"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Hennessey, Debbie - (Rustic Heart)
Hennessey, Debbie---
Debbie Hennessey #1
Hennessy, Carly - "Beautiful You" (Ultimate High) mca 2001 Carly Hennessy
Hennessy, Carly - "Blow Your Mind" (Ultimate High) 2001 Carly Hennessy ("I'm gonna blow your mind I really wanna kiss you")
Hennessy, Carly - "I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind" (Ultimate High) mca 2001 Carly Hennessy
Hennessy, Carly - "Just Missed The Train" (Ultimate High) mca 2001 Carly Hennessy
Hennessy, Carly - "You'll Never Met God (If You Break My Heart)" (Ultimate High) mca 2001 Carly Hennessy
Hennessy, Jeff---
Hennessy, Jeff #1
Henning, Paul - "Ballad of Jed Clampett, The" (Beverly Hillbillies tv theme song) ("Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed"/"Y'all come back now, y'hear?")
Henning, Paul - "Petticoat Junction" (Petticoat Junction tv theme song) ("Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction") w/Curt Massey
Henning Staerk - "Fearless Heart" (Hard To Handle) 1991 o-Steve Earle
Henri - "When You Walk Away" dauman 2006
Henrickson, Rick - (Reaching For A Gun)
Henrickson, Rick---
Rick Henrickson #1
Henrietta - "I Love Him"
Henriksen, Tommy - "Beyond Life" 1999 w/Nina Hagen
Henriksen, Tommy - "Dreaming In Colors" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "Heaven Only Knows" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "I See The Sun" (Tommy Henriksen/Blast From The Past trk) cap 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "If I Could" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "Internet Revolution" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "One Voice" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "Right Here By My Side" 1999
Henriksen, Tommy - "When She Comes" (Tommy Henriksen) cap 1999
Henriksen, Tommy---EMAIL
Henriksen, Tommy---
Tommy Henriksen #1
Henry, Annie---
Henry, Annie #1
Henry, April - "Na Na Song" (demo) uns 2004 April Henry
Henry, April---EMAIL
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "Ain't Got No Home" 2:17 (Casino trk) argo//mca 1956 Clarence 'Frogman' Henry r-The Band
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "But I Do, (I Don't Know Why)" 2:15 (Forrest Gump trk) argo//epc 1961 Clarence 'Frogman' Henry wr-Bobby Charles
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "I Found A Home"
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "I m In Love" 2:25 Chess New Orleans - Disc 2
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "Little Too Much, A" 1958
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "Lonely Street" argo 1961 Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "On Bended Knees"
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "Standing In The Need Of Love" 1961
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "Troubles Troubles" 1956
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - "You Always Hurt The One You Love" argo 1961 Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' - (Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: Big Ol' Box Of New Orleans comp) shoutfactory 2004 or-
Henry, Clarence 'Frogman'---
Clarence 'Frogman' Henry #1
Henry Cow - (Western Culture) eastsidedigital/rer 1978
Henry Cow And Univers Zero
Henry Cow---
Henry Cow #1
Henry Cow #2
Henry, Don - (Live At The Bluebird) american originals 2001
Henry, Henry - "Baggie Maggie" (Compated Cats)
Henry, Jim - "Quickdraw Southpaw's Last Hurrah" (One-Horse Town) Six-Pack w/Tracy Grammer
Henry, Joe - "Angels" (Fuse) mmmth 1999
Henry, Joe - "Animal Skin" (Groundwork comp) hearmusic 2001
Henry, Joe - "Curt Flood" (Fuse) instrumental
Henry, Joe - "Fireman's Wedding" (Kindness Of The World) 1994 Joe Henry ("Good news from now on")
Henry, Joe - "Great Lake"
Henry, Joe - "Guilty By Association" (Sweet Relief II: Gravity Of The Situation: The Songs Of Vic Chesnutt comp) sny 1996 w/Madonna o-Vic Chesnutt
Henry, Joe - "Homecoming" o-Tom T. Hall
Henry, Joe - "Let Me Have It All" (Trampoline) 1996 o-Sly & The Family Stone
