"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Holland, Mark - (For Such a Time as This) Cedar n Sage 2004
Holland, Nicky - "Box Of Rain" 4:37 (self) epa 1992/o-GratefulD
Holland, Nicky - "Ladykiller" 4:29 (self) epa 1992
Holland, Nicky - "Running Around Again" 5:02 (self) epa 1992
Holland, Nicky - "Tongue-Tied And Twisted" 4:50 (self) epa 1992 or-
Holland, W.S.---
Holland, W.S. #1
HollAnd Borthwick - "Helene" (Helene single) tempresidence 2002 Mark Borthwick
Hollandales, The---
the Hollandales #1
Hollenthon #1
Holler, Dick - "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" 1963
Holley, Claire - (Claire Holley) yep roc 2001
Holley, Claire - (Dandelion) Yep Roc 2003
Holliday, Billie - "Left Alone" r-Dayna Kurtz
Holliday, Jennifer - "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"
Holliday, Jennifer - "I Am Changing"
Holliday, Jennifer - "I Am Love"
Holliday, Jennifer - "Love Can Build A Bridge" : (Love Can Build A Bridge comp) 7n 2001
Holliday, Jennifer - "No Frills Love" 7:42 (Hi-NRG Classics comp) spg import
Holliday, Jennifer - "Woman's Got The Power, A" (Club Angels comp/Sean Manley - 'Free Volume 8 - One Night In Heaven' comp) central station 2000
Holliday, Johnny - "Blueberry Hill"
Holliday, Judy - "Party's Over, The" (Broadway Magic: The 1960's comp/Bells Are Ringing ocr) cbs 1987 Judy Holliday or-1960's
Holliday, Judy & Sydney Chaplin - "Just In Time" (Broadway Magic: The 1950's comp/Bells Are Ringing ocr) cbs 1987 Judy Holliday & Sydney Chaplin or-1950's
Holliday, Michael - "Four Feather Falls" 1960
Holliday, Michael - "Starry Eyed" 1960
Hollidays - "I'm Not Ashamed" (single) 1958
Hollies, The - "Ain't That Just Like Me"
Hollies, The - "Air That I Breathe, The" 4:11 (Hollies) epc 1974 o-Phil Everly r-Feline, Simply Red, Alien, The Mavericks
Hollies, The - "Another Night" epic 1975
Hollies, The - "Baby, That's All" r-The Berries
Hollies, The - "Bus Stop" 2:53 imperial 1966 wr-Graham Gouldman r-Graham Gouldman
Hollies, The - "Carrie-Anne" 2:55 (Evolution/25 Hits From The British Invasion comp) epic/cbs//sundazed//varesesarabande 1967 p-Graham Nash
Hollies, The - "Come On Home" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc
Hollies, The - "Dear Eloise" 3:03(DearEloise/KMIR)epic 1967
Hollies, The - "Do The Best You Can" epic 1968
Hollies, The - "Don't You Know" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-
Hollies, The - "He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother" 4:20 epic 1969 r-Neil Diamond
Hollies, The - "Here I Go Again" 2:17 1964
Hollies, The - "How Do I Survive" 2003 Carl Wayne p-The Move
Hollies, The - "I Can't Let Go" 2:25 imperial 1966 o-Evie Sands
Hollies, The - "I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top" epic 1970
Hollies, The - "I Take What I Want" o-Isaac Hayes r-Atlantic Soul Machine/Emmett North Jr.
