Long Way Home LYRICS

Long Way Home

There's a light by the side door beaming down on the drive

A soft glow from the front porch is shining in your eyes

How I long to run my fingers through your dark brown hair

And I can't wait to throw my arms around you standing there.

It's been a long way home on the highway

Headlights shine and road signs in my sight

I could see your sweet smile in my coffee

As I kept driving to be with you tonight

As I dreamt of the warmth in the smile on your face

I knew nothing compared to your loving embrace

I could almost taste your lips and feel the softness of your touch

And I need to hold you close, oh, I've missed you so much

I don't care how long the road is, I don't care how far

I would drive forever just to get to where you are


When He Says He Loves Me


I'm stuck here in this traffic. It's getting close to 9.

I'll have to skip my coffee to get to work on time.

I barely get my coat off... I wish I could turn around.

Then I hear the phone ring. I pick it up and I sit down...

As he says he loves me, and I begin to melt.

He has a way of healing all the deep wounds that I've felt.

No words that can be spoken, no deeds that can be done,

No promises unbroken could top the prize I've won

When he says he loves me.

Unpaid bills and unmade phone calls are swimming 'round my head

Along with things I should have done and words I should have said.

Sometimes when my ego takes a nosedive through the air,

I feel his arms around me and his kiss upon my hair...

 He's always in my heart. He's with me all the time.

Together or apart it's poetry in rhyme...


Ain't No Doubt


Hear the pounding starting in my chest.

On the subject of you I'm obsessed.

I try to talk but you don't want to hear.

I walk by but you don't let me near.

Every time I see you I think I'm going to pass out,

There ain't no doubt.

Every day when you drive by my door

I feel my blood pressure start to soar.

My legs start shaking, I can barely stand.

I try to tell you, but you don't understand.

You have got to know you're one thing I can't live without,

There ain't no doubt.

I can't live without,

I'll sit around and pout.

Then I'll scream and shout.

If you give me a try you're going to love what I'm about,

There ain't no doubt.

Come on over, baby, cross the street.

Take my word for it, we've got to meet.

You won't be sorry if you take a chance.

We can make some beautiful romance.

It isn't that difficult to figure this thing out,


If I Tried

You are the spark that keeps me glowing. You are the wind on which I fly.

You are the breeze that carries the songs I sing. You are the whisper n my sigh.

Your strength moves my soul. Your voice warms my heart.

I get lost in your arms and then the loving starts.

If all of a sudden, right now, the stars started twinkling up high,

And all of my dreams became real, I couldn't love you more;

If all of what glittered was gold and rainbows appeared in the sky,

And all of my wished came true, I couldn't love you more if I tried.

You have the answers to my questions. You have the hands that hold my heart.

You have the words that make things clear and keep me from falling apart.

And when I look in your eyes I feel like I can see for miles.

There's not a thing in this world that makes me happier than your smile.


When I Left Nashville


When I left Nashville I didn't think that I'd miss you so much.

Your sweet smile and your gentle touch keep weighing on my mind.

When I left Nashville I didn't think that I'd hear your sighs

Every time that I close my eyes since I left you behind.

But now I find myself calling your singing this song

Because I think of you all day long

I feel you hug and kiss me and tell me that you'll miss me.

No matter what I do, I find I can't get you off my mind.

When I left Nashville I left a piece of my heart.

When I left Nashville, babe, you know I had no choice,

Yet I cry when I hear your voice on the telephone.

When I left Nashville, I knew as soon as I drove away

That missing you is the price I'd pay for leaving you alone.

'Cause now I find myself calling your name

And I know you'll be doing the same

Till we trade in the lives we lead for the loving that we need.

And soon I'll come back to stay, but baby, until that day

I'll be dreaming of Nashville and I'll be missing you.


Brown Eyed Baby


There was a time when I would hold you in my arms,

And I would wish for you the best that life could bring.

And you would look at me with those pretty big brown eyes,

And your smile would make me smile and I would sing.

I'd sing of teddy bears and butterflies and honey jars,

And little kangaroos and piglets too, and wishing upon stars,

But you are older now and learning how to take the world by storm.

I hope your dreams come true. My brown eyed baby I love you.

Now here you are, bright and clever, brave and strong,

So determined to make your mark and find your way.

And you'll succeed in anything your heart desires.

You'll improve the world a little every day.

You'll show them better ways each and every day with confidence.

They will look up to you to see them through and make it all make sense

'Cause you are older now and learning how to take the world by storm.

I hope your dreams come true. My brown eyed baby I love you.

Life used to be so simple then: you'd eat, you'd sleep, you'd cry and then

You look at me, and smile at me, my pretty brown eyed baby.

I'd sing of teddy bears and butterflies and honey jars.

And little kangaroos and piglets too, and wishing upon stars,

But you are older now and learning how to take the world by storm.

I know your dreams will all come true. My brown eyed baby I love you.


Rhymes and Roses


There's a table waiting for you only 3 feet from the stage.

Your name is written on the place card in green.

You appear at the door and you're holding 24

Of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen.

I'll give you rhymes, you give me roses.

I'll sing a song of love so true.

Show me a heart that never closes

And I will give my love to you.

Wrapped in baby's breath and greens, pretty paper and a bow;

The sight of it takes my breath away.

