & The Blue Belles - SEE LABELLE, PATTI
Patti & The Emblems - "Mixed Up Shook Up Girl"
Patti Lace And The Petticoats - 1960's
Patti, Sandy - (Pop Pie In The Sky comp) word/epc 1992
Patto - "You, You Point Your Finger" (Hold Your Fire)
Patto - () vertigo//repetoire 2004 or-1970's
Patton And Lee - "Oh Death" (American Primitive Vol. 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel [1926-36] comp) Vocalion//revenant 1997 or-1934 a-Charley Patton and Bertha Lee
Patton, Charley - "Bevine Blues" 1930 a-King Of The Delta Blues
Patton, Charley - "Down The Dirt Road Blues" r-Colleen Sexton
Patton, Charley - "Elder Green Blues" 1930 r-Steve James a-'Elder Greene Blues'
Patton, Charley - "High Sheriff" r-David Johansen
Patton, Charley - "High Water Everywhere" (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues: The Worlds Of Charley Patton) revenant 2001 Charley Patton or-pre-1934 r-Rory Block
Patton, Charley - "I Shall Not Be Moved" r-Paul Rishell
Patton, Charley - "Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker" (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues: The Worlds Of Charley Patton) revenant 2001 Charley Patton or-pre-1934
Patton, Charley - "Love My Stuff" (Classic Blues Artwork From The 1920s comp) 2005 or-1920's
Patton, Charley - "Mississippi Boweavil Blues" (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues: The Worlds Of Charley Patton) revenant 2001 Charley Patton or-pre-1934 r-Dave Van Ronk
Patton, Charley - "Moon Goin' Down" r-Workdogs
Patton, Charley - "Moon Going Down" r-Corey Harris
Patton, Charley - "Pea Vine Blues" r-Charlie Musselwhite
Patton, Charley - "Pony Blues" (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues: The Worlds Of Charley Patton) revenant 1929 Charley Patton r-Honeyboy Edwards, Snooky Pryor
Patton, Charley - "Poor Me" 1934
Patton, Charley - "Poor Me" r-Graham Parker
Patton, Charley - "Revenue Man Blues" 2:40 blues
Patton, Charley - "Revue Man Blues" (Blues Is Back comp) 441 2003 or-1923-1973
Patton, Charley - "Shake It And Break It" r-Steve James
Patton, Charley - "Shetland Pony Blues" r-Keith B. Brown
Patton, Charley - "Some Of These Days" r-Guy Davis
Patton, Charley - "Spoonful Of Blues, A" 1929 r-Clapton
Patton, Charley - "Sugar Mama" r-Joe Louis Walker
Patton, Charley - "Third Jinx Blues" r-Tarbox Ramblers
Patton, Charley - "Tom Rushen Blues"
Patton, Charley - "When Your Way Gets Dark" r-Colleen Sexton
Patton, Charley - (American Roots Music box comp) palm 2001 or-
Patton, Charley - (Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues) revenant
Patton, Charley - (The Best There Ever Was comp) yazoo 2003
Patton, Jimmie - "Okie's In The Pokie" 1958
Patton, John - "Soul Woman" (Got A Good Thing Goin' session) 1966 w/Grant Green
Patton, John - "Yodel, The" (Got A Good Thing Goin' session) 1966 w/Grant Green
Patton, Mike - "Six Pack" (Rise Above: West Memphis Three comp) sanctuary 2002 Mike Patton o-Black Flag
Patton, Mike - (Romances) ipecac 2004
Patton, Robbie - "Don't Give It Up" 3:52(Distant Shores) emi 81
Patton, Willie Lee - (Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues, 1945-1970, Vol. 2 comp) losthighway 2005 or-
Pattrex - "Sometimes Goodbye" 1994 IUMA
Patty And Selma - "We Love To Smoke" (Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons) rhn 1999 previously unreleased
Patty And The Emblems - "Mixed-Up Shook-Up Girl" (Philly Soul Girls, Volume 1 comp) herald//philly archives 1964
Patty Cakes, The - 1960's a-The Jaynetts
Patty, Sandi - 1980's
Patty, Sandi---
Sandi Patty #1
Patywagon #1

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