"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Daughter Darling - (Sweet Shadows) uns
Daughter Darling---
Daughter Darling #1
Daughter Judy - "Frost Bitten" uns 1997 Pat D'Auria
Daughter Judy - "It Ain't Worth It" uns 1997 Pat D'Auria
Daughter Judy - "She Rages" uns 1997 Pat D'Auria aka-Who To Express ("There's more to inside me")
Daughter Judy - "Sticky" uns 1997 Pat D'Auria
Daughters! - "And Then The Chuds Came" (Canada Songs) robotic empire 2002 p-As The Sun Sets
Daughters! - "Fiery" (Hell Songs) hydrahead 2006 A.S.F. Marhshall
Daughters! #1
Daughtry - "Home" (Daughtry) 2007 Chris Daughtry
Daughtry - "It's Not Over" (Daughtry) 2007 Chris Daughtry
Daughtry, Chris - "Wanted Dead Or Alive" (single/American Idol - Season 5 Encores comp) rca/s/rmg 2006 Chris Daughtry o-Bon Jovi
Daughtry, Chris---
Chris Daughtry #1
Chris Daughtry #2
Chris Daughtry #3
Daulne - "" () 2002 p-Zap Mama
Dauntless #1
Dave & Alley Cats---
Dave & Alley Cats #1
Dave & The Cordigans - "My Falling Star"
Dave And The Generators - "Creole Stew" 1994
Dave And The Generators---
Dave And The Generators #1
Dave Bush & Food---
Dave Bush & Food #1
Dave Clive's Nawlins Funk Band---EMAIL
Dave Clive's Nawlins Funk Band---
Dave Clive's Nawlins Funk Band #1
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - "Zabadak"
Dave Douglas - "" (The Tiny Bell Trio) Songlines 2002
Dave Hillyard Rocksteady 7 - "Norweigan Wood" (Playtime) hellcat
Dave Rave - "Here Comes The Sun" (It Was Forty Years Ago Today comp) bullseye 2004 w/The Wretches p-Donnie Fritts, The Walk, Brave Combo
Dave Rave - "Lipstick Lies" (single) warpt 1982 w/Gordie Lewis w/ The Sensations p-LMT Connection, The Trews, Bill Culp, Universal Honey
Dave Rave - "Pure Honey" (single) mole 1990
Dave Rave - (Back To The Streets: Celebrating... Don Covay) shanachie 1994 a-Dave Rave Conspiracy p-Shane Faubert, Alex Chilton, Agnelli & Rave, Birthelmer
Dave Rave - (Everyday Magic) bullseye 2003 p-Teenage Head, The Millionaires, Scottie Pete Gang, Tom Wilson, The Wretches, Rooks
Dave Rave - (Love Fades) bullseye 2003 a-Dave Rave Group p-Mark Johnson, Huw Gower, The Shakers, Washington Squares, Steve Wynn, Ralph
Dave Rave---
Dave Rave #1
Dave Williams Project, The---
Dave Williams Project, The #1
Dave's True Story - "Letter, The" : (Unauthorized) uns 2001 Flint
Dave's True Story - (Live At The Fez dvd) BePop 2006 live or-2004
Dave's True Story - (Simple Twist of Fate ep) BePop 2005 o-Bob Dylan
Dave's True Story---
Dave's True Story #1
Davenport, 'Mad Dog' Lester & Jimmy Dawkins - (I Smell a Rat) delmark 2002
Davenport ---
Davenport #1
Davenport, Bart---
Bart Davenport #1
Davenport, Brad - (Maroon Cocoon) antenna farm 2005 Brad Davenport p-Loved Ones
Davenport, N'Dea - "Getaway" 3:29 w/Rebirth Brass Band
Davenport, N'Dea - "Save Your Love For Me" (N'Dea Davenport) v2 1998 N'Dea Davenport p-Brand New Heavies
Davenport, N'Dea - "Underneath A Red Moon" (Lilith Fair Volume Three comp) ars 1999 N'Dea Davenport
Daversa, Ren---
Ren Daversa #1