Henry, Joe - "Like She Was A Hammer" (Fuse) 1999 Joe Henry ("Like she was the only thing holding on to me")
Henry, Joe - "Make The World Go Away" (Shuffletown) mmth 1990 wr-Hank Cochran o-Ray Price 1963 r-Eddy Anrold 1965
Henry, Joe - "Monkey"
Henry, JOE - "Our Song" (Civilians) anti 2007 Joe Henry
Henry, Joe - "Richard Pryor Addresses A Tearful Nation" (Scar) mmth 2001 Joe Henry w/Ornette Coleman
Henry, Joe - "Salt St. Marie"
Henry, Joe - "Shuttle Boy" (Shuttle Town) Joe Henry
Henry, Joe - "Skin & Teeth" (Fuse) mmth 1999 Joe Henry ("I love you") w/Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers)
Henry, Joe - "Sold" (Tiny Voices) anti 2003
Henry, Joe - "Some Things Never Leave You" (Thomas And The Magic Railroad trk) unforscene music 2000
Henry, Joe - "Spent It All" : (Shuffletown) a&m//mmth 1990
Henry, Joe - "Stop" (Scar/The Sopranos Episode 62 tv trk) mmth 2001 Joe Henry w/Ornette Coleman o-Madonna-'Don't Tell Me' r-Lizz Wright
Henry, Joe - "Trampoline" (Trampoline/CMJ New Music Monthly - April 1996 comp) mmth-atl//cmj 1996 Joe Henry ("This time I'm not coming down")
Henry, Joe - "Until You Came Into My Life" 5:08 (Sweetheart: Love Songs comp) hear 2004 Joe Henry o-Ann Peebles
Henry, Joe - "We'll Meet Again" (Fuse) mmth 1999 o-
Henry, Joe - (Tom T. Hall Tribute comp) delmore 1998 o-Tom T. Hall
Henry, Joe---
Joe Henry #1
Joe Henry #2
Joe Henry #3
Henry, Katie - “I Won’t” (single) uns 2014 Katie Henry
Henry, Katie---
Katie Henry #1
Henry, Pierre - "Psyché Rock" 2:47 (Mean Girls trk) ryk 1964 instrumental w/Michael Colombier r-Christopher Tyng-'Futurama'
Henry, Pierre---
Pierre Henry #1
Henry, Ray - "Twist Polka"
Henry Sawyer & Jupiters - "I Want" (single) 1957
Henry, Shane - (Deliverance) shanachie 2004
Henry's Dress - "'A' Is For Cribbage" (CMJ New Music Monthly - April 1995 comp) Slumberland//cmj 1995
Henry's Dress - "Arriving Before I Leave" r-Eon Hunter
Henry's Dress - "My White Tricycle" o-Stealth Munchkin
Henry's Volunteer---
Henry's Volunteer #1
Hensen-Conant, Deborah---
Deborah Hensen-Conant #1
Henslee, Gene - "Rockin' Baby" 1954
Hensley, Gary---
Hensley, Gary #1
Hensley, Ken - "When Evening Comes" (Proud Words on A Dusty Shelf)
Hensley, Ken---
Ken Hensley #1
Henson, David - "These Women I've Desired" par-Billy Joel-'We Didn't Start The Fire'
Henson, Doris - (Give Me All Your Money) desoto 2005
Henson, Jim - "Rubber Ducky" 1970 a-Ernie (Sesame Street) ("Everyday when I make my way to the tubby")
Hentai #1
Hentchmen, The - "Psycho Daisies" (Hentch-Forth.Five) italy
Hentchmen, The - (Form Follows Function) timesbeach 2004
Hentchmen, The---
The Hentchmen #1
The Hentchmen #2
Hentges, Meg - "Silver Shine" (Brompton's Cocktail) robbins 1999 ("When the lights go down over your shoulder") p-2 Nice Girls
Hentges, Meg - "This Kind Of Love" (CMJ: New Music Monthly - May 1999 comp) cmj 1999
Hep Stars, The - "Donna" 1965
Hep Stars, The - "Hawaii" 1966
Hep-Tones, The - "Speedy Gonzales"
Hepburn - "Bugs" 1999
Hepburn - "Deep Deep Down" 2000
Hepburn - "I Quit" (Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Album comp) tvt 1999
Hepburn, Audrey - "'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous" w/Fred Astaire
Hepburn, Audrey - "I Could Have Danced All Night" (My Fair Lady film trk) 1964 w/Marni Nixon
Hepburn, Audrey - "Moon River" (Breakfast At Tiffany's film trk) 1961
Hepburn, T'Rez - "Suga Shack"
Hepburns, The - "Bath House, The" cherryred
Hepburns, The - "Made Up" cherryred
Hepburns, The - "Pier Head" cherryred
Hepburns, The - "World Is, The" cherryred
Hepburns, The - (The Magic Of The Hepburns) cherryred
Hepcat - "Baby Blues" (Right On Time/Steady Sounds From The Underground comp) hellcat//s1d 1998
Hepcat - "Beautiful" (Push 'N Shove/Give 'Em The Boot III comp) hellcat 2001
Hepcat - "Bobby And Joe" (Scientific/Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2.1 comp) BYO//ept 1997
Hepcat - "Can't Wait" (Right On Time) Hellcat
Hepcat - "Come Out" (Scientific) BYO 97
Hepcat - "Comin' On Strong" (Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 2000
