"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Miller, Marcus - (Mē) telarc jazz 2001
Miller, Marcus---
Marcus Miller #1
Miller, Mitch - "Carolina In The Morning" (28 Days trk) col 2000
Miller, Mitch - "Happy Days Are Here Again" (28 Days trk) col 2000 traditional
Miller, Mitch And His Orchestra - "Yellow Rose Of Texas, The" (Hard To Find 45's On CD, Volume 5 comp) eric 1999 or-
Miller, Mitch And His Orchestra---
Mitch Miller And His Orchestra #1
Miller, Mrs. Elva - "Downtown" emi 60's
Miller, Ned - "From A Jack To A King" 1963
Miller, Ned - "You belong to my heart"
Miller Place - "Jungle Woman" (4-song demo) uns 1998 Mike Delguidice
Miller Place - "Save All My Dreams" (4-song demo) uns 1998 Mike Delguidice
Miller, Rhett - (Mythologies) carpe diem p-Rhett's Exploding, Sleephy Heroes, Rhett Miller's Third Eye, Retablo, Old 97's
Miller, Rice - (Sonny Boy Williamson II/King of R&B harmonica) chess (blues)
Miller, Roger - "Dang Me"
Miller, Roger - "Husbands And Wives" r-Brooks & Dunn 1998
Miller, Roger - "King Of The Road" (The Sensational 60's comp/Swingers trk/The Best Easy Album... Ever! comp) col 1960's Roger Miller r-Jim White
Miller, Roger - "Swiss Maid" w/Del Shanno
Miller, Roger - "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd" (bonus track) (Dr. Demento's Country Corn comp)
Miller, Roger - (From The Epicenter) altavistic 1999 p-Mission Of Burma a-Roger Miller's Binary System
Miller, Roger---
Roger Miller #1
Miller, Scott And The Commonwealth - (Thus Always To Tyrants) sugar hill 2001
Miller, Stephen - "Sea Cruise" 4:39 (Zig Zag Festival) mrc 1969
Miller, Steve, Band - "Abracadabra" (Abracadabra) cap 1982 Steve Miller a-The Space Cowboy r-Sugar Ray
Miller, Steve, Band - "Big Old Jet Airliner" Steve Miller ("Because it's here that I've got to stay")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Blue Eyes" 93
Miller, Steve, Band - "Blue Odyssey" 1:00 (Fly Like An Eagle) a-The Gangster Of Love
Miller, Steve, Band - "Come On In My Kitchen" 3:58 (The Joker) ("It is going to be raining outdoors")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Cool Magic" ()
Miller, Steve, Band - "Cry Cry Cry"????? 1993
Miller, Steve, Band - "Dance, Dance, Dance" 2:16 (Fly Like An Eagle) ("All night long") a-Maurice
Miller, Steve, Band - "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around"
Miller, Steve, Band - "Evil" 4:35 (The Joker) ("Somebody somewhere done you wrong")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Fly Like An Eagle" 4:42 (Fly Like An Eagle/FM trk)cap 1976 Steve Miller ("Time keeps on slipping") r-Neville Brothers
Miller, Steve, Band - "Gangster Of Love" 1:24 Sailor capitol
Miller, Steve, Band - "Give It Up" (Abracadabra)
Miller, Steve, Band - "Goin' To Mexico"
Miller, Steve, Band - "Goin' To The Country"
Miller, Steve, Band - "Goodbye Love" (Abracadabra)
Miller, Steve, Band - "Heart Like A Wheel" 81
Miller, Steve, Band - "I Want To Make The World Turn Around" 86
Miller, Steve, Band - "Jet Airliner/Threshold" 4:25/1:05 (BOD) cap 1977 Steve Miller wr-Paul Pena
Miller, Steve, Band - "Joker, The" 4:26 (The Joker) cap 1973 Steve Miller ("I'm a picker I'm a grinner") r-Vibrolush
Miller, Steve, Band - "Jungle Love" 3:10 cap 1977
Miller, Steve, Band - "Living In The U.S.A." (Sailor/Sgt. Bilko trk) cap//mca/univ 1996
Miller, Steve, Band - "Lovin' Cup" 2:10 (The Joker) cap Steve Miller ("And if you get your lovin' returned be sure to fill")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Mary Lou" 2:24 (The Joker) cap Steve Miller ("Jumped in my kitty and she drove her far")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Mercury Blues" 3:43 (Fly Like An Eagle) ("Cruise up and down this road")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Motherless Children"
Miller, Steve, Band - "Nothing Lasts"??