Hollies, The - "I Thought Of You Last Night" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-
Hollies, The - "I'm Alive" 2:22 1965
Hollies, The - "If I Needed Someone"
Hollies, The - "It's In Her Kiss" (The Vintage H) wrc o-Everett r-Cher
Hollies, The - "Jennifer Eccles" : (/Evolution cd bonus) epic//sundazed 1968
Hollies, The - "Jesus Was A Cross Maker" 3:47 (Elizabethtown trk) rca 2005 o-Judee Sill
Hollies, The - "Just One Look" 2:30 imperial 1964
Hollies, The - "King Midas In Reverse" 3:05 (Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse) epc 1967 r-Posies
Hollies, The - "Leave Me" : (Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse) sundazed 2001 or-1967
Hollies, The - "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" 3:17 (Dear Eloise/70's Pop Generation: Dancing In The City comp) epic//disky 1972
Hollies, The - "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" 3:17 (Mullets Rock! comp) sny 1972 ("My temperature's starting to rise"/"Had it all")
Hollies, The - "Long Dark Road" 4:19 (Distant Light) epic 1972
Hollies, The - "Look Through Any Window" 2:16 imperial 1965 r-The Chesterfield Kings
Hollies, The - "Magic Woman Touch" epic 1973
Hollies, The - "Medley: Nitty Gritty/Something's Got A Hold On Me" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-
Hollies, The - "Memphis" 2:30 /o-Berry
Hollies, The - "Midas" : (Dear Eloise/King Midas In Reverse) sundazed 2001 or-1967
Hollies, The - "Mister (Mr.) Moonlight" o-Dr. Feelgood & The Interns
Hollies, The - "On A Carousel" 3:12 imperial 1967
Hollies, The - "Pay You Back With Interest" 2:40 imperial 1967
Hollies, The - "Please Don't Feel Too Bad" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc
Hollies, The - "Sandy (4th Of July, Asbury Park)" : (Another Night single/Second Hand Hang Ups/All The Hits And More) epc//pdr 1975 wr-Bruce Springsteen
Hollies, The - "Second Hand Hangups" : (Sandy single/Second Hand Hang Ups) pdr 1975
Hollies, The - "Set Me Free" (The Vintage Hollies) wrldrcrdclb AllanClarke o-
Hollies, The - "Signs That Will Never Change" : (Evolution cd bonus) sundazed 2001 or-
Hollies, The - "Slow Down" o-Larry Williams
Hollies, The - "Sorry, Suzanne" epic 1969
Hollies, The - "Stay" 2:11 emi o-Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
Hollies, The - "Stop In The Name Of Love" atlantic 1983
Hollies, The - "Stop, Stop, Stop" 2:48 imperial 1966
Hollies, The - "Tell It To My Face" 3:02 imp/lib
Hollies, The - "Time For Love" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-
Hollies, The - "Too Much Monkey Business" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-Berry
Hollies, The - "Too Young To Be Married" 3:59
Hollies, The - "To You My Love" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc Graham/o-
Hollies, The - "What Kind Of Boy" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc o-
Hollies, The - "Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It" 2:17
Hollies, The - "You'll Be Mine" (The Vintage Hollies) wrc
Hollies, The - (Butterfly)
Hollies, The - (Other Side Of The Hollies) seeformiles 1998 or-1990
Hollies, The - (Staying Power import) 2006 Peter Howarth
Hollies, The - (The Other Side Of The Hollies) seeformiles 1998 note-rarities/b-sides
Hollies, The---
The Hollies #1
Hollies #2
Hollingsworth, Mark - "Steppin' Up." windshore music
Hollis #1
Hollister, Chad---
Chad Hollister #1
Hollister, Dave - "Baby Do Those Things" (Things In The Game Done Changed!) goodfellas/mot 2002 Dave Hollister p-Blackstreet
Hollister, Dave - "Baby Mama Drama" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad 1999 Dave Hollister a-'BabyMammaDance'??