Then a woman dressed in lace is asked to sit down in my place,

And you smile at her and give her the bouquet.

She reads your rhymes, you give her roses.

She sings a song of love so true.

It breaks my heart; the curtain closes

After I gave my love to you.

As the waitress nods approval for the words inside the note,

You give the cards and flowers to me and I smile at what you wrote...

You give me rhymes, I'll give you roses.

Sing me a song of love so true.

Show me a heart that never closes

And I will give my love to you.


Loving Zone


Say something pretty. Show me your smile.

Share something special. Hold me awhile.

There's a full moon rising. There's a clear sky tonight.

Hold your arms out, baby, and tell me everything's all right.

I don't need a knight in shining armor.

I can make it on my own.

All I need is a good man to love me.

'Cause I want to live my life in the loving zone.

I don't care about the women you've known in the past.

I just want to know that what we start will last.

Reveal what you're feeling way down deep.

Make me a promise, one that you can keep.

Please be honest so I won't have to choose

'Cause I'd rather not have a love at all than one I'd have to loose


 Swept Away


Wrap me in your arms and keep me warm.

The sunlight in your eyes will light my way.

Sometimes the pressures of the world surround me

But the thought of you helps get me through the day.

I want to be swept away. Sweep me off my feet.

Higher than a mountain, feel the rising heat.

Take me in your arms. Tell me that you'll love me

Forever and a day. I want to be swept away.

I love the way you make me laugh out loud.

I love the way you softly call my name.

You tend to say the words that make me smile.

Oh, since I met you things aren't quite the same.

Side by side through each difficult endeavor

We can conquer anything together.

I Want To Be With You


Just when I thought my chances were slim

Of finding a love that would last forever

You took my hand and we stood under the stars together

Suddenly the rain clouds lifted

Direction of the wind has shifted

No more sad and lonely nights for me

''Cause now it's you and me walking under the moonlight.

You set me free with everything that you do.

You put your arms around me; before you know it we're dancing.

I don't know how or why, I only know that I want to be with you.

You looked into my eyes with your eyes.

You gave your heart to me completely.

You whispered words of love into my ear so sweetly.

You gave my life a brand new meaning.

Love is real now, I'm not dreaming.

I can't think of a place I'd rather be.


 Golden Rings


Golden rings shining bright

Make me smile and feel so right

I close my eyes and touch your skin

And feel you kiss my lips again

Any doubt had been erased the first time that we embraced.

Two golden rings upon our hands

Two matching circles of love, two wedding bands.

Two pair of smiling eyes, two hearts with love inside.

A flame that never dies and two golden rings.

We knew at once when we first met

Falling in love was something we'd never regret.

Every day I love you more,

Each day is better than the one before.

We took a vow, and said with pride, "You'll be my groom, I'll be your bride."

There will be ups, there will be downs,

There will be smiles, there will be frowns,

But our love is built on solid ground.


No More Passion

I'm trying to have patience, taking my time,

Keeping the faith, waiting for a sign.

Won't you tell me how you feel?

I ain't staying if the love's not real.

There's a cloudless sky in the moonlight

And the north star's twinkling up above.

There's a woman wanting you to hold her

And you're not showing any love.

There's no more passion in your kisses anymore.

There's no more roses in your hand at the door.

I'm holding on tight, but my hands are slipping fast.

You've got to show me that our love's going to last.

Other commitments stealing your time.

I'm loosing faith, I'm drawing the line.

Won't you tell me how you feel?

I ain't staying if the love's not real.

The distance is growing in between us

Even when I'm standing next to you.

Our romance needs a little jump-start

But you don't even have a clue.

If you keep on taking me for granted

One day you're going to find you're empty-handed.


I Do


Will you love me each and every night and day,

Even when my hair turns grey, will you love me?

Will you love me in sickness or in health,

In poverty and wealth, will you love me?

Will your heart be by my side? Will you think of me with pride?

Will you never change your mind and walk away?

Will you always be my friend till my life comes to an end?

Do you promise all these things to me today? I do.

Will you love me though the sunshine and the rain,

On smooth or rough terrain, will you love me?

Will you love me in darkness or in light

Any time I'm wrong or right, will you love me?

 I will give you all my heart forever.

 This I promise you: we'll always be together.

My heart will be by your side. I will think of you with pride.

I will never change my mind and walk away.

I will always be your friend till my life comes to an end,

And I promise all these things to you today. I do, I do, I do.


Crying In The Rain


Tonight I felt like howling at the moon.

It's so cold and lonely in the dark.

Please tell me you're going to come home soon.

I just want to be where you are.


Magnolia blossoms came and went so fast.

Petals fell like teardrops to the ground.

The beauty of their blooms was unsurpassed.

But, then they fell and never made a sound.

And now the rain is falling, and I'm chilled down to the bone.

And sometimes I cannot stand the strain.

Can you hear me calling? I can't make it on my own.

All my strength is going down the drain

As I stand here crying in the rain.

Don't ever make a promise you can't keep.

Those wedding vows are ringing in my head.

You said you'd be beside me while I sleep,

But now I'm all alone here in my bed.


They sent you to decide the fate of those you never met,

But your presence hasn't changed the life they lead.

The life you left behind they're somehow chosen to forget.

I wish that they'd return the one I need.