Davey Brothers - "Heart Go Faster" 3:30 (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life trk) hwd 2003
Davey Quick - "Sexy Girls" (Bobby La Serra's Strong Island Beat Machine comp) 2002
Davey #1
Davey-->DAVEY #2
David & David - "Ain't So Easy" (Boomtown) a&m 1986
David & David - "Heroes" (Boomtown)
David & David - "Swallowed By The Cracks" (Boomtown) a&m 1986
David & David - "Welcome To The Boomtown" (Boomtown) a&m 86 David Baerwald & David p-Sheryl Crow
David & Ruben - "Girl In My Dreams, The" (East Side Revue [2 record set] comp) varesesarabande 1969
David And David - "Ain't So Easy" (Boomtown)
David And Jonathan - "Michelle" (25 Hits From The British Invasion comp) varesesarabande
David, Anthony - "Yes" brash music
David, Anthony - (The Red Clay Chronicles) Brash 2006
David, Anthony---
Anthony David #1
David, Craig - "All The Way" wbr
David, Craig - "Can't Be Messin' Around" (Born To Do It) wildstar/atl 2001 Craig David
David, Craig - "Fill Me In" (Born To Do It/Smash Hits Summer 2000 comp) wildstar/atl//smash hits 2000 Craig David
David, Craig - "Hidden Agenda" (Slicker Than Your Average)
David, Craig - "Key To My Heart" (Born To Do It cd bonus) atl 2001 Craig David
David, Craig - "Re-Rewind" (Born To Do It) wildstar/atl 2001 Craig David
David, Craig - "Rise And Fall" 2003 w/Sting import
David, Craig - "Seven (7) Days" (Born To Do It) wildstar/atl 2001 Craig David ("We chilled on sunday") w/Mos Def
David, Craig - "What's Changed"
David, Craig - "What's Your Flava" (What A Girl Wants trk) wbr 2003
David, Craig - (Slicker Than Your Average) wildstar/atl 2002
David Cross - (Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!) Sub Pop 2002
David Devant & His Spirit Wife---
David Devant #1 Sugar, David E. - "First OK"
Sugar, David E. - "Just Like Heaven" o-The Cure
Sugar, David E. - "Radioactivity" 4:13 (8-Bit Operators: An 8-Bit Tribute To The Music Of Kraftwerk comp) astral 2007 o-Kraftwerk
Sugar, David E.---
David E. Sugar #1
David E. Sugar #2
David E. Sugar #3
David Hasslehoff 5---
David Hasslehoff 5 #1
David, John David - "Be Careful" (Fast Forward comp) brinkman 1995
David Marks Band---
David Marks Band #1
David Murray & The Gwo Ka Masters - "Noel Traditionel" (Justin Time for Christmas: Three comp) justintime 2001
David Nelson And Freaks Of Nature---
David Nelson And Freaks Of Nature #1
David The Minstrel - (live) 2001
David The Minstrel - (The Pool) 1998
David The Minstrel---EMAIL crowe@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
David The Minstrel---
David The Minstrel #1
David The Minstrel #2
David Zoffer---
David Zoffer #1
Davidmahr #1
Davids Daughters---
Davids Daughters #1
Davidson, Clay - "I Can't Lie To Me"
Davidson, Clay - "Makin' Hay" (Unconditional) vrg nash 2000 Clay Davidson
Davidson, Clay - "Sometimes" 2001
Davidson, Clay - "Unconditional" (Unconditional) vrg nash 2000 Clay Davidson
Davidson, Dianne - "Built For Comfort" 3:15 (Breaking All The Rules/CMJ: Certain Damage Volume 14 comp) second wave//cmj 1989 Dianne Davidson