Hollister, Dave - "Big Payback, The" (Real Talk) drmwks 2003 o-James Brown
Hollister, Dave - "Bring It To Dave" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad 1999
Hollister, Dave - "Came In The Door Pimpin'" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad 1999 w/Too Short
Hollister, Dave - "Can't Stay" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad 1999 p-Blackstreet
Hollister, Dave - "I Can't Stay" (Ghetto Hymns) 2000 Dave Hollister p-BlackStreet, Def Squad
Hollister, Dave - "Keep Loving You" (Things In The Game Done Changed) mot 2002 Dave Hollister
Hollister, Dave - "Love's In Need Of Love Today" (Conceptions: A Musical Tribute To Stevie Wonder's Songs comp) mot 2003 o-Stevie Wonder
Hollister, Dave - "My Favorite Girl" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad/drmwks 1999 p-Blackstreet
Hollister, Dave - "One Woman Man" : (Chicago '85...The Movie) drmwks 2001 p-BLACKstreet
Hollister, Dave - "Pump Up The Brakes" (Romeo Must Die trk) 2000
Hollister, Dave - "Round And Round" (Ghetto Hymns) def squad 1999 p-Blackstreet
Hollister, Dave - "What's A Man To Do" motown
Hollister, Dave - (Chicago '85 The Movie) drmwks 2000
Hollister, Dave - (Real Talk) DreamWorks 2003
Hollister, Dave---
Dave Hollister #1
Dave Hollister #2
Holliston Stops---
Holliston Stops #1
Hollmer, Lars---
Lars Hollmer #1
Hollow - "Abused" (Therapy single) 1998 ("Still blown away")
Hollow - "Anger In Me" (Hollow) 1998
Hollow - "Anger"
Hollow - "Becoming" (Panther: A Tribute To Pantera comp) eclipse 2000 o-Pantera
Hollow - "Crutch"
Hollow - "Fallen" 1998 Mark ("I should have learned...walked this road alone"/"Look what you've done to me")
Hollow - "I can I can see what most can see Jesus swim
Hollow - "Leech"
Hollow - "Like A Man" Marc?
Hollow - "Molting, The" (eight song ep) 98
Hollow - "Pride" (IKWYDLS trk) ("Must you keep looking at me")
Hollow - "Quested"??
Hollow - "Spiderman" 97 ("I wish I was")
Hollow - "Theorapy"?? 97 ("I can I can I can....slam")
Hollow - "Throwing Stones" 1998
Hollow - "Twelve By Six (12 By 6)" 1998 ("I'd rather be touched by twelve")
Hollow - "Wounds" 3:15 (10 Years Nuclear Blast comp) nclr blst 1997
Hollow ---EMAIL
Hollow ---
Hollow #1
Hollow #2
Hollow Grinders, The---
Hollow Grinders, The #1
Hollow Ground - (00:00:00) uns 2001
Hollow Ground---EMAIL
Hollow Ground---
Hollow Ground #1
Hollow Ground #2
Hollow Men - "November Comes" 3:15 (Cresta/CMJ: Certain Damage Volume 32 comp) ars//cmj 1991
Hollow Point - "Party Tonight" (C-4 comp) greensleaves 2003
Hollow Points - (Black Spot) Disaster 2005
Hollow Points, The - (Annihilation ep) Punk Rock Dirtnap 2004
Hollow Points, The - (Black Spot) disaster-mordam 2005
Hollow Points, The---
The Hollow Points #1
Hollow Road---
Hollow Road #1
Holloway, Alden - "Blast Off"
Holloway, Brenda - "Echo"
Holloway, Brenda - "Every Little Bit Hurts" 2:50 (1964: Shakin' All Over comp) tamla//time-life 1964 Brenda Holloway r-Vivian Green, Teena Marie
Holloway, Brenda - "Fool, The"
Holloway, Brenda - "I'll Always Love You" tamla 1964
Holloway, Brenda - "I've Been Good To You" 1967
Holloway, Brenda - "Just Look What You've Done" tamla 1967
Holloway, Brenda - "My World Is Crumbling" c1966
Holloway, Brenda - "Operator" tamla 1965
Holloway, Brenda - "When I'm Gone" tamla 1965
Holloway, Brenda - "Where Were You"
Holloway, Brenda - "Who You Gonna Turn To" 1966
Holloway, Brenda - "You've Changed Me" () mot 1999 Brenda Holloway or-