Hepcat - "Country Time" 3:17 (Keep The Pressure On comp/Glory Daze trk) kingpin 1996
Hepcat - "Dance Wid' Me" (Out Of Nowhere/The Shack comp/Ska Story comp) bib//castle//vrgfrance 1994 a-The Hepcats
Hepcat - "Daydreamin'" (Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 2000
Hepcat - "Goodbye Street" (Right On Time) Hellcat Records
Hepcat - "Hooligans" (United Colors Of Ska comp) porkpie 1993
Hepcat - "I Can't Wait" (Give 'Em The Boot comp/Meet The Deedles trk/CMJ: New Music Monthly - February 1998 comp) hellcat//cmj 1997
Hepcat - "Lude 1" (Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 2000
Hepcat - "Marcus Garvey" (Ska Sucks comp) liberation 1998
Hepcat - "Nigel" (Right On Time/World Warped I comp) laughing pussy//s1d 1990 first on SKA TAPE
Hepcat - "No Worries" (Right On Time/BAM'S 21 Golden State Greats comp) hellcat/ept//oldewest 1998 ("Tra la la la la la")
Hepcat - "One Love/People Get Ready" (Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 2000 o-Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield
Hepcat - "Ooh Ooh A-Hi Hi" (California Ska-Quake comp) moon 1992
Hepcat - "Penny Reel" (Ska Island comp) isl 1998
Hepcat - "Pharoah's Dream" (Right On Time) Hellcat
Hepcat - "Positive" (No Worries single/The Solution To Benefit Heal The Bay comp) mojo/univ 2000
Hepcat - "Prison Of Love" (Out Of Nowhere/Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 1993 rrw/Karina Denike (Dance Hall Crashers)
Hepcat - "Push 'N Shove" (Push 'N Shove) hellcat/ept 2000
Hepcat - "Riding The Region" (Give 'Em The Boot, Volume 2 comp) hellcat 1999
Hepcat - "Rudies All Around" (Skaliente comp) grita 1998
Hepcat - "Secret, The" (Right On Time/SRH Presents Lose Your Illusion comp) isc 1998
Hepcat - "Solo" (Scientific/Puro Eskanol - Vol. 2 Rice And Beans comp) aztlan 1998
Hepcat - "Thank You" 3:00 (Skauthentic comp) steady beat 1996 ("To my dying day"/"From the bottom of my heart")
Hepcat - "Together Someday" (Right On Time) Hellcat 1999
Hepcat - "Tommy's Song" (Right On Time) Hellcat) 1999
Hepcat ---
Hepcat #1
Hepcat #2
Hepcat #3
Hepcat #4
Hepcat #5
Hepcat #6
Hepcat, Harry & The Boogie Woogie Band - "Makeout Daddy" (Stories Of The 50's) aetervus 1999 Harry Hepcat
Hepcat, Harry & The Boogie Woogie Band - "Rock & Roll Love Affair" (Stories Of The 50's) aeternus 1999 Harry Hepcat
Hepcat, Harry & The Boogie Woogie Band - "Try To Rev, Member" (Stories Of The 50's) aetervus 1999 Harry Hepcat
Hepcat, Harry---
Harry Hepcat #1
Hepcats, The - "What In The World Can I Do?" 1961
Hepstars, The - "Farmer John" 1965
Hepsters - "I Had To Let You Go" (single) 1955
Hepsters - "This-A-Way" (single) 1956
Hepsters, The - "I Had To Let You Go" 1955
Hepsters, The - "Rockin' 'N' Rollin' With Santa Claus" 1955
Hepsters, The---
The Hepsters #1
Heptones - "I'm So In Love Tonight" (single) 1956
Heptones, The - "Book Of Rules" (Flipper trk) track/atl/mca? 1996
Heptones, The - "Sha La La La" 3:12 (The Best Of Reggae - Volume Two) houseofreggae 1996
Her - "Join Me" 2002
Her Alibye---
Her Alibye #1
Her Alibye #2
Her Candane---
Her Candane #1
Her Crescent Moon---
Her Crescent Moon #1
Her Flyaway Manner - (Her Flyaway Manner) caulfield-lumberjack 2000
Her Flyaway Manner - (NE Vs. NC comp) 2002
Her Flyaway Manner---
Her Flyaway Manner #1
Her Flyaway Manner #2
Her Sanity - "Xclusive" (Xclusive) mot 2002 Cookie, Sunni & Linz w/The Lox
Her Six Daughters---
Her Six Daughters #1
Her Space Holiday - "Famous To Me" (Home Is Where You Hang Yourself) tiger style 2000 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday - "Girl Problem" (The Young Machines Remixed) mush 2005 or-
Her Space Holiday - "Japanese Gum" (The Young Machines) Mush 2003 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday - "Matter Of Trust, A" (Home Is Where You Hang Yourself) tiger style 2000 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday - "Missed Medicine" (The Past Presents The Future) wichita/worldsfair 2005