Davidson, Ethan Daniel - "I Can't Drink You Pretty" (Free The Ethan Daniel Davidson Five) timesbeach 2005
Davidson, Ethan Daniel - "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" (Free The Ethan Daniel Davidson Five) timesbeach 2005 o-John Prine
Davidson, Jo - (Merry Christmas and Happy New York) uns
Davidson, Jo---
Jo Davidson #1
Davidson, Paul - "Midnight Rider" 3:14 (Greatest Summer Hits Of The 70's-80's-90's comp) erscheinungstermin 2001 or-
DavidZ's Beatbank - "" (Ready, Set, Go) District Z 2001
Davies, Billie - 1960's
Davies, Bob - "Never Anymore" (single) rama 1957 Bob Davies w/The Rhythm Jesters
Davies, Bob - "Rock To The Music" (single) rama 1956 Bob Davies a-The Rhythm Jesters
Davies, Bob - "You" (single) glove Bob Davies a-Big Bob & The Dollars
Davies, Bob---
Bob Davies #1
Davies, Bryan - "Dream Girl"
Davies, Bryan - "Ladder Of Love, The"
Davies, Bryan - "Watch What You Say"
Davies, Cyril - "" (Best Of The British Blues comp) fuel2000 2001
Davies, Cyril's Rhythm & Blues All Stars - "Not Fade Away"
Davies, Dave - "" (Bug) koch 2002
Davies, Dave - "" (Fortis Green) internet 2001 or-
Davies, Dave - "" (Fragile) internet 2001 or-
Davies, Dave - "" (Purusha And The Spiritual Planet) internet 2001 instrumental or-
Davies, Dave - "" (Solo Live) internet 2001 or-
Davies, Dave - "Body" (Glamour) 1981
Davies, Dave - "Climb Your Wall" (Kronikles: 1963-1998) velvel 1998 or-1969
Davies, Dave - "Death Of A Clown" (Kronikles, 1963/1998: Unfinished Business/Kinked) velvel//koch 1999 Dave Davies orw-Kinks 1967
Davies, Dave - "Eastern Eyes" (Glamour) 1981
Davies, Dave - "Gallon Of Gas Blues/You're Lookin' Fine" (Kronikles: 1963-1998) velvel 1998 Dave Davies or-1997 live
Davies, Dave - "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" (Songs From The Material World: A Tribute To George Harrison comp) koch 2003 o-George Harrison
Davies, Dave - "Hold My Hand" (/Kronikles: 1963-1998) /velvel 1969 Dave Davies
Davies, Dave - "I've Got Your Number" (Kronikles: 1963-1998) velvel 1998 Dave Davies or-1992
Davies, Dave - "Imagination's Real" (Dave Davies) 1980
Davies, Dave - "In You I Believe" (Dave Davies) 1980
Davies, Dave - "Lincoln County" (/Kronikles: 1963-1998) /velvel 1968 Dave Davies
Davies, Dave - "Living on a Thin Line" 1984
Davies, Dave - "Love Gets You" (Chosen Track) rr-1997
Davies, Dave - "Nothing More To Lose" (Dave Davies) 1980
Davies, Dave - "Strangers" (Kronikles, 1963/1998: Unfinished Business) velvel 1999 or-1997 live orw-Kinks r-Ben Weasel
Davies, Dave - "Susannah's Still Alive" (/Kronikles: 1963-1998/Kinked) /velvel//koch 1967 Dave Davies
Davies, Dave - "This Man He Weeps Tonight" (Kronikles, 1963/1998: Unfinished Business) velvel 1999 Dave Davies or-1997 orw-Kinks
Davies, Dave - "Unfinished Business" (Kronikles: 1963-1998) velvel 1998 Dave Davies or-1996
Davies, Dave - "Wait Till the Summer Comes Along"
Davies, Dave - "World Is Changing Hands, The" (Dave Davies) 1980
Davies, Dave - "World Of Our Own" (Glamour) 1981
Davies, Dave - (Bugged) 2002 live