Miller, Steve, Band - "Quicksilver Girl" 2:40 Sailor capitol
Miller, Steve, Band - "River, The" 1993? ("Run like the river that will always be free")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Rock 'N Me" 3:05 (Fly Like An Eagle) cap 1976 Steve Miller ("Keep on rockin' me baby")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Rock It" 94
Miller, Steve, Band - "Serenade" 3:10 (Fly Like An Eagle) cap 1976 Steve Miller ("Wake up wake up"/"lstinspc"/"Whoah oh")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma" 5:40 (The Joker) cap
Miller, Steve, Band - "Something To Believe In" 4:40 (The Joker) ("Lie down lover lie down")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Space Cowboy" cap
Miller, Steve, Band - "Space Intro (to Fly Like An Eagle)" 1:15 (Fly Like An Eagle/FM trk) cap 1976 Steve Miller
Miller, Steve, Band - "Space Intro" 1:15 (Fly Like An Eagle) instrumental
Miller, Steve, Band - "Stake, The" ("Nobody loves you the way ido")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Sugar Babe" (The Joker) ("Sugar sugar baby")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Sweet Maree" 4:16 (Fly Like An Eagle)
Miller, Steve, Band - "Swingtown" 3:54 cap 1977 ("Let'sdance")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Take The Money And Run" 2:48 (Fly Like An Eagle) cap 1976 Steve Miller ("Go on take the money") r-Built To Spill, Run D.M.C. & Everlast
Miller, Steve, Band - "Wide River" (Wide River) 1993("Run like the")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Wild Mountain Honey" 4:50 (Fly Like An Eagle) ("")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Window, The" 4:19 (Fly Like An Eagle) ("Ask my baby"/"Peace and harmony"/"Until we die")
Miller, Steve, Band - "Wintertime" (Book Of Dreams) cap 1977
Miller, Steve, Band - "Ya Ya" (Born 2 B Blue) 88
Miller, Steve, Band - "You Send Me" 2:40 (Fly Like An Eagle) ("Honest you do") o-Sam Cooke
Miller, Steve, Band - "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" 3:14 (The Joker) 1974 ("Way past your speed") o-Sly & Sex Machine
Miller, Steve, Band - "Your Saving Grace" 1972
Miller, Steve, Band---
Steve Miller Band #1
Steve Miller Band #2
Steve Miller Band #3
Steve Miller Band #4
Steve Miller Band #5
Steve Miller Band #6
Miller, Steve, Blues Band - (many albums a singles)
Miller, Steve, Blues Band---
Steve Miller Blues Band #1
Millhouse #1
Milli Vanilli - "All Or Nothing" (Girl You Know It's True)
Milli Vanilli - "Baby Don't Forget My Number" parody by-Weird Al Yankovic
Milli Vanilli - "Blame It On The Rain" wr-Diane Warren
Milli Vanilli - "Take It As It Comes" (Girl You Know It's True)
Milligan, Jeff - (Montreal Smoked Meat comp) force inc
Milligan, Jeff---
Jeff Milligan #1
Milligram - (Hello Motherfucker ep) tortuga 2000
Milligram - (Milligram) tortuga 2000
Milligram #1
Million ---
Million #1
Million Dollar Hotel Band, The - "Satellite Of Love" (The Million Dollar Hotel trk) univ 2000 Bono, Milla Jovovich, Daniel Lanois o-Lou Reed
Millions Of Dead Cops - "John Wayne Was A Nazi" uns 2000 Dave Dictor
Millions Of Dead Cops---EMAIL
Mills Brothers, The - (Hollywood Swing & Jazz: Hot Numbers From Classic MGM, Warner Bros. And RKO Films comp) rhn 2000 or-
Mills, Frank - "Diamond In The Rough" (Transitions)
Mills, Frank - "Heart Of The City" (Transitions)
Mills, Frank---
Frank Mills #1
Mills, Hayley---
Hayley Mills #1
Mills, Heather - "Voice" 2000 w/Paul McCartney
Mills, Jeff - (Lifelike) music man 2000
Mills, Jeff - (Metropolis) tresor-caroline 2001
Mills, Russell - "Blood Is Climbing" (Strange Familiar) instinct 2000 w/Brian Eno w/Undark One
Mills, Russell - "Her 200 Bones" (Strange Familiar) instinct 2000 w/Kevin Shields & David Sylvian w/Undark One
Mills, Russell - "How Safe Is Deep?" (Strange Familiar) instinct 2000 w/Robin Guthrie & David Sylvian w/Undark One
Mills, Russell - "Stone's Eggs" (Strange Familiar) instinct 2000 w/The Edge w/Undark One
Mills, Russell - (Pearl + Umbra) instinct 2000 w/Undark
Milltown ---
Milltown #1
Milltown Brothers - "Which Way Should I Jump? 1991
Milo Z. - "Dog" (CMJ: New Music Monthly - Sept 1994 comp) cmj 1994
Milsap, Ronnie - "Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)"
Milsap, Ronnie - "I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World"
Milsap, Ronnie - "Livin' On Love" (40 #1 Hits) vrg 2000 Ronnie Milsap
Milsap, Ronnie - "Never Had It So Good" 1965 wr-Ashford & Simpson
Milsap, Ronnie - "Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends" (Hot Platters comp) wbr/rep
Milsap, Ronnie - "Smoky Mountain Rain"
Milsap, Ronnie - "Stranger In My House"
Milsap, Ronnie - "Time, Love & Money" (40 #1 Hits) vrg 2000 Ronnie Milsap
Milsap, Ronnie - "What A Difference You've Made In My Life"
Milton - uns 1998 punk
Miltown #1
Milwaukees, The - "Drink Soviet Champagne" (Missile Command) childlike/forest 2000 Dylan Clark
Milwaukees, The - (Sunset And Sunrise) uns 2000
Milwaukees, The---
The Milwaukees #1
Mimi - "Black Hole Sun" (Soak) luakabop/wbr 1998 o-Soundgarden
Mimi - "I Spy" (Soak) luakabop/wbr 1998 p-Hugo Largo
Mimi - "Piece Of Cake" (Soak) luakabop/wbr 1998
Mimi - "Thrilled To Pieces" (Soak) luakabop/wbr 1998
Mimikry #1
Mimms, garnet And The Enchanters - "For Your Precious Love" ua 1963 r-Butler?
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "Baby Don't You Weep" ua 1963
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "Cry Baby" 3:24 ua 1963
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "I'll Take Good Care Of You" ua 66
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "Look Away" ua 1964
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "One Girl" ua 1964
Mimms, Garnet And The Enchanters - "Tell Me Baby" ua 1964

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