Her Space Holiday - "Sleepy California" (The Young Machines/The Young Machines Remixed/The Amos House Collection, Volume III comp) mush//wishingtree 2003 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday - "Snakecharmer" (Home Is Where You Hang Yourself) tiger style 2000 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday - "Something To Do With My Hands" (The Young Machines Remixed) mush 2005 or-
Her Space Holiday - "You And Me" (The Past Presents The Future) wichita/worldsfair 2005
Her Space Holiday - (Audio Astronomy) tigerstyle 2002 or-
Her Space Holiday - (Manic Expressive) tiger style 2001 Marc Bianchi
Her Space Holiday---
Her Space Holiday #1
Her Space Holiday #2
Her Space Holiday #3
Her Space Holiday #4
Her Vanished Grace - (Colors Vols 1&2) athame 2000
Her Vanished Grace---
Her Vanished Grace #1
Her Vina - "Baby Got Shot" cap 1999
Heraldry #1
Heralds - "Eternal Love" (single) 1954
Herb's Foo - "My Mind Was A Sponge" (Facts, Observations, Opinions) wgsm 2006 Angel Donna
Herbaliser - "Eight (8) Pt. Agenda" (Xen Cuts comp) ninja tune 2000 w/Latyrx
Herbaliser - "Goldrush" (/CMJ New Music Monthly - June 1999 comp) cmj 1999
Herbaliser - "Missing Suitcase, The" (Very Mercenary) ninja tune 1999
Herbaliser - instrumental
Herbaliser, The - "Good Girl Gone Bad" (Something Wicked This Way Comes) ninja tune 2002 Wildflower
Herbaliser, The - "Mr Holmes" (Something Wicked This Way Comes) ninja tune 2002
Herbaliser, The---
The Herbaliser #1
Herbert - "Around The House"
Herbert - "Devil's Garden" (Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation comp) exclusive/downinthevalley 2000
Herbert - "Foreign Bodies" (Bodily Functions) k7 2001 a-Matthew Herbert, Doctor Rockit, Wishmountain, Radio Boy
Herbert - "Leave Me Now" 6:17 (Bodily Functions/FashionTV Spring Summer 2002 Collection comp) white label// 2000 ("Show me a love that I never knew")
Herbert - "On Reflection" (Bodily Functions) k7 2001
Herbert - (Into The Garden) fueled up 2000
Herbert - (Steppin' Off To Eden) fueled up/necropolis 2000
Herbert ---
Herbert #1
Herbert #2
Herbert, Matthew - "Everybody Here Wants You" (Dream Brother - The Songs Of Tim And Jeff Buckley comp) fulltimehobby 2005 w/Dani Siciliano o-Jeff Buckley
Herbert, Matthew - (Globus Mix Vol.5: Letsallmakemistakes) tresor/caroline 2001 p-Wishmountain, Radio Boy, Doctor Rockit
Herbert, Matthew---
Matthew Herbert #1
Herbert Weixelbaum - "Tanzmusik" (8-Bit Operators: An 8-Bit Tribute To The Music Of Kraftwerk comp) astral 2007 o-Kraftwerk
Herbie - "Comin' Home Baby" (Heavy Flute - Funky Flute Grooves From The '60s And '70s comp) atl 2001 or-
Herborn, Peter - (Large Two) Jazz Line 2002
Herbst, Jack - "I Didn't Realize" 1963
Herc. #1
Hercules - "Seven (7) Ways To Jack"
Hercules And Love Affair - "Blind" dfa/emi
Herculoids, The - "Vibrator Song" 2000
Herculoids, The---
The Herculoids #1
Herd, The [1, UK] - "From The Underworld" 1967
Herd, The [1, UK] - "I Don't Want Our Loving To Die" (25 Hits From The British Invasion comp) varesesarabande 1968 p-Peter Frampton
Herd, The [1, UK]---
The Herd [1, UK] #1
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "77%" (single) 2001
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "Burn Down The Parliament" (single)
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "I Was Only 19" (single) 2005
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "King Is Dead, The" (single) 2008
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "Scallops" (single) 2001
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "Unpredictable" (single) 2006
Herd, The [2, Australia] - "We Can't Hear You" (single) 2005
Herd, The [2, Australia] - (An Elefant Never Forgets) 2002
Herd, The [2, Australia] - (The Sun Never Sets)
Herd, The [2, Australia]---
The Herd [2] #1
Herdman, Hills & Mangsen - "Hanerot Halalu" (Voices of Winter) gadfly
Herdman, Priscilla - "Dayton, Ohio - 1903" (Forgotten Dreams) Flying Fish
Herdman, Priscilla - "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You" (Forgotten Dreams) Flying Fish
Herdman, Priscilla - "Talk to Me of Mendocino" (Forgotten Dreams) Flying Fish

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