Davies, Dave - (Transformation) 2003 live
Davies, Dave---
Dave Davies #1
Davies, Debbie - "I Just Want To Make Love To You" (Tales From The Austin Motel) shanachie 1999 o-Willie Dixon
Davies, Debbie - "I Want To Be Loved" (Tales From The Austin Motel) shanachie 1999 o-Willie Dixon
Davies, Debbie - "Takin' It All To Vegas" (Blues Guitar Women comp) ruf 2005 or-
Davies, Debbie - "Walking By Myself" (Tales From The Austin Motel) shanachie 1999 o-Willie Dixon
Davies, Debbie - "Why You've Got A Good Friend" (Dealin' With The Devil: A Tribute To Robert Johnson comp) cannonball 2000 o-Robert Johnson
Davies, Debbie - (All I Found) telarc 2005 p-Albert Collins' Band
Davies, Debbie - (Blues For A Sunday Morning comp) shanachie 2000
Davies, Debbie - (I Got That Feeling) 1996
Davies, Debbie - (Key to Love: A Tribute to John Mayall) Shanachie 2003
Davies, Debbie - (Loose Tonight) 1994
Davies, Debbie - (Love The Game) shanachie 2001
Davies, Debbie - (Picture This) 1995
Davies, Debbie - (Tribute To John Mayall) shanachie 2003 Debbie Davies
Davies, Debbie---
Debbie Davies #1
Davies, Dottsy - "It Should Have Been Easy" 1977 Dottsy Davies r-The Whites
Davies, Gail - "" (Unplugged At Station Inn) valley ent 2001
Davies, Gail - "Love Love Love" (Caught In The Webb comp) audium 2002 o-Webb Pierce
Davies, Gail - "No Love Have I" (single) 1978 Gail Davies o-Webb Pierce
Davies, Gail - "Poison Love" 1978 o-Johnny And Jack
Davies, Gail - "Shakin' The Blues" (Touch My Heart: A Tribute To Johnny Paycheck comp) sugarhill 2004 w/Robbie Fulks o-Johnny Paycheck
Davies, Myra And Gudrun Gut---
Myra Davies And Gudrun Gut #1
Davies, Ray - "" (The Storyteller)
Davies, Ray - "After The Fall" (Other People's Lives) v2 2006
Davies, Ray - "Better Things" r-Dar Williams
Davies, Ray - "Next Door Neighbour" (Other People's Lives)
Davies, Ray - "Stand Up Comic" (Other People's Lives) v2 2006
Davies, Ray - "Stop Your Sobbing" Ray Davies ("To make me still want you") w/Chrissie Hynde orw-The Kinks orw-The Pretenders
Davies, Ray - "Tell Me Now So I Know" r-Holly Golightly
Davies, Ray - "Thanksgiving Day" (Other People's Lives) v2 2006
Davies, Ray - "Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)" Ray Davies ("This is the morning after"/"Things are gonna change")
Davies, Ray - "Time Will Tell" r-Holly Golightly
Davies, Ray - "To The Bone" p-Kinks
Davies, Ray - "Tourist, The" (Other People's Lives) v2 2006
Davies, Ray - (Other People's Lives) 2006
Davies, Ray - (Return To Waterloo trk) koch 1985 Ray Davies
Davies, Ray---
Ray Davies #1
Richard Davies #1
Davies, Rick---
Rick Davies (Supertramp) #1
Davies, Scott - "Hi Hi Hi, Ho Ho Ho"
Davies, Scott - "Rockin' At The Wintersun"
Davies, Scott - "Walk A Mile In My Shoes"
Davina - "Come Over To My Place" 3:56 (Best Of Both Worlds) loud 1997 Davina
Davina - "I Was Doing All Right" (Red Hot & Rhapsody comp) verve/antilles 1998 Davina o-George Gershwin
Davina - "Rock Shake N' Roll"
Davinci's Notebook - "Call Me" (Bendy's Law) o-Blondie
DaVinci's Cradle---
DaVinci's Cradle #1