Holloway, Brenda - "You've Made Me So Very Happy" tamla 1967 Brenda Holloway
Holloway, Lisa - "No U Don't" (My Way ep) j'ty 2003
Holloway, Lisa---
Lisa Holloway #1
Holloway, Loleatta - "Crash Goes Love" 7:21 (80s Dance Party Volume 3 comp) spg import
Holloway, Loleatta - "Dreamin'" gold mind//salsoul 1976
Holloway, Loleatta - "Hit And Run" Gold Mind 1977
Holloway, Loleatta - "Like A Prayer" (Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna, Volume One comp) cleo 1999 o-Madonna
Holloway, Loleatta - "Love Sensation" salsoul 1980
Holloway, Patrice - "Lucky My Boy" 1966
Holloway, Patrice - "Stolen Hours" 1966
Holloway, Patrice - "Touch Of Venus, The" 1966
Holloways, The - "Generator" (So This Is Great Britain?) tvt 2007
Holloways, The---
The Holloways #1
The Holloways #2
Hollowbodies - "D Day" (CMJ New Music Monthly - April 1996 comp) muna tea-atlas//cmj 1996
Hollowpoints, The - (The Black Spot) disaster-mordam 2005
Hollowpoints, The---
The Hollowpoints #1
HollowPoints, The - "Rottin' In My Cell" (Go-Kart MP300 Raceway comp) gokart 2003
HollowPoints, The - "Tonight You're Gonna Die" (Go-Kart MP300 Raceway comp) gokart 2003
Holly - "I'm Walkin'" (More Real Gone Girls import comp) collector 2004
Holly - "Jambalaya" (More Real Gone Girls import comp) collector 2004
Holly ---
Holly #1
Holly & The Italians - "I Got You Babe" (Holly Beth Vincent cd bonus) woundedbird 2001 Holly Beth Vincent w/Joey Ramone o-Sonny & Cher or-
Holly & The Italians - "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" 2:59 (The Right To Be Italian) vrg 1981 Holly Beth Vincent a-Holly + The Italians r-Transvision Vamp
Holly & The Italians - "Try Me" (Demos Federico) woundedbird 2003 or-1979-1998 o-James Brown
Holly & The Italians - (Holly Beth Vincent) woundedbird
Holly & The Italians - (The Right To Be Italian) woundedbird
Holly, Buddy - "Baby, I Don't Care" 1958 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight" 1956 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Blue Days, Black Nights" (Legends Of Rock Guitar: The 50's, Vol. 2 comp) decc/rhn 1956
Holly, Buddy - "Blue Suede Shoes" 1957
Holly, Buddy - "Bo Diddley" 1963
Holly, Buddy - "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" (Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of '50s Rock comp) rhn 1999 or-
Holly, Buddy - "Cindy Lue" decca 1956 Buddy Holly ("Peggy Sue") a-Charles Hardin Holley
Holly, Buddy - "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" 1959 r-Beatles, Dave Mason
Holly, Buddy - "Dearest" (Juno trk) rhn 2007
Holly, Buddy - "Don't Come Back Knockin'" decca 1955
Holly, Buddy - "Down The Line" 1955 Buddy Holly w/Bob Montgomery r-The Beat Generation
Holly, Buddy - "Early In The Morning" coral 1958 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Earth Angel"
Holly, Buddy - "Everyday" 2:07 1957 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets r-James Taylor, Erasure
Holly, Buddy - "Fool's Paradise" coral 1958 w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Girl On My Mind" decca 1956
Holly, Buddy - "Heartbeat" (The Real Buddy Holly Story) coral 1959 rrw/The Picks
Holly, Buddy - "I'm Changing All Those Changes" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "I'm Gonna Love You Too" 1957
Holly, Buddy - "I'm Gonna Set My Foot Right Down" 1963
Holly, Buddy - "I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love" (The Complete Buddy Holly) rca 1979 Buddy Holly
Holly, Buddy - "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" (The Complete Buddy Holly) coral//rca 1959 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "It's So Easy" 2:09 1958 w/The Crickets r-Denny Laine
Holly, Buddy - "Learning The Game" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "Listen To Me" coral 1957 w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Little Baby" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "Lookin' For Someone To Love"
Holly, Buddy - "Love Me" (The Buddy Holly Collection) decca 1956 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Mailman Bring Me No More Blues" 1957
Holly, Buddy - "Maybe Baby" 2:01 (American Graffiti trk) coral//mca 1958 w/The Crickets r-The Embarrassment
Holly, Buddy - "Midnight Shift, (Annie's Workin' On) The" decca 1956 r-Los Lobos
Holly, Buddy - "Modern Don Juan" decca 1956 w/Boots Randolph
Holly, Buddy - "My Two Timin' Woman" 1949
Holly, Buddy - "Not Fade Away" 1957 Buddy Holly ("Love for real") w/The Crickets r-The Rolling Stones, GD
Holly, Buddy - "Oh, Boy!" 2:06 coral 1957 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets r-The Grateful Dead
Holly, Buddy - "Peggy Sue Got Married" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "Peggy Sue" 2:29 coral 1957 w/The Crickets r-John Lennon
Holly, Buddy - "Raining In My Heart"
Holly, Buddy - "Raining On My Heart" 2:50
Holly, Buddy - "Rave On" 1:48 (Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of '50s Rock comp/Pleasantville trk) coral//rhn 1957 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets r-Marshall Crenshaw
Holly, Buddy - "Reddy Teddy" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "Reminiscing" 1:54
Holly, Buddy - "Rip It Up" (single/Showcase) coral 1958 wr-Robert 'Bumps' Alexander Blackwell
Holly, Buddy - "Rock A Bye Rock"
Holly, Buddy - "Rock Around With Ollie Vee" 2:11 decca 1956
Holly, Buddy - "Shake Rattle And Roll" 1957
Holly, Buddy - "Tell Me How" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "That Makes It Tough" 1960
Holly, Buddy - "That'll Be The Day" 2:16 (American Graffiti trk) brnswck/decc/mca 1957 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Think It Over" (The Complete Buddy Holly) coral//rca 1958 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy - "Ting-A-Ling" 1958
Holly, Buddy - "True Love Ways" (The Complete Buddy Holly) coral//rca 1958 Buddy Holly w/The Crickets r-Erasure
Holly, Buddy - "Valley Of Tears" 1957
Holly, Buddy - "Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie" 1962
Holly, Buddy - "Well...Alright" 2:12 (The Real Buddy Holly Story) coral 1958 w/The Crickets r-Blind Faith, Santana
Holly, Buddy - "When Will I Be Loved?"
Holly, Buddy - "Words Of Love" (The Complete Buddy Holly/Beatle Originals - Original Versions Of The Songs The Beatles Made Famous comp) rca//rhn 1979 Buddy Holly r-The Beatles
Holly, Buddy - "You Are My One Desire"
Holly, Buddy - "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)" (The Real Buddy Holly Story) 1998 rrw/The Picks
Holly, Buddy - (Chirpin' Crickets) Buddy Holly w/The Crickets
Holly, Buddy---
Buddy Holly #1
Buddy Holly #2
Buddy Holly #3
Buddy Holly #4
Buddy Holly #5
Buddy Holly #6
Buddy Holly #7
Holly, Doyle---
Holly, Doyle #1
Holly Golightly - SEE GOLIGHTLY, HOLLY
Holly Heaven & The Issue---
Holly Heaven & The Issue #1
Holly Light---
Holly Light #1
Holly, Pete---
Holly, Pete #1
Holly TREE---
Holly TREE #1
Holly's Head---
Holly's Head #1
Holly's Head #2

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