DaVinci's Notebook - "Liposuction" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 8 comp)
Davis, Aaron - "Good Old World" (Temptation) instrumental o-Tom Waits
Davis, Alan - "Don't Fear The Reaper" (Surrender Dorothy) o-Blue Oyster Cult
Davis, Alana - "Blame It On Me" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "Can't Find My Way Home" (The Mod Squad trk) elk 1999 o-Blind Faith
Davis, Alana - "Crazy" (Blame It On Me) 1998
Davis, Alana - "Don't Fear The Reaper" o-Blue Oyster Cult
Davis, Alana - "Free" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "I Want You" (Fortune Cookies) elk 2001
Davis, Alana - "Love And Pride" (Blame It On Me) elk 1998
Davis, Alana - "Lullaby" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "Murder" (Blame It On Me) elk 1998
Davis, Alana - "One Day" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "Round & Around" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "Thirty Two (32) Flavors" (Blame It On Me) elk 1997 Alana Davis o-Ani Difranco
Davis, Alana - "Turtle" (Blame It On Me) elk 1998
Davis, Alana - "Weight Of The World" (Blame It On Me)
Davis, Alana - "Wide Open" (Surrender Dorothy) 2005 Alana Davis ("You could tell I was wide open")
Davis, Alana---
Alana Davis #1
Alana Davis #2
Davis, Angela - "" (The Prison Industrial Complex) alt tentacles 2000
Davis, Ben - "Bouncin' Party" 3:40 (Play comp) desoto 2007 w/The Jetts
Davis, Ben - "Forced Escape Canoe, A" (Aided & Abetted) lovitt 2003
Davis, Ben - "Gorilla Bot" ('Battle Of The Beards' - Des_Ark split) lovitt 2007 Ben Davis w/The Jetts p-Sleepytime Trio, Milemarker
Davis, Ben - "In Tents" (Compilation Vol. 1: Songs From North Carolina comp) mrg
Davis, Ben - "Sell The Boat!!!" ('Battle Of The Beards' - Ben Davis & The Jetts/Des_Ark split) lovitt 2007 Ben Davis w/The Jetts w/Des_Ark
Davis, Ben---
Ben Davis & The Jetts #1
Davis, Betty - (Crashin' From Passion) r&t 1997
Davis, Bill - "Chicken Gumbo" (single 78) Okeh 1940's
Davis, Bill - "Hey Diddle Diddle" (Chicken Gumbo single 78) Okeh 1940's
Davis, Billy & The Legends - "Spunky Onions"
Davis, Bo - "Let's Coast Awhile" 1956
Davis, Carlene - (Rock Me Jesus) VP 2005
Davis, CeDell - "" (When Lightnin' Struck The Pine) fast horse 2002
Davis, CeDell - "She Got The Devil In Her" r-Buddy Guy
Davis, Christian - "Body Rockin' Time" (Little Nicky trk) mav 2000
Davis, Cyril - "Country Line Special"
Davis, D.K.---
Davis, D.K. #1
Davis, Dale - "That's Baby" 1958
Davis, Devin - (Lonely People Of The World Unite) 2005
Davis, Don - (Matrix Revolutions trk) Warner Sunset/Maverick 2003
Davis, Duf & The Book Club - "" (Murdertainment) orange entropy 2000
Davis, Eddie 'Lockjaw' - "Moonlight In Vermont"
Davis, Eddie 'Lockjaw' - "Rev, The" 2004 instrumental
Davis, Eddie 'Lockjaw' - (Jawbreakers) 1986 w/Harry 'Sweets' Edison
Davis, Eddie 'Lockjaw' - (Jazz At The Philharmonic At The Montreux Jazz Festival) pablo 1975
Davis, Emmet - "How about it baby"
Davis, Eunice - "Rock Little Daddy" 1951

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